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The Masters Of Lies And Deception.


The Masters Of Lies And Deception.

There is a universal attitude, which has been quietly fostered by the controlled media, that of a dislike of Donald Trump.

I have no idea about Trump and what his real motives may be. Just as I have doubts about the other ‘misfits’ in the same basket, Corbyn in the UK and Putin in Russia.

However, when I hear folk on Sky News, suggesting that should the American people, be inclined to vote for someone like Trump, perhaps it would be a good moment to allow the rest of the world to have a vote in the upcoming Presidential election, to make sure that their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, is elected, it makes me shudder.

What is sure and certain is the fact, that however incapable Trump may prove to be, he could never be described as being inferior to any of the previous four, freely elected Presidents of the United States.

Bush, the senior, viciously used Saddam Hussein, to fight a genocidal war against Iran, a top priority in the schemes of those whom seek to reduce the population of the Middle East.

Having used Saddam Hussein, he then suggested that Iraq should do something about the slant drilling of the Kuwait oil industry, into Iraqi reserves, which Saddam quicky rectified.

At which point Bush stabbed him in the back, and with the use of a pack of lies about babies being thrown out of incubators and men being tortured with power tools, he set about destroying the Iraqi Army, which was pulling out of Kuwait, and slaughtered thousands of troops, with the use of illegal weapons, when they were helpless in open desert.

He then handed over to Clinton the husband but, not the father, whom immediately set up a ‘No Fly Zone’ and with the help of the British, destroying the remains of the Iraqi military, which had hardly finished a bruising war against Iran and were more or less helpless.

It is estimated that Clinton and his team, murdered at least one million people during the period of sanctions and the ‘No Fly Zone,’ five hundred thousand of them being helpless children.

Clinton, was then replaced by George ‘Dubya’ Bush, whose first act, after the ‘inside job’ of 911, was to attack Afghanistan, using the excuse that those whom had brought down the Twin Towers, were living in luxurious caves in the mountains of Afghanistan.

That would be, let me see now, attack number two based on a pack of lies, which were backed up to the hilt, by the mainstream media.

We were then presented with the proposition, that a mortally wounded Iraq, still suffering from the affects of the sanctions, had a bunch of weapons of mass destruction, which the best British politician of his generation, War Criminal Tony Blair, assured us, Saddam could launch towards British interests in as little as forty-five minutes.

To cover-up for the fact, that after months of poking around, no trace of these alleged weapons could be found, Blair then told us that crafty old Saddam Hussein had mobile laboratories, which continued to search for ways and means of killing us all!

Then came ‘Shock and Awe,’ followed by the same chaos, which had been inflicted on Afghanistan, to save the Poppies.

No sooner had we discovered the brutal behaviour of British troops, when dealing with Iraqi civilians and GI’s in Abu Ghraib, doing the same thing, quickly followed by Guantanamo Bay and ‘Water-Boarding,’ we had minor problems in Libya, which just happened to be the most successful State in the Arab world, with a leader who would not do as he was told, Muammar Gadaffi.

Surprise, surprise, suddenly we were presented with a group of thugs, in yellow helmets, running around the streets of Benghazi, pretending to shoot a few people.

There was of course, no need for any sort of verification of what exactly was going on, because by this time both the United States and the United Kingdom had new leaders, War Criminal David Cameron in the UK and the soon to be War Criminal, Barack Obama in the USA, both of whom were ‘all knowing’ and they could see at a glance that Gadaffi was responsible, which obliged them to set up a murderous ‘No Fly Zone.’ Yippee!

Obama and Cameron, having succeeded in the total destruction of Libya, then turned their attention to Bashar al Assad in Syria, and what do you know, Sky News and their News-Hound Ramsey, was on hand to film a staged demonstration, in a very narrow street, making it appear to be of more significance than it really was.

Saint David Cameron and the Blessed William Hague, were so disturbed by this farce, that they immediately set about arming people, whom they claimed were fighting to liberate Syria.

Strangely, these loyal folk in this Free Syrian Army, have been responsible for the total destruction of the country which they claim to have been saving, driving millions from their homes and killing hundreds of thousands of others.


Fact-sheet on the White Helmets

Fact-sheet on the White Helmets


Cameron and Hague have now joined Blair under a rock somewhere, putting in the occasional appearance to explain how troops should be sent into Syria to finish off Assad. This is incitement to murder.

Obama has continued his adventures by sending waves of ‘Drones’ to bomb Pakistan and Somalia and Yemen, while still finding the time to keep an eye on John Kerry, who simply cannot face up to the fact that NATO has failed to achieve its mission, and is now prepared to put the entire planet at risk, by forcing a Third World War against Russia to save Syria.

In view of all of that, what could Donald Trump do, which would in any way compare to that heap of shit?

All of the above was carried out, not for the benefit of the Muslim World, which is sadly under the control of the Middle Eastern Royal Families, all of which have been firmly controlled since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

These events have nothing to do with the average Muslim in the Street or with the average European ‘Person’ in the street. It is all part of a program. We are all the target. If Blacks or Arabs harbour any belief that they will come out of this, in better shape than Europeans, they are in for a nasty shock.

The ultimate game is to reduced the population, leaving no more than a group of Goy, necessary to do the dirty work for the Luciferian’s, whom believe themselves to be the true Kings of the World.

These folk are so sick, they are unable to see that when they finally succeed, in their greedy aims, they will have nothing left to do but die.


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