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Money-Men Monarchs And Menials.



Money-Men Monarchs And Menials.

‘Brexit’ has exposed the European Union for what it is, a money trap. The panic which ensued after the result of ‘Brexit,” was announced, was no more than a fear of how to make it appear that the United Kingdom would suffer as a result of leaving the Union, when in fact it was fully understood that there would be nothing but ‘good’ for the British, a ‘good’ which is already becoming evident. No ‘good’ whatsoever has come from being in Europe.

In the UK at present the clever question is, “What is Brexit, what does it mean? In fact, in case you are not aware of it, it is a mix of British and Exit, get it? Translated it means that Britain is no longer in Europe, The Brits have exited Europe and that is that. Brexit is not an excuse word to pretend that out, does not mean out, it means exited OK? I say this for the ‘remainers’ as they would ap)ear to be of such a low-level of intelligence, that they require such an explanation.

There is nothing else to say about it. Should the UK need foreign workers, from Europe, those with the right skills will be accepted just as they are being accepted at this moment. Trade will continue as it does now, unless the European Union chooses to break International Agreements on Fair Trade, which will do them no good whatsoever, as the UK, imports more from Europe than it exports to them.

So be warned most of the demonstrations against leaving the EU, are based on rubbish, folk have been moving around in Europe forever why should it stop now? What the EU is frightened of, is that the British decision will make it as plain as day that the EU is just a racket, which has cost us all dearly. Even today this gang of controlled muppets have signed yet another Carbon reduction deal, which will line the pockets of the banking community, while having no effect whatsoever on the weather.

The European Union has been no more than a means of destroying Europe. Any fool can see that there has been no benefit whatsoever for any of the member States and there is ample evidence that the unelected hierarchy, of the Union, were involved in a conspiracy, to rob the people of Europe and to asset strip those States which had been allowed to enter the Eurozone,  despite not being eligible, according to the Unions own rules.

The so-called single market, should have been ample protection against the effects of the 2008 recession, which was no more than a huge banking fraud but which was accepted as truth, without any form of investigation, by the European Commission and by Politicians like Gordon Brown and others, whom now have cushy jobs with the very bankers whom created the ‘crash’.

The European Commission, with the assistance of complicit politicians, all of whom have been carefully selected, having made sure of their silence and support in the ‘Grand Larceny’ which was inflicted onto an unwary public, has now, reinforced the idea of a debt so enormous, that it is impossible to calculate because of the number of zeros, necessary to write it down.

Should there be such a debt, money must have changed hands along the way, where is that money? That is an easy question to answer, there is, was and never has been any money involved. It is all an imaginary debt and Politicians understand full well what has been done to their electorate.

Not satisfied with that treason, these carefully selected politicians have now put in place laws which will allow them to steal your savings, to pay the so-called debt, which years of ‘austerity’ have failed to service. They call this debt, the ‘deficit’ which is code for the shortfall, in the money which is duly paid to the Central Bankers annually as interest on the cash in circulation.

All of this is under the dominance of The City of London, an area over which, neither the Queen of England nor her Government have any control. The aim of the City of London is to set up a ‘virtual’ money system, over which they will have total control.

At this moment, should you so choose, you may withdraw your salary from your bank and pay in cash, for all your needs. This is an anathema to the bankers, because they can not profit from your transactions, as you may take part in deals from which you profit, should you for example, have a lucky break and buy something which is being sold at way below its actual value, which you sell on at a profit, Income Tax, all of which is paid to those same Bankers, may be due on your deal, to part of which they claim to be entitled. That is the real reason for virtual money, which will of course lead on to a one World-Wide Bank, under the control of private banking families, who do not work for you.

I can point all of this out to those amongst you whom do already understand the criminality of the banking system, so to you others, do you seriously believe, that an oaf like me, can talk of such things, with which many economists would be in full agreement, yet the sons of criminal bankers, like David Cameron are apparently totally unaware of the criminality within the walls of the Bank of England? I don’t think so.

These criminals are now pretending, using falsified figures, that world temperatures are rising, and that we must all be prepared to now accept ‘energy austerity,’ this will be the death knell for an already crippled European industry.

By reducing CO2 emissions, an aim which is being presented as a proven method of keeping the ‘rising’ temperature at a lower level, than that of the ‘pretend’ figure, which they and their fully paid up pseudo scientists are presenting as fact, to a fully stupidised public, a problem which to resolve, will involve the payment of a swinging Carbon Tax and they can then present the ‘real’ temperature levels, telling us all that they have succeeded in their aim and that paying the tax has saved the world.

