A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Insulting Claims Of The British War Machine.

The sanctimonious people of Europe, who spend their days blaming others for their problems, are fiddling as Europe sinks into the Dark Ages.

An artist or should I say cartoonist, working for the Daily Mail has today presented a graphic, stating quite clearly that in the terms of his editor, Assad and Russia are involved in some sort of campaign to wipe out the Syrian people, while those kindly men, who decapitate and bury alive those Muslims or Christians of whom they disapprove, are huddled down with those poor people whom they are trying to save, as the bombs drop all around.




Everything in the image is propaganda, these folk never produce evidence of their claims. The last thing Russia would do would be to help Assad wipe out his own people.

These same humanitarian filth are in exactly the same position in Iraq, where the falling bombs and illegal armaments, which rain down, though resembling the scenes in Syria, are of course not at all the same thing, as the bombs are British, French and American, which means the bombs are to save the people of Iraq.


Not too far away in Libya, the same gang is huddled down under a sustained attack, from the British, French and American bombs, where as is the case in Iraq, it is to save the Libyan people?

In Yemen, where British bombs are being used to carpet bomb the poorest State in the Middle East, thank God it is those gentle people from Saudi Arabia who are bombing to save the Yemeni people.

In Afgha……………………… I think you get the picture by now, it’s an hypocritical attack against the Russians and Assad, by the greatest war criminals in history, while those Europeans are failing to understand that they are not even allowed to remark that it may all be illegal and only Russia and Assad are in reality,  guiltless, even as the resulting refugee crisis is being paid for by a Jew, George Soros, with the declared aim of destroying Europe. Other Jews are of course totally innocent.


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