A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The War With Women.

                 The War With Women.

Once upon a time, when men were men and women hid quietly behind them, men lead miserable lives. For several generations, men were consigned to carry out the most horrifying of jobs, in many of which they were only a heartbeat away from sudden death, underground, digging coal or tin or in a conscripted military.

Those were the days when women proudly kept the homefires burning and a hot meal on the table, to welcome home their willing slave, for whom they were the ‘carers’ making every effort to keep their man in good order, enabling him to continue, with his onerous tasks, in many cases, until their early death.

Women were understandably proud of their man, who had in many cases, sat alongside them in a school classroom and they never slagged him off in public.

These days women are calling for the same rights as men, without any obligation to undertake any of the work, which was once considered to be in the realm of ‘mens’ work,’ we are now being trained to accept that there is one kind work which can be justifiably shared between men and women, while retaining the ‘killer jobs,’ for the men. This has lead us nowhere, because it was never more than a tiny handful of men whom ever rose to the top. Those who did, were eagerly snapped up by relatively pretty women, or in the case of very rich families, a first cousin, making sure that the ill-gotten gains remained in the family.

In more recent times, social mobility, has made intelligent “white trash beautiful,” women available to ugly rich men, so while the rich have benefitted from an injection of good genes, the working class poor, who have never been too seductive for rich women, have gradually been divided into a morass of division, in which the poorly paid, average working man, was rendered, quite suddenly, as being of no more use to a woman, than were Social Security Benefits.

Now that many women are waking up to the fact that they have been duped, the pressure is mounting, impressing these wavering lost souls, who are pining for their lost role as mother and carer, with a husband who is prepared to do the dirty work to pay for them and their children and that, despite the feminist mantra that ‘there is more to life than that.’ What is this ‘more?’ The sad reality is, that it is, in most cases a stupefying bore, sat on a conveyor belt, doing soul-destroying trivialities, which in most cases they hate doing and it is most certainly no substitute for the joy of making a house into a home and not just a dormitory for children to pass the night, before being dropped off at a crêche or nursery school, where they will be indoctrinated to believe, whatever those whom write the text books, desire.

It would now appear that most of those whom voted to leave the European Union, did so in ignorance of what it would mean to leave. I was informed, of this sad state of affairs by a professionally gay man, whom did himself want to remain in the EU, but as a true gay Democrat, he feels that those whom did not share his opinion, should be given the chance to change their mind in a second referendum, after the ‘Brexit’ terms had been negotiated.The others whom voted to ‘remain,’ apparently occupy the high ground of intelligence, having got it right in the first place.

Being a true Democrat our Professional Gay felt that another referendum should be held and when the negotiations with the EU had been finalised,  the hard of thinking, would ‘know’ for what they were voting. He did not go to the trouble of explaining what his next step would be, should as many of those whom had voted to ‘remain,’ now change their minds and chose ‘Brexit,’, while the same number of those whom has chosen leave now chose to remain, giving the exact same result. Or perhaps he would prefer Parliament to simply tell the ‘Brexiteers’ to piss off and sulk in the corner, while they simply ignore the result of the referendum and remained.

Having learned nothing at all from the failure of scare tactics in the Brexit vote, the Government has now fired a broadside at the young Doctors, by warning them that they do not have a ‘collective coat of innocence,’ and that should one of their patients die during their coming industrial action, they could well find themselves in deep dooh dooh!

Why? One might ask, are Military men allowed to kill at will, without criticism, during Military engagements, where there are so-called “Free Fire Zones” in which soldiers are encouraged to kill anything that moves and they are promised that they will still go to heaven and that the Battalion Priest will bless them,  should they be accidentally shot dead by ‘friendly fire.’

While doing my deep research into some of the issues with which my addled brain has been bombarded in recent days, I was intrigued by a report on Sky News, which was made by a certain Mark Stone. Along with those other stalwarts on Sky News, Kiley, Holland, Ramsay and Waghorn, Mark Stone has been responsible for several questionable reports.

He was today to be found on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of Libya.

To be absolutely honest with you, I do not believe I have ever heard or seen,  such a croque of horse shit in my entire life. When his chum was explaining, to the wobbly camera,  how the Zephyr, a large rubber boat with an outboard motor,  had been packed with 160 people when it capsized and Stone did not even manage to get a snap of the turmoil which ensued, I began to laugh. I laughed even louder when it was explained how a fainting member of the rescue team had somehow managed to pull four babies out of the water. Sky News are already under scrutiny over their false reports, so maybe they should give it a rest for a while.


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