A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Great Clinton Caper.

       The Great Clinton Caper.

The interesting thing about the arrival of Donald Trump onto the US Political scene, is the fact that he has aroused the hate of even those ‘alternative’ folk, whom have been telling us for years, that it makes no difference who is in the White House as they are all puppets anyway.

That being so, why are they bad-mouthing Trump, when they believe him to be a mere puppet or are they suggesting that there be good puppets and bad puppets, or is there some unmentioned problem?

There cannot be a businessman on earth who has not done at some point in his career, something or other which can later be laid at his door, however the fact that they are scrabbling around in Donald Trumps past, in search of dirt, to the point where having found nothing better, Hillary Clinton, a totally corrupt character, is suggesting that Trump is unfit to be President because he replied to Tweets in the night. Heavens forbid!

I believe that as long as the ‘big boys’ have obedient servants in place, they can get away with murder, however a loose cannon is a danger to their mirage of power.

Trump could well be that loose cannon, so why don’t the alternative media keep their complicit mouths shut or disclose by whom they are being funded.

I have discontinued my support for several alternative sites in recent times, having been disgusted by their treatment of Trump, without any reasonable explanation for their stance.

Trump is ritually described as a ‘racist’ or a joke, take your pick, my attitude is that we are either dealing with a huge effort to encourage support for Trump, in accordance with a hidden agenda, through the use of negative reporting or they are scared shitless.

I have been presented with an absolute catalogue of lies about Obama for eight years. Everything which he has done has been disgusting and good for nobody, Black, Brown or White. For my part I no longer believe him to be even half White, there is facial evidence that surgery dealt with his African features.

Clinton appears to have been confusing us all about her true identity using various ‘doubles’ to the point where, like Obama’s, her true identity has come into doubt. In recent times we have been presented with two or three hoax Hillarys’. So who will be the next President of the USA should she be elected? There are clips all over YouTube at this time comparing various ‘Hillarys’ take a look.


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