A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Mad Dog NATO!


               Mad Dog Nato.

Yet another attack in Aleppo, which this time targeted a Red Cross convoy, for which Sam Kiley, the Sky News hack, is already, from afar, blaming Assad and the Russians.

Once again I ask the question, why would Assad carry out such a stunt, knowing full well that it would be pounced on, by those intent on taking the heat off, the deliberate attack, on Syrian forces, in aid of Daech/ISIS, in recent days?


The reporting, by Sky News, of the attempted Syrian coup d’etat, by the forces of NATO, is a disgrace. They have already planted into the minds of their viewers, the idea, that Assad is responsible, for the attack on the Red Cross,  without any explanation as to how, British, Danish, Australian and US aircraft, just by accident, happened to recently bomb the Syrian Army, with the latest technology at their disposal. Technology which served them so well when they were dropping arms, on many occasions, which safely fell to ground in front of Daech and not by mistake, into the hands of the Syrian army.

This new raid is a cynical and brutal attack by NATO, which is now demonstrating quite clearly that it is no more than a terrorist organisation, as it was in Yugoslavia, working as a killing machine for Corporations, which are intent on destroying the European Peoples. They are pitiless in their slaughters of the innocent.

While at the same time, showing that they are quite prepared to unleash ghouls like Daech, the new Cheka, to drive Muslims, out of the MIddle East, into Europe, to help in the proposed slaughter of Europe, much as they did with Bolshevik Commissars, commanding the Cheka in Russia,  after the coup d’etat in 1917, from which the Russian population has never fully recovered.

In order to conceal his own brutality against the Russian people, Stalin accused Hitler of killing thirty million, of the ‘missing’ Russians, a feat which was impossible to achieve, during the time the Germans were in Russia.

The same Russians finally admitted to the crime of killing twenty-three thousand Polish Military and others, whom were buried in the Katyn Forest, having for years claimed it to have been the Germans.

The Peoples of Europe, are not only incapable of learning from history, they to this day refuse to accept the notion, that is was the action of Germany, which delayed this coming slaughter, aimed at installing Bolshevik domination across all of Europe, by taking on the might of the British and US supported, Bolshevik Jew controlled, Soviet Russia on its own.

They showed tremendous courage, against overwhelming odds, which were lined up against them by International Jewry. That is indisputable.

What is more, the ‘Allied’ forces were responsible for all of the War Crimes, while Hitler, like Assad and the other Arab dictators, was smeared for ‘alleged’ crimes, for which no evidence was ever produced. As in barrel bombs and gassings etc.

The controlled media in the West, is constantly telling voters that to vote for any other Party in an Election, other than one of the two main Parties, as a ‘protest,’ is a wasted vote. That because of the way the system has been set up, one or other of those main Parties is going to win the election.

This is arrant nonsense, which is another way of saying that it is a bare-faced lie, which has been used for generations to maintain the Western World in an occult Dictatorship.

In any election, there is no way of divining how people will vote. For example, the Lib-Dem’s were obliterated in the most recent UK election, yet with a tiny number of votes, they gained eight Members of Parliament. This demonstrates that should people choose to do so, they can change the result of any constituency, in any election. I believe and I am not alone, that the result of the last UK election was completely rigged.

This, even as the UK is laying Syria to waste, allegedly to impose their kind of rigged Democracy in Syria.

There is no such thing as Democracy in Europe, there is a Europe-wide two Party Dictatorship, which is maintained through election rigging and slanted polls, which normally suggest there will be a possible result, which is ‘too close to call’ and will have to ‘go down to the wire,’ or some such rubbish, facilitating the simple theft of the result.

In the last UK election, the fact that Ukip gained four million votes, which delivered one Member of Parliament, who just happened to be an Ex Tory member, while Cameron, with little more than double the Ukip vote, gained hundreds of seats, is demonstrably unfair.

As with World War Two, the News which is being drummed into the heads of the British people, is little more than deliberate propaganda, obscuring the reality of British involvement in an ongoing War Crime, by the West,  against a country, which posed no threat whatsoever to Europe.


