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Is Hillary Clinton Dead?









Is Hillary Clinton Dead?

There are all sorts of tales buzzing around the inter-web at the moment, mainly based on eighteen-seconds of film.

The subject of the film, is allegedly Hillary Clinton. This notion is being accepted, by many commentators, without any evidence whatsoever that it is indeed Clinton.

We are being told that she has a ‘slight’ touch of pneumonia, yet she was taken to the apartment of her daughter Chelsea, instead of straight to hospital for treatment.

Shortly after, the door of Chelsea’s flat opened and a bouncy character strolled out, on her own, no ‘worried’ Bill or ‘concerned’ Chelsea, by her side.

This Hillary showed no obvious signs of having just recovered from a dose of pneumonia, which had apparently, pole-axed her, as she was about to enter her big black people carrier.

Despite all of this drama, things became even more dazed and confused, when we were presented with images of Clinton, speaking to journalists on board an aeroplane, where she had not only fully recovered from her almost unnoticeable touch of pneumonia, she had also completely recovered from a bunch of wrinkles on her face and neck and in the process appeared to be at leas§t ten years younger.

She had also had a ‘mole’ on her face, which was a well-known stain on her glorious ugliness, surgically removed during her period of recuperation. She was in fact quite vivacious, she had managed to recover the hands clapping together, style she presented while giggling about the brutal torture and death of Muammar Gadaffi.

At this point, I normally start to trawl YouTube for a suitable video or two, to illustrate my thoughts. However, I was disappointed, many have already disappeared.

No problem, There are still a few bloggers around the web, with enough band-width to upload videos onto several sites to avoid the YouTube censor. I managed to find one.

An internet broadcaster, suggested that one should take a good look at the eighteen-second video, several times, at maximum zoom. I did so, I watched it at least a dozen times.

I was immediately reminded of the strange clip in Nice, when a fellow in a hotel, who just happened to be the husband of a Mossad Agent, snapped the lorry, with a camcorder, which was on its way to the Promenade des Anglais, to kill dozens of people, just at the very moment that it came into view, what luck. It turned out that in a German town a short time later, the same German, just happened to be on the scene of another terrorist episode and snapped the only photograph of that event.

Now in New York, somebody unknown, just happened to start photographing the back of a person, in the company of several other people, just at the moment that a big black automobile appeared screen left.

There then appeared to be a tussle, with the unidentified person in black, who was forced into the vehicle. There was no sign of tenderness in the attitude of those whom carried out the deed.

Not one of those in the clip, displayed the slightest concern for the well-being of the possible President of the United States.

So why are we being told that this was Hillary Clinton? It could have been anyone, or indeed it could have been a setup, for future use. Online this event is being presented as yet another near fatal seizure, similar to one which Clinton had previously suffered.

There is something very strange about all this. I have come to the conclusion, that we have been looking at many versions of Hillary, during the past twelve-months of this election round-a-bout. Maybe one of the ‘extras’ was getting out of order, which could be bad news for her health, just a shade more serious than a touch of pneumonia.

I offer you this clip from InfoWars, Alex Jones may manage to keep it online for a while.



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