A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Just Where Is ‘A Woman’s Place?’



Just Where Is ‘A Woman’s Place?’

“A while back, I watched a television program, which showed the results of an experiment, designed to shed light on the thought processes, which take place in the sub-conscience, when the conscious mind is asked to choose, ‘yes or no’, in response to a simple command.

The results of the test showed quite clearly, that the sub-conscience, of the man being tested, had in all cases chosen a response, which had been predicted, by the ‘scanner,’ in some cases, even before the question had been posed. I was fascinated by this result because it suggested that there was an unknown entity, within us, which was not only controlling our choices, but which had some sort of knowledge of  future events.” (Enochered)

In view of the above, I now, normally wait for instructions, from within, before writing an article. Working on the assumption, that whatever I may choose to write, has already been decided, so I have little control over the subject or content of whatever I may be ‘obliged’ to bring to you today, from the ‘other side.’

I hope all of that makes some sort of sense, because my immediate response to todays instruction, was one of,  Oh no, not more of that nonsense! when confronted with a bunch of women complaining about how they are likely to be made redundant, should they choose to have a baby and are now pushing for their job to be ‘reserved’ for them, for up to two years, while they take care of things at home.

Women, as do Blacks, are now continually inferring that they are being discriminately picked on in the work place or indeed in any other area of life where they are, in fact, simply seeking an advantage over some other group. These women, either fail to grasp, or they don’t care, about those whom provided them with their job in the first place. Should I have been that employer, what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Would I have the right to employ another woman, who will have to be sacked, when the time comes or will I be expected to employ them both out of fear of some new law or other which has been howled into place by women? 

The ‘other’ group is of course, that ubiquitous old bogey man, White European male, a group which has in fact suffered more than any other group, during the last Century, without uttering one word of complaint about their treatment.

At the beginning of the last Century, ‘posh’ women, instead of offering their own services to King and Country, during the dark days leading up to the Great War, were dishing out the white feathers of cowardice to male children, forcing them to face the lethal chatter of machine guns and mustard gas in the trenches of Flanders, while they sat at home embroidering cushion covers or engaged in some other harmless pastime, while the “real” gritty women were forced to work in the Satanic Mills of those whom had forced the world to war and who were making fortunes, from the war, which they continued until they had done to Germany exactly what they had set out to do to Germany.

Well ladies allow me point out to you one or two salient facts. You, who do most of the howling, in no way represent women, you speak for a ruthless group of psychopathic creatures, intent on retaining their own advantages, many of which were gained on the Industrialist casting couch and which are not available to the vast majority of mere men nor to the millions of women doing the menial jobs. You are in fact a nasty egotistical, greedy bunch, retaining all of the worst attitudes of the “White Feather Women.”

A friend of mine, has just left her job, because she is expecting a baby and the last thing on her mind is the idea of sending her baby to a crêche after six months, in order to ‘release’ herself for work, her first thought is for the welfare of her baby and not the ‘glass ceiling.’

Women are now no more than meat. While White males have been sterilised by food and vaccines and indeed by substances in the anti-birth pill, which interfere with the genetic make-up of men, turning them into one of the ‘new’ sexes, which are neither here nor there, while the moaning women are to be introduced to the “New Men of Europe,” the African, with whom, according to those like Nicolas Sarkozy, they will be ‘obliged,’ to inter-breed. This I am informed, is to produce a mixed race of low intelligence.

Looking at the current images of advertising, most White European women, it would appear, are already living with a Black man, not a real Black man of course, but one of the already half White kind of Blacks, who has already surrendered his own Race to a coming blending or extinction, along with the White women. Or maybe they might prefer a Muslim?


The most important career for a woman, apart that is from their ruthless search for power, in the planet destroying commercial world, should be that of the continuance of their own race, which means the dipping of their toe into the ‘muck’ of the state of mother-hood, a state which they have been quietly educated to despise, as being of no consequence, by the same manipulative filth whom have long sought to destroy the White race by obliterating the remnants family life, an involvement with which most men have finally come to realise to be a thankless task anyway and from which they too have now been liberated by Societies ‘New Daddy’ and those Social Security Benefits, which have trapped ‘liberated’ women into the claws of Big Brother.

Women, it would appear, have finally fallen into the gutter, where they can now be laughed at as they crouch down to piss or vomit on a Saturday night, before clicking their fingers at the dope who has been selected to ‘screw’ them in the back of a car, while warning themselves not to forget tomorrow mornings appointment, to murder their baby at the Abortion Clinic, referring to this grotesque behaviour as having been ‘liberated’ from the control’ of men.

It should be noted that throughout all of this rubbish, one thing has remained the same, men have no choice, they have stoically, in the face of unending attacks from women, continued to do what a man has to do.  We have never been appreciated for patiently accepting mountains of crap from the ‘fair’ sex, with a grim smile on our faces.


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