A war, in preparation of which the British Prime Minister, along with his Foreign Secretary William Hague, deluged the British people’s  News outlets with lies, as justification for arming a group, which they referred to as the ‘Free Syrian Army’, which has shown itself to be capable of unimaginable atrocities, all of which are well concealed by the same British media.

This Free Syrian Army is showing itself to be so patriotic, that they will watch the country, to which they promised a better life, being totally destroyed, while they continue a war of attrition, without regard for the number of Syrians whom have fled in fear of them.

All of which the Western scum media are blaming on President Assad, who is trying desperately to save Syria from the experiences of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen, after they suffered their own Western style ‘liberation.’

Does Sky News and the BBC, along with CNN and Fox News, expect us to believe that the Syrian people are not fully aware of what is going on and while most Europeans, cannot even figure what is being done to them, even as the Middle East suffers unimaginable hardships.

The people of Syria are fully aware of the term ‘Greater Israel’ and  the origins of the brutal Wahhabis whom will be unleashed against them should Assad fall.



Europe, steadfastly refuses to face up to the reality, that the same crimes,  which were carried out behind the cover of World War Two, by the Allies, could happen in ‘modern’ Europe.

They are delusional, it has already happened in Russia, Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Poland and various other European States and it will happen again. Maybe to you.

Remember the American Civil War, what do you suppose that was all about? Take another look at Outlaw Josie Wales, that might just give you an idea of exactly who the bad guys were.

Most of the men who fought for the South were peasants, as were the Camisard in France. They were not dangerous criminals they were simple men whom refused to lie down for the City of London.

To this day they are being blamed for all the atrocities and for their alleged opposition to the ending of slavery.

I have recently been questioning a wide number of people of different Nationalities. I can can report, that although in France I could not guarantee a fair mix of philosophies, every single American, of whom I demanded the question, told me that they would be voting for Clinton in the coming election. They all perceived Donald Trump to be no more than a clown.

An Irishman, when I asked his opinion about him maybe, having to pay reparations to Black people, whose ancestors may have been slaves,  responded with a diatribe, explaining how many members his own family were deported as slaves to the West Indies and that many of them were subsequently sent to the Southern States of the USA.

His family worked on the plantations, which did not involve picking cotton all the time, but many other tasks which were of greater interest. Looking after the animals or repairing the Big House. They were housed, clothed and fed and their children had reasonable access to school.

Then suddenly in come the Blacks, forcing the White Slaves out of their homes and on to the mean streets of America, where there was little or no work, where they were forced to live in tin shacks and eat scraps, he explained it to be much like the current conditions for Whites in South Africa.

Then came the Civil War, which destroyed the South and lead to the Blacks being turned out on to those same overcrowded, mean streets and the Black violence began.

This was followed by the hiring of labour when the cotton picking season came around, leading to the hiring of the cheapest labour.

The Irishman finished his tirade by suggesting that it was those ‘bastards’ that owed his family, which had managed to pull itself out of the mire of their own ‘freedom’ without any assistance whatsoever.

I also bumped into a Chinaman, he told that his family were forced to leave China after the Revolution, when Chiang, was stabbed in the back by the West. I asked him whether he had any inclination to return to China, now that it was a more forward-looking country.

His reply surprised me, he told me that he would never return to China and that nothing had changed. He was fully aware that Chinese Industry was all of it, under Western control, and that China had been used as no more than a means of cornering the entire industrial base of the world into one easily controlled area.

I asked him who he felt had financed this huge operation and he quite simply said it was the Jews and they still, to this day, control the government of China.

I also had a chat with a Black man from Senegal, who complained about the huge number of Chinese in his country. They were building roads and other infrastructure, however he felt it to be for someone else, other than the indigenous people. He told me, with a straight face, that when he went home, he was amazed at the huge numbers of non-Black, non-Islamic immigrants, in Senegal.

Everywhere is at risk. Europe now wants a private Army, which can be used to quell any uprising, in whichever European State it may arise, with ‘foreign’ soldiers, who will feel no compunction about killing those of another Nationality. So it has always been, which is why mercenaries can be so effective.

Did you notice in the first video, how easy it is to smear a leader, like Milosevic  whom dared to oppose the invasion of the IMF and the Central Banking systems obligatory debt. All of Europe has been in this state for years.




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