A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

British Skullduggery.

                British Skullduggery.

A while back, should you suggest that you were sympathetic towards the ideas of the Front National, you would be immediately ostracised by the public in general. In keeping with what had happened in the United Kingdom to the National Front, the hidden hand organised the ‘Bovver Boys’ and ‘Skinheads’ to disrupt ‘Front’ marches and other gatherings, giving the Police an excuse to break them up and arrest those responsible.

Things have now changed, the people have woken up to the fact that they are doomed and that they now have grave need of the Front National. The same realisation is spreading across Europe, where the reality of open borders has finally been understood.

An organised invasion is under way. This invasion, which we are told to be of refugees, fleeing NATO violence, has been used as a cover for the shipping in of hundreds of thousands of non-refugees, between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five, who will form the groups, which have yet to be named, to carry out ‘terrorist’ attacks across Europe.

There is only one government in Europe which has stood up against this treachery, Hungary, which has refused to take a share of those being brought in to do, to the rest of Europe, what has already been done in Scandinavia, where the Whites are already in flight. Un-noticed by politicians whom are ordering the Swedes to integrate with the immigrants. If we allow these politicians to retain control they will destroy us all, they are working for those whom would like to bring about the Death of the White Race.

I have just spent an hour cleaning the vomit out of my keyboard, after having listened to the absolute lies which are being presented as truth in the British Parliament, condemning Russia and Assad as War Criminals, while scratching around looking for an excuse to install a ‘No Fly Zone,’ in Syria.

They claim that Russia is now targeting civilians, hospitals and aid convoys, with Barrel Bombs (the mention of which is an absolute must) and other devices, in and around Aleppo. and that they are leaving the terrorists untouched.

The entire Parliament is in lock-step with the diatribe of the man who is presenting the lies. They want dialogue, with a group of unelected people, a group which is known known by a few random letters and whom are unknown to the Syrian people, to take part in peace talks, which would allow Assad to play a small part in the initial discussions and to then fade away.

There has as yet been no outcry, not even from the ‘usual suspects’ explaining that without British arms there would have been no problem in Syria and that in fact the Russians are just as capable of defending their man as were the French, when they did the opposite in Mali, by attacking those whom were attempting to get rid of a brutal dictator.

When dealing Members of the British Parliament, it should always be borne in mind, that they are, in the main, all ‘Friends’ of the most brutal state on earth, which is conducting an apartheid system, and which has already built many walls against their imprisoned indigenous people, and intend to build many more, without a word of criticism from the lying hypocrites in Westminster, while at the same time this criminal State is being funded and armed by the British taxpayers, whom are being fed nonsense about Trumps Wall to stop illegal immigration, from Mexico, where there is no war and no need of refugee status, into the USA.


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