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Is Hillary Clinton Dead? part 2





Is Hillary Clinton Dead? part 2

Today while listening to the News, I heard a report from Syria, relating the fact that United States Special Forces, were now fighting alongside the “good” Terrorists, allegedly against Daech.

This admission by the mainstream media, has been seen as just another example of the lies they propagate, because those whom stand alongside me have been aware of this reality for a very long time.

As if in justification of this illegal act, we were once again informed that the United Nations has accused Bashar al Assad of dropping Barrel Bombs, which now contain chemical substances, on his own people.

Why would Bashar al Assad kill his own people and what is of more importance, why does the United Nations not condemn, France, Turkey, America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain and all of the other criminal governments which are funding and fighting the war against Syria?

That said, it is virtually impossible to find anybody, who has not swallowed the constant propaganda, daily presented, in justification of the horrific destruction of Syria, which blames al Assad for the war.

I write this in response to an earlier post about the health of Hillary Clinton. I am not sure if the clip which I posted with my previous visit to this topic, is still available on YouTube or not, but I am sure, that like me, many of you caught a glimpse of it before it vanished.

What was the purpose of this short clip? Why did the various guards, ‘protecting’ Clinton from the curious, make no attempt to interfere with whoever was filming the event, right in front of their eyes, a film which they are now turning into something which must be hidden at all cost?

Shamefully, it was those, like Alex Jones and others on the alternative media, whom immediately used this film as evidence of Clintons deteriorating health.

This was then followed up by the sudden appearance of the spritely version of Hillary Clinton, who sprang out of her daughter Chelsea’s front door, full of energy and exhibiting not a trace of the illness which had apparently, ‘floored’ her, while being ‘helped’ into her people carrier.

The ‘alternative’ media, jumped on this event, telling me that this was not Hillary, using the length of her ring finger as conclusive proof. Personally, I was not convinced by this, as there were, as far as I could see, more similarities between the two raised hands, of the apparently different Hillarys’ than differences and I suggested there to be more similarities, with previous theories, about the Williams sisters and Michelle Obama, suggesting that female middle fingers are shorter than the ring finger. All of the aforementioned have long middle fingers.

I suddenly realised, that we rarely see what is actually happening and that we thoughtlessly accept, what we are told is happening.

In Syria, the United Nations own observer, Carla Ponti, told us that all the evidence suggested that it was the ‘nice terrorists’ whom were using chemical weapons and not al Assad. That report has never since been mentioned by the mainstream media.

When I first saw the clip of Clinton, it was in response to an urgent report on an Alternative Media broadcasting radio site. When I opened the video, I saw exactly what I had been told was happening. The alternative reporter, could apparently see quite clearly that Clinton resembled a side of dead meat as she was being helped into the black vehicle.

When I found another copy of the clip, the one which I had originally watched having vanished, I watched it over and over again, the Alex Jones one being a particularly annoying version, with all of his self publicity being longer than the clip itself.

As I was watching the clip, Sky News was blathering away in the background, spreading the crap about barrel bombs and gas attacks etc. and tales of the behaviour of drivers on the motorways of the UK. The ‘middle lane huggers’ in particular. This lead on to ‘texting’ while driving and ‘drink driving’ both of which are being presented as highly dangerous behaviour.

My immediate thought, when I heard a representative of the Police explain that there had been a couple of hundred recorded accidents, which had occurred while people were on their portable telephones, suggesting that extreme measures should be taken to discourage this antisocial behaviour,   was one of what on earth is he talking about?   A couple of hundred accidents is nothing in the face of the hundreds of thousands of accidents which occur, when those involved, had not been either, drinking alcohol, eating an apple, texting or talking, or indeed involved in any other illegal act, when the accident occurred, graphically suggesting that it is safer to use a telephone or other device, than to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

When one takes into account, that anyone involved in an accident, whether it be their fault or not, is automatically found to be guilty, should an inspection of their portable device contain evidence that they were indeed, at the time yapping on their phone, a breath test prove that they had been drinking or indeed a slightly bald tyre, will be enough to condemn them. While the driver responsible for the accident will be whistling a happy tune while the innocent is being charged.

This scenario creeps into every facet of our lives. The means of deception are all around us. So what does this mean, in the curious tale of Hillary Clinton? There are clips, all over Youtube, showing her in the middle of some sort of involuntary, head shaking. There are others showing her, repeating the urgings of a member of her team, to ‘keep talking, keep talking!’ She misread the command on her teleprompter to ‘sigh’ as a word to read. She has difficulty in walking up steps or getting into a vehicle without help.

I have seen images of her, in total confusion, which I am now sure, that had I not been informed of this alleged confusion, I most probably would have simply assumed that something had distracted her in some way.

So all in all, we have to be careful before we accept any suggestion, whether it comes from a mere ‘know nothing’ like me or anybody else. My own common sense tells me that the mainstream media are not only liars, they are prepared to deliberately mislead their viewers.

There is very little difficulty in verifying a news story, before it is presented as fact. If there is no supporting evidence, the tale should either be spiked or presented as hearsay.

