A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Multiculturalism? No Thanks!

                               Multiculturalism? No Thanks!

Not being an economist and not fully aware of the actual meaning of ‘percentage’ figures, which have come to replace actual figures, I was astonished when I heard that the British economy, which the British people have been assured to be the fasted growing economy in Europe, in terms of ‘percentage’ growth, was 80% financially based and a mere 20% on actual factory production.

To idiots like me, that would suggest that the one or two percent growth, which is being presented as a miracle, is in fact a miniscule improvement in terms of actual value. There is a world of difference, which is being deliberately concealed by ‘percentage’ figures, between two percent of one thousand and two percent of one million. So to present a percentage improvement is meaningless.

The same thing applies to immigration, London is now sixty percent of immigrant origin, while indigenous British are a mere forty percent, which means that when faced with the reality of actual figures, a one percent increase in immigrant figures, which is a tiny figure, would massively alter the actual levels of the ‘real’ British population. In reality the Capital City of the United Kingdom, is now in foreign hands, in whichever way it is being presented by those with an agenda.

The non-Christian immigrants have shown quite clearly that they have no intention of integrating. This is clearly demonstrated by the Black Community in Brixton, they have had ample time to integrate but have instead maintained their own ghetto. In Bristol the area around City Road has long been declared a Black neighbourhood. In London Golders Green has been perceived as the Jew area.

If the much vaunted notion of integration was a workable model, common sense would suggest that there would by now, be no ‘immigrant areas’ as the Blacks, for example, would have long ago integrated into a light brown colour, however they show no more sign of doing so than do the Jews show any sign of joining The Church of England.

History, from which we are all encouraged to learn, has shown quite clearly that when a large community of immigrants is introduced, such as the ‘Planters’ in Ireland, who were in fact ‘cousins ‘ of the Irish, they never show any sign of integrating.

This has been used by the British, to maintain their claw like grip on part of Ireland, so why are these same despots now trying to pull off the same stunt on the British mainland?

Recently in Germany, the ‘Turkish Community’ took to the streets with Turkish flags held aloft, this a warning which the German people would be stupid to ignore. History has not stopped.

These Turks, like the British contingent in Ireland, could quite easily emigrate to the country with which they appear to maintain an unbreakable bond, they however choose to stay where they are, and are attempting to gain special privileges for their own group. In Northern Ireland the Protestant ‘Planters’ were ‘given’ a voting system, which over the years has illegally allowed them to maintain control over the Catholic indigenous Irish. Very soon the United Kingdom will come under extreme pressure to allow Islamic law, Sharia Law, to be introduced to satisfy exactly what the traitorous British Establishment, which has itself been over-run by immigrants of another religion, has been attempting to inflict onto Europe for the past hundred years.

One hundred years, which has witnessed the genocide of millions of White European Christian men, an act which has completely destroyed the demography of the European Christian Peoples. Any calls to bring in yet more immigrants, from areas which have been targeted for two reasons, one of which is to enlarge a State which itself refuses to accept one single refugee from neighbouring, suffering countries, while the other is to destroy Europe, having already installed all of the necessary components to maintain their own control in Asia.

We have been lied to about the behaviour of Black Communities forever. In the United States and now in the UK, White people are being presented as oppressors of the Blacks, just as they were in South Africa. We are still being force-fed tales of the lynchings of ‘innocent’ Blacks in the USA and tales of the mistreatment of Blacks by the Boers, when in reality, the ‘facts’ speak for themselves. Blacks in the USA were lynched for Rape and Murder as were an equal number of Whites who were frequently hanged for stealing a horse.

In South Africa, where there were a couple of thousand murders a year, with Whites in control, there are now up to twenty-four-thousand murders annually, under the African National Council. Rapes are so numerous that to the prosecute the guilty would involve locking up most of the male population. Some figures suggest there to be a rape every twenty seconds.

In the USA, Blacks are raping thirtee-thousand White women a year and are responsible for an enormous number of murders, mostly of other Blacks. Whites on the other hand, are so rarely accused of raping  Black women that the number is considered to be of statistical insignificance. The murder rate, despite the difference in Racial percentages, is practically a Black monopoly despite the widespread belief that there are far more Blacks, killed by Whites than Whites, killed by Blacks, such is the rubbish which is being presented by the wholly controlled media, in which Whitey is always portrayed as the savage.