The Labour Party, along with its new leader Jeremy Corbyn, pretends to look after the interests of the working man. The very same Labour Party, which under the control of members of the Fabian Society, kicked off the current round of slaughters in the Middle East, slaughters which have led to the deaths of at least seven million Muslims and created millions of refugees, all of whom must now be ‘resettled’ in Europe. Corbyn has a brother, Piers Corbyn who tells a different tale about the climate.







This is however all part of the Agenda of the aforementioned Fabian Society, of which Jeremy Corbyn is, as have been every other leader of the Labour Party, a member. Corbyn is unsurprisingly calling for more immigrants to be granted entry into the UK, he also chooses to ignore his own brother, who tells him that man-made climate change is a fraud. His brother is a distinguished meteorologist, with a world-wide reputation.

To tell the truth about the loyalties of elected politicians, invites howls of laughter and derision, just as to suggest that lurking behind your local Parish Priest, the frontman of the Church, there is an evil entity, which has seized control of the Vatican City and which is in the process of introducing one billion Catholics to their new Messiah, Lucifer. Even as I write, the Pope is himself, has been into the heart of darkness, Jerusalem, where steps are being taken to construct a temple, dedicated to Lucifer, the bringer light.

Why do you imagine, that allegedly intelligent politicians, belong to a group, calling itself, The Friends of Israel. How can it be, that the thoughts and loyalties, of these politicians can be so far removed from the emotions of those by whom they were elected, in the face of the unending War Crimes, which are daily perpetrated by Israel?

Needless to say European Politicians, whether of the Left or Right of the political spectrum are in lock-step over their undying support for Israel and the continuation of the European Union, which begs the question, “what are they doing for you?”


Elected servants across the European Union, are now calling for steps to be taken, to ‘prevent’ their own electorate from holding a referendum, similar to that which was held in the UK. I have been discouraged to find that most folk are quite prepared to accept this situation, as if ‘servants’ have the right to control the affairs of the Master.

Perhaps they should pay just a little bit more attention to the fact that one of the ‘outsiders’ Jeremy Corbyn, has just elevated a woman – who has a past involvement with the Paedophile Information Exchange, (PIE) and has knowledge of all the salient Socialists whom have links to this organisation – to the House of Lords,  even as yet another member of the Labour Party, Keith Vaz, has been forced to stand down as Leader of a ‘Select Committee, having been caught out in a flagrant sexual rendezvous with a group of homosexual men, suggesting that he is being punished by the ‘real’ ‘runners’ of the British Parliament, for some transgression or other. By being outed for a non-crime which is simply scandalous, the non-crime that is.

The British people are now being lead, by the nose, allegedly out of the European Union, by a group which includes men like Liam Fox, who has been caught out in deals with an Israeli Agent, Michael Howard, who is himself a Jew – and is also a close confident, along with David Cameron, of Patrick Rock, who was caught with ‘indecent photos of children on his computer and Boris Johnson, yet another Jew, all working alongside a woman, Theresa May, who in recent times was prepared to describe herself as a Jew and all of whom are irredeemable Friends of Israel. There is a detectable stench hanging over this arrangement. What exactly have they got up their sleeves?

These same people, including Theresa May, are involved in talks about Nuclear Energy, which is being presented, behind the lies about CO2, as the best means of securing the future needs of UK electricity generation, when in fact coal would be a better and cheaper option.

These discussions are with China, which has been provisionally selected as the main investor in the project of building a new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in Somerset, a project which may allow China to have a degree of control over the Power Grid in the UK, which to many commentators is a hugely dangerous proposition.

This coming from those whom have already, willingly allowed control of every other utility, in the UK to fall into ‘unknown’ hands, through the medium of ‘Privatisation’ and are even now allowing British Farmers and the production of British farm crops and milk in particular, to be bought up by multi-national agricultural groups, knowing full well, that this could lead to the  control of the price of farm products being reduced, as has already occurred with milk, by the monopolies, which use such devices to destroy competition, which will increase the number of farmers falling into bankruptcy, thus allowing groups like Nestlé to hold the British to ransom, by using their excessive profits, made from their near monopoly of the world water supplies and an unknown percentage of the food industry. There are laws against the construction of monopolies, which do not appear to apply to monopolies. They call this phenomenon ‘smoke and mirrors,’ all of it allowed to ‘pass under the radar’ of British politicians of all political Parties.

TTIP, a treaty which should have been thrown with disgust by the European Commission, straight into the dustbin, is still under discussion, suggesting that the EU is in favour of passing control of the World into the hands of Monopolistic Corporations, many of which are wholly owned by the same banking families which control the money supply.  Just how much of our lives are our politicians prepared to hand over into private control? The EU was bad enough, TTIP is a hundred times worse.

















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