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The British Lies Get Bigger By The Day.





The British Lies Get Bigger By The Day.


This morning, I gritted my teeth and took a look at Veterans Today, A photograph of Joseph Goebbels caught my eye, attached to which was a remark, which I believe was actually made by Hitler, when describing the behaviour of the British, whom Hitler explained, “Would tell a lie, the bigger the better and would continue with that lie until it was taken as the truth.”

This is the very system which the British used as the excuse to declare war on Germany in 1939. They used exactly the same routine against Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein and are even now doing the same thing to Assad.

So for Veterans Today, to do what everybody has been doing for years, suggesting that this ploy was part of Goebbels propaganda system is total crap. So why do the know-alls at Veterans Today continue with this misleading rubbish.

As if by magic, I opened a link to a new clip about the Kennedy assassination, which I was amazed to find, opened with that other old chestnut, you know the one, “First they came for the queers, and none of us helped to save them. Then they came for the gypsies and none of us helped to save them.

The tale goes on and on and we all know, because of the image of a swastika and goose-stepping Germans, we’re back on the trail of the other Big Lie, which completely ignores the truth at the end of the tale, with those poor Jews being the target of the last ‘knock on the door’ and of course the ‘greatest’ victim of all. Blah! Blah! Blah!

In reality it was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who originally told this parable, but he was talking about the Bolshevik Jews in Russia, whose final knock on the door was actually, on a German door,  for the real victims of World War Two, the German people. Twenty million or more of whom, were cruelly raped and slaughtered and there were plenty of folk left to save them, but they had all been carefully prepared to accept the Big Lie’ about Germany, and so chose to allow it to happen and to later claim the Germans deserved it. In shame they are obliged to conceal their true guilt of the events during The War, by continuing that lie, which has now been accepted as truth and if you choose to challenge that lie, you can be gaoled. We all know what you did in the war, don’t we daddy?

Even as I typed the above question mark, on Sky News they are telling the new ‘Big Lie’ about Assad and how he has killed, with Barrel Bombs of course, four-hundred-and-fifty-thousand of his own people and not one word of contradiction from other folk on the Murnaghan show.

The Commissars with Daech, whom are being armed by the British and have been since the outset, along with all of the other terrorists groups, most of whom are disguised Western Agents, have apparently killed nobody and despite all of the beheadings and rapes and all the rest of it, they are really the ‘good guys.’ And the British, soak it up and call for more of the same against that dreadful man Assad, instead of demanding that the Government immediately stop funding the terrorists, this slaughter in on the heads of the British and other uncaring people across Europe.


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