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Good By Eamonn And Good Luck.


                       Good By Eamonn And Good Luck.

I was quite surprised to hear Eamonn Holmes on Sky News, during a report about the wild claims, which had been made by the Brexit camp, during the days leading up to the referendum, which he felt had misrepresented what had actually been said. He asked in despair, why are the newspapers always telling lies? Why are they such liars?

Eamonn Holmes was absent from his chair this morning and I discovered a report, claiming that he had resigned, after eleven years with Sky News, to follow a different path.

I have no idea which came first, his suggestion that the British media were a gang of liars, or maybe he felt free to make this remark, having no further obligation of continuing to wear the Sky gag, as he had already resigned.

A while back a newspaper reviewer,on the same Sky News, when confronted with a colleague whom suggested that we should all accept that the science of Climate Change had been settled, blurted out a cry of, leave it out will you, Climate Change is a load of cobblers, or something like that and then quickly apologised saying, I know I promised not to say that but I just couldn’t help it.

Today on Sky, Mark Stone had suddenly found more footage to add to his wobbly report from yesterday. He was till located in the area twelve miles from Libya, as he was yesterday and blow me down another rubber boat turned in daylight this time, but it was presented as the missing footage of the boat which had been previously filmed in the dark. During this venture the team was visited by the Libyan Coastguard, which Stone had forgotten to mention in his previous report.

We were not allowed to hear for ourselves the conversation which took place between ‘Stone’ who was suddenly in charge of the operation and the Captain of the Libyan vessel, so it was Stone whom told us what had passed between them. It was of no greatb importance but simply an explanation from the Libyan as to how hard it was to find these boats, even as he was in the company of a team who had between them found three in a matter of hours and saved a claimed one thousand people.

To me it appeared as if the ‘Rescue Boat’ had been hanging around, waiting for these rubber boats to float into view, which had been quite deliberately, given enough fuel to take them twelve miles from the coast, so for there to be claims of a large quantity of fuel, floating on the water, which the migrant’s were swallowing and all that nonsense, would seem to be overstated.

What Stone was filming was a flagrant use of so-called ‘Rescue Boats’ as a means of picking up the paying passengers in the rubber boats and taking them on to Italy, from where they will head for Germany.

When they arrive in Germany, many of them but not all, will justifiably, search some sort of retaliatory means of protesting the destruction of their homelands, by NATO, others are no more than thugs and should be rounded up deported back to Africa.

The reporter in the above clip, Lisa Holland, was stationed in Libya, during the build-up to the total destruction of that country, by the British and French, with the assistance of paid mercenaries. During her time there she reported constantly about a non-existent threat to the people of Libya from Muammar Gadaffi. Saif Gadaffi took her on a tour of the quiet streets of Libya and asked her to show him where these fearful people could be located. He pointed out to her that the people were all indoors enjoying the evening, there was no problem.

She later, sneeringly complained that the Gadaffi family did not even have the guts to commit suicide.

She is now in the process of presenting the opposition to the mass rape of women and young children in Germany, as Neo-Nazi racism, which is not only biased reporting it is also a pack of lies, as she well knows.

Perhaps Eamonn Holmes had just had enough of this propaganda and chose to wash his hands of it. Speaking for myself, the only program I ever listened to on Sky News was Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes, especially when he was accompanied, for a while by Charlotte Hawkins. He will be missed in my shack.

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