It has become clear, according to a British Parliamentary report, that the claims made on outlets like Sky News, implicating Muammar Gadaffi in potential massacres of his own people, were false and those like David Cameron, whom took advantage of these reports,  condemning Gadaffi, were guilty of War Crimes, which I have been suggesting from day one in the war against Libya.

Just as the destruction of Germany, ‘had nothing to do with Hitler,’ Churchill’s words, the war against Libya, had nothing to do with Gadaffi and the same can be said for Saddam Hussein and now Bashar al Assad, so why am I left pointing out the claims of the British People’s favourite pervert, Churchill, while the mainstream media ignore them.

Does it not follow, that what Cameron inflicted onto the innocent people of Libya, applies in exactly the same manner in Syria, where Cameron, simply ‘chose’ to arm terrorists to destroy a democratically elected government?


Sky News has now started to report that Putin has a huge number of people whom are opposed to his rule in Russia. In support of these claims, they are presenting ‘problems’ which are a daily occurence in the UK, where they are presented as a sign of a ‘robust’ Democracy, while elsewhere they are an excuse for British intervention.

So back to Clinton, what is going on in the United States? What is the purpose of the disinformation about Clinton and the parlous state of the Democratic Party. It is all very reminiscent of the problems of the Socialists in the UK and the French peoples virtual hatred of the current leadership of the Socialists in France, both of which, ‘unknown’ to the mainstream media, are controlled by the Fabian Society.

The European Union has been funding the Fabian Society for years. While in the United States, Rockefeller was instrumental in the construction of the Fabian Society and has sought to install Fabian Socialism in the USA, where it is called The Democrats. They have now extended their control, as have the British, to include those philosophies, which were once called the Right Wing but which are now referred to as ‘mainstream’ the term right wing, now has now had the adjective ‘Extreme’ attached, making those who oppose the initiatives of the Fabian Society, “Extremists.” That includes virtually all of Europe, the United States and other countries with a population of European origin.

Clinton in the USA and her husband Bill, have long been associated with the Bush family and the Rockefeller family, and have been committed Fabian/Communist/Socialists all of their political lives.

Donald Trump, is either a renegade, who will be murdered or a genuine beacon of light. There is no way of telling, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. “Brexit,” on the other hand, is a total enigma. Cameron ‘offered’ a referendum, we are told, in order to steal back from Ukip, The UK Independence Party, enough dithering voters to win the recent UK election. Which he managed to do and at the same time, destroyed the Socialist Party in Scotland and the Liberal Democrats, at a stroke.

Having won the election, instead of putting the referendum into the hands of an independent body, Cameron, who opposed leaving the EU, placed a bunch of Conservatives, in charge of Brexit, and “Remain,” with the total support of all Political Parties in the UK, which are now putting forward the idea that a referendum result counts for nothing, Parliament must decide. These are the type of democrats whom criticise Assad and others.

Something similar is going on in the States, where the Fabian Society, which is as powerful as it is in Europe, is confronted with a problem or so we are being told. That problem would appear to be Trump, whom as did Corbyn in the UK, slip through the net, provoking the cholere of the entire Republican Party, while Corbyn has achieved exactly the same situation in the UK.

Others, across Europe, are achieving the same result through the use of ‘new’ political parties, all of which are “Extreme,” in ione way or another. 

Corbyn is a member of the Fabian Society and he almost missed the ‘cut’ in his efforts to be part of the group which was presented as a possible new leader of the Labour Party, after the resignation of the Fabian member and Communist Ed Miliband. Corbyn gained the extra vote needed, to enter the competition, from another Fabian Society member and he went on to be selected as leader, against the wishes of the masses of his Sitting Members of Parliament, just like Trump!

In the United Kingdom, there are those whom are coughing up twenty five pounds a piece to take part in the ‘repeat’ of the election, the result of which, as usual, did not please the Democrats.

So in recent times the UK has managed to demonstrate its Democratic Principles by leveling a concerted attack against the result of an Independence referendum in Scotland, where they are now contesting the ‘Brexit’ referendum as is the UK, the election of Corbyn as leader of the Socialists and there has been an absolute tirade of abuse leveled at Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn, while any criticism of Hillary Clinton has been strenuously contested. and these are the folk whom criticise others.

So it becomes perfectly clear that either the Fabian Society and their Elite funders, are losing their grip, or there is simply a cosmetic change taking place which like the selection of Theresa May, will change nothing whatsoever, as in France where another failure, Nicolas Sarkozy is once again throwing his hat into the ring, for re-election as President of the Republique. While the daughter of a thirty-three-degree Mason, Marine Le Pen and the “Extreme Right Wing” National Front, show signs of sweeping the board in next years elections.

This would suggest that the impossible is happening, even as the nonsense about Climate Change, the rising sea level, the melting ice-caps and the TTIP and Fracking all appear to be going ahead full steam, as if their is no crisis, even as the Mainstream Media failed to notify us of the hidden dangers, concealed in the recently approved Agenda 2030.


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