A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Will They Be Showing The Violent End Of The British On Television Luv?

The phrase which agitated me this morning, was about children and the new technology, and an almost incoherent ‘posh’ chappie on Sky News, who suggested that to refuse to allow your children the ‘right’ to a “Smart-Phone” was tantamount to child cruelty.

This report came hot on the heels of a tale about the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, which has produced a robot with the ability to recognise facial expressions in human beings, when presented with disturbing images, allowing film makers to discover, through these facial changes, the images which provoke the most profound responses to fear, in order to make Horror Films even more realistic and frightening.

The same News report, mentioned a rescue craft, picking up migrants from the Aegean Sea, which was named after the child whose death on a beach in Turkey, had provoked an international reaction of sympathy, despite the unmentioned by the media fact, that the child did not drown but had sadly died of other causes and had been deliberately placed on the beach and cold-bloodedly, photographed by a professional photographer, to create the very reaction which ensued. Suggesting that “The Free Press” is already fully versed in the skill of propaganda and deceit, without need of an intelligent robot.

Should anybody suggest to me, that it would be a good idea to place my young children onto an over-crowded rubber boat and head off into the unknown, I would tell them to sling their hook. I am responsible for my children’s welfare and when things go wrong I should take responsibility for my decisions, not blame others for my own blunders.


second boy on beach


original 1







alan kurdi 1

alan kurdi 2




What is more important, was the reaction to the continued migrant problem by the “do-gooders” in the Sky newspaper review section. Not one word about solving the problem by stopping the illegal wars in the Middle East which were in fact responsible for the mass migration but simply more crap about Britain always having been a multi-cultural society so the British should welcome more immigrants, quietly ignoring the fact that in recent times, all over Britain, there were signs marked, No Blacks and No Irish and even now there is mounting tension against Muslims, which is being played down by the Media, which prefers to concentrate on ‘alleged’ animosity towards Polish people.

I would like to see the software in this new robot, unleashed on the Tory Party, which is currently involved in some sort of skullduggery over Brexit and the coming break-down in Europe.

The robot could perhaps decipher the expressions on the faces of this “Band of the Friends of Israel” and their real intentions, which will most certainly not deviate too far from the desires of their rulers in Tel Aviv.

One needs only glance at modern-day Europe, to be shocked at the upsurge in social violence. There are “no-go zones” in virtually every European State. The violence in once peaceful Sweden is now off the charts. Dublin is experiencing for the first time, placard waving immigrants, demanding ever more benefits, before the indigenous Irish receive the same resolution of their own needs.

Black racist crime in Britain has long been hidden by Governments of all Parties. To print the colour of the racist attackers was considered to be racist, unless it was White on Black violence, such as an incident, many years ago, when a bunch of Whites killed Stephen Lawrence, and the impression was given and is maintained to this day, that the “real” racist problem in the UK was “institutionalised,” White on Black racism, when in reality it has always been Black on White racism which has been the biggest problem. The British Press is always willing and able to cast blame on White people while they choose to ignore the full extent of the Black and Muslim rape of White women and children.

It is perfectly obvious that the British and their allies, had an agenda in the Middle East. None of the carnage in the region was by accident or misjudgment. It is as clear as day to anybody with a functioning brain, that there has been an act of genocide across the entire region and sitting right in the middle of it all, unscathed and as belligerent as ever, is Israel and what are they calling for, well the use of Daech to assist them of course.

Those strange politicians in the UK, whom refer to themselves as being “democratic” appear to be strangely unable to accept the democratically achieved decisions in referenda. Scotland recently voted to remain in the Union with the UK. The ‘Nationalist’ Party in Scotland found it difficult to accept this decision of the Scottish people and are calling for another referendum.

Sturgeon, the fishy little leader of the Scot Nats, now finds it difficult to accept the decision of the “British” People, which includes those Scots who voted to remain in the Union, to leave the European Union. Such is the morass into which Democracy in Europe has descended. Should you object to the decision of the people, you either ignore their choice, call for another referendum and continue to do so until you achieve the desired result, which will of course bring and end to the ‘problem,’ at which point you can congratulate the electorate for their wisdom and expect them to believe that their ‘leaders’ were ‘right’ all along.

The British people, still blindly believing that they actually voted for David Cameron, in the 2014 General Election, which wiped out the Liberal Party and dealt a savage blow to the Socialists, are calling on their newly “selected” Prime Minister, another devoted Friend of Israel, Theresa May, herself a hypocrite, to bring in more semi-adult, child refugees, from British illegal atrocities, which were all carried out by Friends of Israel, into the United Kingdom, when in reality, it is almost impossible to find an English person in agreement with this suggestion, so why are the media pushing it instead of criticising all of the illegal wars which ‘deliberately’ provoked the problem in the first place?

It is frightening listening to Sky News reporters, hailing efforts to save the lives of migrants in the Mediterranean, most of whom are coming from Africa, where the British have already sown the seeds of destruction and not from Syria, where the British Parliament recently voted for even more bombing of the infrastructure, creating yet more Syrian immigrants fleeing to Europe.

All the chatter on British media is urging the settlement of refugees in the UK or Europe,  without offering a reasonable total.  NGO’s who work for the United Nations, Oxfam, Save the Children, Amnesty International are one and all calling for the swamping of Europe with migrants from everywhere on Earth.  Nobody is calling for the wars to be stopped. The Forces of NATO have quite deliberately created this mess,  yet here they are suggesting that before they cease-fire, Europe must be over-run.  Whoever NATO is working for, it most certainly is not us. 



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