A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

White Trash Women, Betray The White Race.


White Trash Women, Betray The White Race.

While we all pussyfoot around, wondering whether Jews, Jesuits, Moneylenders or a bunch of jackass’ whom call themselves The Knights of Malta, are pulling the strings of our elected puppets, ‘they’ are continuing the genocide of me, my family and all of the White Race. The murder of Whites and the ‘bad mouthing’ of White men, by women,  continues unrelentingly.

As usual, those whom own the media, which now includes the Inter web, have been pushing tales of our guilt, for THEIR crimes, in a manner which is designed to create a huge surge of self loathing for our own Race and the naked hatred of others, for White people in general.

Even as our politicians, many of whom have declared themselves to be something other than White, in order to suggest that they, as Jews, are innocent of any crime against humanity, that, they claim is the ‘White Mans’ Burden,’ well it is not mine, I refuse to be blamed for crimes which were committed by these un-white characters, against my people, even as, before our eyes, these self-proclaimed ‘victims,’ continue to murder anyone who stands in their way, and to do so they are using us, as usual, to do their dirty work for them.

Women have proven themselves to be a willing tool in the destruction of their own kind, while brown men from the Middle East, let it be known that they intend to take as many of them as they wish and force them to have numerous babies, with which they will swamp the White World into submission.

I hope that prospect pleases these modern-day sluts whom have nothing but scorn for their own female children’s future as genitally mutilated sex slaves, for men from the darkest days of humanity, their girls dressed like black Daleks as they parade around town or hide in the kitchen while their ‘husband’ talks business with other men, in the lounge.

My people have already been forced through this program, by the British and those whom skulk in the dark recesses of The City of London. My own family was sold off cheaply by the British into slavery, long before they found a bottomless pit of strong men in Africa.

The British people themselves have now become the target, alongside those long-suffering neighbours, whom have never truly recovered from what the British did to their Race, which was one of the oldest civilisations on Earth.

The United Kingdom is a lost cause, they, like the German people have been educated to hate themselves, for the past crimes of the City of London, where the true vultures are to be found.

One only need spend five minutes in the company of a German to realise that they will never snap out of the dream into which they have been plunged by the Jew system of de-Nazification, which has been fed to them all through their school life, like a religious education.

I was truly shocked when having made a remark to a couple of my German friends about Hitler, they just looked at me in amazement and said in an almost hysterical tone, ‘ But he was a madman.’ When I dared to suggest that he was in fact, the last man, with the courage to stand up to the pitiless war machine of the Jew controlled world, and that far from being mad, he was a true hero, they were incredulous.

In the United Kingdom women have carried out the same service, by turning all men into Hitlers. Millions of children have been turned against their fathers and men in general, as women adopt the same monotonous gospel as the Jews and the Blacks, all of these poor creatures are victims, who do not actually give a shit about how good or bad, things are for their targets.

As is the way with these things, Blacks, Jews and women can say whatsoever they choose against the universal enemy, White European men, whom are considered as misogynist or racist or indeed anti-semitic, should they respond with so much as a word of the truth.

I am horrified at what White men are prepared to accept, without a robust response, as if we are all guilty of such diabolical crimes, that whatsoever atrocity is carried out by others, we are still guilty because we have probably done worse things in the past.

I was disgusted to read of the brutal raping to death of an 84-year-old White woman, in front of her 91-year-old, War Veteran, White husband, by a gang of Blacks, whom when they had finished gang raping the woman, they savagely battered the old man who died a few days later.

The above clip, shows quite clearly the savage mentality of these people, whom while claiming to be concerned for the killings of Black criminals by the Police, are themselves killing those same Black people in droves, without a care, so Black Lives Matter, do they?

Take it from me I could post dozens of clips, illustrating the same disgusting and brutal behaviour of Blacks against Whites, including against White children, yet I defy you to present similar clips, illustrating, anything like the same behaviour of Whites against Blacks and White people in Court, displaying the same disregard for the emotions of mothers whose babies are dead.

We are dealing with savages and yet we dare not speak out for fear of being smeared as being racist, against animals like these. This is what the Cops are up against and in a recent case where five Cops were shot dead by Blacks, the response was one of, this is the “fight back.” Well no, that was mass murder.

What I am saying, in defence of White people, is not Politically Correct, so I am told, these things can only be said against White Men, that is politically fine and that is shit!

The above clip shows exactly what we are up against. Do not ever forget that we are the ones who are paying these loud mouths to sit on their arse and whine. Even in South Africa where saint Nelson Mandela, openly stood in front of a camera, singing, ‘Kill the Whites,’ even as those Whites, despite having had seventy-five-thousand of their numbers, young and old, adults and children, savagely slaughtered by the majority Black population, are to this day, paying all the taxes and other charges, which pays Blacks to sit on their bums, as they do all over the Western World. They have done nothing to improve their own situation, wherever they are to be found. Dealing drugs is their chosen profession.

I am still waiting for a clip on YouTube of a White gang, out in the streets, looking for aged Black pensioners, to ‘knockout’ with one punch to the jaw. Blacks consider this to be fun.


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