The hard reality is that Blacks are involved in the mass slaughter of their own kind and instead of facing up to this reality, they are supporting the ‘Black Lives Matter’ nonsense as if Whites are responsible for what the Blacks are doing to themselves. If there were no more Blacks in the USA,  killed for any reason,  by either cops or Whites, the murder rate among Blacks would be much as it now is, if, that is, theres was no huge increase due to the lack of policing.

Blacks are unable to accept that they themselves are responsible for their plight, just as they are in South Africa, where things have got ten times worse, since they drove the Whites out through the medium of immigration.

This comes as no surprise whatsoever to our controllers. They know exactly what they are doing. They do not get things wrong. We, the White Race, are being deliberately wiped out. Should the media be on your side, they would long ago have denounced the illegal wars in the Middle East for what they are really about.

They are instead, presenting unsupported claims, all of which present an image of the culpability of the attacked Regime and justifying the idea of ‘resettling’ refugees, instead of calling for an end to the British, French and Israeli support for the massive refugee problem, which is swamping Europe with huge numbers of useless folk who will need to be supported forever.

In Denmark, figures suggest that 75% of all immigrants, who arrived during the past ten years, and who are already out in the streets calling for more, have NEVER worked. Europe would be better off if they paid the same amount of Social Security to immigrants to remain in their own countries, saving them the stress of the voyage to our shores in order to ‘sign on’ for life.

Politicians, across Europe can see what is going on. They are quite deliberately ignoring the voice of the people. They are allowing those whom object,  to be labelled as racist or fascist instead of realist. I am frequently called both, for simply voicing an opinion.

In Europe, there is a subversive group called Common Purpose. It is funded by the European Union. The aim of this group is to undermine local Government, by placing professionally trained and funded ‘Change Agents’ into important County Councils in the UK and into Regional Government in France.

They will then impose the reduction of regions in France and the introduction of ‘Power Houses’ in the UK, all of which will be obliged to elect a mayor, who will be a member of a grouping of Mayors, which will be instructed by yet another unelected grouping, much like the European Union, which will destroy National Sovereignty at a stroke. The British have been warned of this hidden agenda for years and have chosen to ignore it. London already has its complicit Mayor in Place, as does Bristol, while Politicians, the likes of Andy Burnham MP are already lining up to take control of these powerful positions, they will probably be selected in rigged elections.

All Parties in the UK are lined up together, there has been a slight hiccup in the Labour Party, after the undesirable result of a referendum, which delivered Jeremy Corbyn, a problem which will be resolved by the controllers and rest assured, whatever the outcome may be, it will be the result they want, as with the Brexit result, which is already being tinkered with.

Europe is already full, lake no mistake about it. To import more and more folk is a recipe for disaster. Our leaders are fully aware of this eventuality, do not be deceived by their claims of ‘consideration for the poor immigrants’ Hollande, is even now, ruthlessly destroying several African States, knowing full well what he is doing. Without a word to the French people, he has recently, imported fifty-three-thousand, Blacks from Mali, where he has created a form of Civil War, in order for the French to take control of newly discovered massive oil reserves and a large stock of Uranium, with the complicity of a carefully selected, ‘National Unity Government’ much like the one in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and the ones ‘in-waiting’ for Syria and Yemen.

Even in these dark times the ‘News’ can sometimes deliver a little bit of humour, todays laugh was about the manufacture of ‘lovable’ robots. Many more men expressed an interest in such an idea, while women hardly at all.

For my part I was immediately reminded of the cartoon of a couple sat in bed after ‘love-making.’ The gal asked the guy, was that alright? To which he replied, You were stupendous, I particularly liked the part where you moved. So that would suggest that there would not be need of too much programming for the female model.

As if by magic the following report was about Bill Cosby, the Black comic accused of molesting a woman a dozen or so years ago. She accuses him of spiking her drink with a drug, which left her semiconscious, while he molested her. You couldn’t make it up.


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