A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Strong City Power-Houses.

Strong City Power-Houses.

The United Nations Strong City Network, seeks to install controlled mayors in all of the major Cities across the World. These mayors will belong to a group of International City Mayors, taking their orders directly from a lackey of the United Nations, thus diminishing National Democracy.

To even suggest that locally elected mayors should be aligned with an external control system, is quite clearly a part of the advance of a World Government.

In the United Kingdom, where the people have recently voted to leave a similar external group, which had seized control of most of the British Peoples freedom of choice, it might come as a surprise to find that the Power-House Cities, proposed by the Conservative Party, with an obligation to elect a mayor, otherwise they will receive no government investment, is nothing more than a revelation of what the British have in waiting, after secret negotiations, with unknown participants, namely Strong Cities by another name.

George Osborne the man who squeezed every last drop of blood out of the British people and paid it directly into the pockets of the richest people in the world, was recently on a tour of these proposed Northern Power-House Regions, to reassure the local people that the project would continue despite the sharp exit of the War Criminal David Cameron, from power.

Fabian Man and Blairite, Andy Burnham, is already in position to be installed as the new mayor of Manchester and like Fabian Man Khan in London and along with whichever other mayors may be elected into this traitorous scheme, will be ordered to seek special powers for their New Kingdoms, which will open up the channels for orders from the United Nations.

Unknown to the British people, their elected War Criminals, would appear to have been in negotiations, which are outside any arrangement with the European Union, so it would appear that ‘Brexit’ is a meaningless concept

Should it turn out that Theresa May, a Friend of Israel, is already in possession of knowledge of other treaties which have been signed without any reference to the British people,which will allow the United Nations to control the main Cities of Britain, would it not be better if she explained these arrangements to the electorate?

I go to the trouble of scratching around, trying to spot what these liars have got up their sleeves, and though it is possible, that I may have missed something, the only alarm which went off in my head, was at the point where Osborne warned that it was imperative to elect a mayor in order for the Power-Houses to receive funding.

I asked at the time why that should be. Now it is perfectly obvious, this has been on the cards for years. This is a push towards World Government. The controlled economic crash, which is almost upon us, will be used as the excuse to install this system.

The European Union is collapsing, given the choice most European countries would take the British route out of it. So the push is on to prepare us for the International Police Force which is all a part of the Strong City set-up. Did anybody notice whether I just happened to miss this feature when Osborne laid out his plan for the Northern Power-Houses?

It goes without saying that these plans are to save us all from ‘terrorism,’ all of which was either directly set up by NATO or as a result of NATO War Crimes. Cameron armed the terrorists who destroyed Libya and Syria. Everything they tell you is a lie. There is hardly a politician in Europe who does not qualify as a War Criminal and they point fingers at Assad.


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