A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

If The Right One Don’t Get You The Left One Will.


If The Right One Don’t Get You The Left One Will.


Theresa May is clearly (and probably against her own instincts and common sense) having to put everything in second place in order to placate and appease those in her party, and in the country, who are driven by their hatred and fear of foreigners or an obsession with “sovereignty”

In other words, the economic future and prosperity of the nation is subordinate to pleasing rabid nationalists and racists. They dont care about anything other than burning EU flags, singing Rule Britannia and making sure their neighbours aren’t Polish…or even worse Muslim!

The above is a copy of a comment from the pages of the Guardian, which did this morning, catch my eye. The author is presumably talking of the seventeen million folk who voted to leave the European Union.

This is a perfect example of the self-righteous, holier than thou, attitude of the most delusional form of Liberal, who does not even want to understand the difference between Nationalism and hatred, while at the same time failing to spot the deep-seated hatred within his own soul, which while understanding the difference between a Pole and a Muslim, living next door, fails to understand that the Pole next door could himself be a Muslim.

Nationalism, has nothing to do with hatred and the two should never be confused. The reality in Europe, is more a case of people being frightened to speak their mind in public, suggesting them to be more tolerant of immigration, than they are.

In France, there is a large group of people, who having been born and bred in Algeria, as were their parents and grand-parents before them, driven out of Algeria when Independence from France was declared. There was no outcry at the time.

However should France now declare Independence from Algeria and proceed to drive out a similar number of Algerians, there would be an uproar.

Like the English, the French people gained nothing from their Empire, which was under exactly the same control as was the British Empire and yet they are now obliged to pay millions of ex Colonialist immigrants, to sit on their collective arse, in high-rise ZUP’s, with no future for their children.

In Denmark it is the same story, 75% of the immigrants who arrived in Denmark in the past ten years have never worked.

In the UK the figures have been concealed forever. There is no way of finding the real unemployment figures, because there are so many ways of hiding them from the public.

So to describe folk in the UK as being “driven by their hatred and fear of foreigners or an obsession with “sovereignty”

is quite clearly an attempt to continue the deception, which has been going on since the end of World War Two, when the Attlee Socialist Government, put the Fabian Society Plan into action, by inviting into Britain, hundreds of thousand of Black people, quickly followed by thousands of Asians.

This was done in the brief period following the war, during the years, in which there was work available. However by the Sixties, the rot had already set in and the unemployment rate began to rise. Despite this, the following governments, quietly encouraged ever more immigrants.

There was absolutely no difference between the acts of the two groups, Conservative and Labour.

At this time, I have been questioning the reasoning behind the Conservative Party’s concept of the “Power Houses” which they intend to install all across the United Kingdom, along with the Mayors, which are an obligation. Why has nobody demanded why it is necessary to elect a Mayor in order to gain investment from the Government?

Corbyn, the Bogey Man, has yet to mention whether he is in favour of this and his opinion of the large number of Labour Party members who are queuing up in search of a Mayoral job.

I’ll answer the question for him. He is in lock-step with the Tories, whom have managed the difficult task of convincing the Brexiteers that they have managed to escape from the European Union, even as the Socialists and the Tories have been plotting the passing of the control of all of the major regional cities into the hands of the unelected United Nations and their group of International City Mayors, who will be taking orders, not from the British Parliament but from a department of the One World Government in the United Nations. Such is the duplicity of British politicians.

There is also the other little business involved in the International City Mayor policy, that of an International Police Force. Hands up those whom are aware of this hidden prospect. Imagine having Mexican Police on the streets of the UK dealing with demonstrators.

It has been difficult enough to escape from Europe, even with the assistance of jokers like Boris Johnson, whose actual position in the Brexit debate is coming into question.

The British have never been allowed such a taste of democracy as in the result of the Brexit vote. They should not rest on their laurels, the battle with their elected traitors, is never-ending.

The coming reality for the British is evident. There will be an immigrant majority in all of the main cities in the UK where immigrants have been allowed to group together. This will take control away from White British people and that is and was always the aim.

The British may have noticed that the Tories are already gung-ho for Brexit and are talking about “Free Trade” and not “Fair Trade” with the rest of the world, there is a difference between ‘free’ and ‘fair’ and it could well be a serious difference.

Where is Corbyn? By his silence he is accepting all of these manoeuvres, suggesting him to be little more than controlled opposition. To what he is opposed is difficult to nail down, apart from Grammar Schools.

When I was a mere child, I had already seen through the treachery of the Trade Union Movement. It was nothing more than the ‘bosses’ allowing the workers, to struggle to gain a reasonable wage, with which to buy from the ‘boss’ the results of their labour.

The ‘boss’ operated to a system which gave the slaves the impression, of having ‘won’ something from the ‘boss’ when in fact there was always a sting in the tail, such as the increase in the price of their products, taking the workers back to where they started.

A similar strategy is once again in motion. The object is to install a One World Government, with Jerusalem as the Capital City. So it is written.

The remaining problem is how to take away the power of National Governments. Only Israel will retain their government, without a trace of immigrants in their ranks. They must remain pure while we are being “browned out of existence.”

In the above comment, from the pages of the Guardian, the intention of the commenter is to accuse, all and everyone,  who disagrees with a Political program, a program which will leave the British people no better off than before Brexit, they do it  through the use of every smear word in the book and all of them aimed at White folk, suggesting that all other groups are in favour of mass immigration, while they may well themselves have been out of work for months.

There is nobody in favour of a continuation of mass immigration into Europe. White folk are not the only ones with space to spare. Why not China,which has dozens of Ghost Cities.  Pakistan must have a few rooms to spare judging by the numbers whom have arrived the UK, a few immigrants would be a godsend for them would they not? Africa is enormous, there must be room there somewhere, so why are they all heading to shores of those dreadful White People, whom they have been educated to hate?

Why are immigrants only good for White Europeans? What is wrong with other Races? Why are they being denied all of the wonderful ‘benefits’ of immigrants? Come on, be fair, share a few with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States they need workers, as long as they are Sunni, I suppose.


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