A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Who Will Be Next In The Slaughterhouse?

Who Will Be Next In The Slaughterhouse?

From whichever direction the wishes of those whom support the aims of the destruction of the Middle East may come, they are always preaching the same, murderous gospel, destroy whomsoever stands in the way of Greater Israel. At this time there are two targets, Syria and Assad and Iran.

When Israel was originally invaded, the first step of the invading hordes of heavily armed Jew terrorists was to slaughter and drive from their homes as many Palestinians as was possible.

Since when hundreds of thousands of those same Palestinian refugees, apparently unseen by the ‘humanitarians’ in Europe, have been stacked up in refugee camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, where they have constantly been targeted by Israelis, who are allowed, because they themselves have suffered so much, to kill with impunity as many of these wretched Palestinians, as they desire.

The European people have now been dumbed down to the point where instead of standing up in defence of those folk in Syria and other Middle Eastern States, whom are being put through exactly the same mangle as were the Palestinians in past times, allowing themselves to be deceived into the belief that they should take these modern day victims of Israel, into their bosom, instead of stopping the greedy aims of Israel in its tracks.

There is evidence that Israel is already building roads towards Syria, in preparation of the day when Assad falls and they can move into the areas of Syria which they have been lusting after for decades.

This is all being financed by stupid Western tax payers, who have been educated to believe that good is bad and bad must win, even at the cost of their own civilisation and lifestyle.

To point out to the British for example, that the City of London created the problems in the Middle East, when they took to themselves, the right to ‘donate’ Palestine to the Zionists, at the end of The Great War. Who the hell do the British think they are? During the same period, they chose to partition Ireland. Well done Britain. A couple of decades later they chopped India to pieces, creating yet another crisis zone between East and West Pakistan and of course the shambles in Kashmir.

We are now in the cold modern world of steel and glass, with a device of control in the hands of youngsters, which is being used to contaminate their young minds with filth and to expose them to paedophiles, even as parents are losing any form of parental control of their own children, as the State is now using the ‘unknown’ power of the Birth Certificate, through the use of which they can claim ownership of YOUR child, should you refuse to educate them to believe anything other than the crap of Big Brother.

So where does this leave us? Why are European people now taking to the streets in ever increasing numbers, in response to an invasion by migrants, nicknamed refugees, even as huge numbers of their peers are handing out, welcoming lemonade and flowers to those whom will soon be raping their women and children. Which groups is getting it right?

Even as a deathly silence is being maintained, concerning the mass murder of the remaining White folk in South Africa, at the hands of ‘immigrant’ Blacks, a statement which always provokes a smile on the face of those ‘nice’ people, whom while welcoming all and everybody into multi-cultural Europe, still maintain the idea that Africa is for Blacks, fail to spot the coming reality, that those immigrants, whom are arriving do not support multiculturalism, they want to transform Europe, into a huge Caliphate, where those whom protest will be ‘dealt with.’

In Sweden, majority immigrants in schools are already terrorising the minority Whites and they have turned Sweden into a war zone, where even the Police are resigning, having given up on controlling the aggression of the immigrants, as thousands of Swedish people are abandoning their homeland to Muslim control and are themselves emigrating. This is a total stupidity, what has been done to the minds of the European people, who were prepared to start a World War, allegedly because Germans invaded Poland?

I have watched British News outlets, filming hundreds of refugees being collected by ships, which instead of putting back on Libyan beaches, is taking them off to Europe, pretending they rescued them.

There are five or six billion people in the world, many of them starving, is Europe expected to take them all in? Of course not and what is happening is not a humanitarian gesture, it is an act of clearance to facilitate the the coming construction of the Worlds Capital City in the land of Israel, which is under re-construction, in readiness for the building of a Temple and World Control Centre’s, including Banking, Military and Political Headquarters.

It has become quite clear that it is a waste of time expecting politicians to do anything about this coming nightmare, which will deliver the control of us all into

the hands of the greatest mass murderers in history. Only the action of the people can change things for the better. Across Europe, Politicians are ignoring the crimes of Israel while calling those like Assad, brutal.

Why do you suppose that there has been no call to direct these millions of Iraqi, Syrian and other refugees towards Israel? Israel has been bombing Syria, why has there been no questions asked as to how many civilians were killed during these attacks?

Why has Israel never been sanctioned for the mass murder of Palestinians? Why has the Western Press not been outraged by these events? The questions go on forever and there will be no response. However should a footballer make a geste like a ‘quenelle,’ well that is international news.

The ‘much-loved’ Butcher of Palestine, has just been treated, in death, as a ‘peace-maker,’ could there ever be a finer example of ‘bad’ being called ‘good?’ We are all in a dream and our awakening will come as a nasty shock.


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