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Slick Willy Wets His Pants, While Hillary Fails To Defend Him.





Slick Willy Wets His Pants, While Hillary Fails To Defend Him.


It has been generally accepted, that no politician in history, has been treated in a more insulting manner than has been Donald Trump.

Sky News, did this morning make it appear that the opening remark during the previous nights head to head between Trump and Clinton, had been Trump outing Bill Clinton, while Queen Hillary was intent on voicing her aim of creating jobs for the people, because she loves them all and she has spent her entire political career making sure that they have been well cared for. When in actual fact she had gleefully, pounced on a remark which Trump had made to a chum years ago, in a ‘locker-room’ chat.

Trump had just been forced to apologise for telling the truth about women. Men have for decades been branded as being, drunks, wife beaters and mean with money, by feminists, with no kick-back at all but when Trump mentioned that women are so parasitic that a male celebrity or any rich man, can get away with any sexual prank, even to the point of groping them,  for Sky News, it was as if the world had just ended.

People laughed at the women who threw their knickers at Elvis Presley, displaying their willingness, should they get the opportunity, to allow the ‘pop idol’ to have his way with them. That says it all about women.

Sky News, having completely ignored the outing of ‘Rapist, Slick Willy,’ and the sordid manner in which Hillary had treated a twelve-year-old rape victim, managed to find women, who were prepared to explain, on camera, how to have a man who had made remarks like Trump’s,  in the White House was scandalous.

Sky News, did then, full in the face of the accusations against Clinton, by four different women, plus the evidence that the American Ambassador in Benghazi, had been murdered, under orders from Hillary, to shut him up, because he objected to Clinton’s deal to send Gadaffi’s armaments to Syria, to help Al Qaeda, to take down Assad, which he was about to announce to the rest of the World. His Emails, there were sixty or more of them,  were no doubt amongst those which Clinton ‘wiped.’

Sky News have constantly failed to face up to the fact that Clinton is already guilty, of a crime, simply by putting secret State documents at risk, through her carelessness. Her lack of care is no excuse, her actions were enough to sentence her to I believe,  fourteen years of imprisonment.

For most of my life, Clinton has been under investigation for crimes up to and including murder. All of the women, whom were raped by Slick Willy, have been living in fear of their lives. Dozens of people in the Clinton circle, have met sudden death, however, as did Jimmy Savile, thanks to their high level contacts, like the Bush family, they have been allowed to get away with their crimes.

Trump would not have risked making these thing up out of thin air and his response to Clinton’s scurrilous attack about his ‘locker-room’ remarks, took the wind right out of her sails and after which she was left speechless and afraid to open her mouth, out of fear of what Trump might say next.

Any reporter worth his salt, would have been down on this in an instant, to cover it up, by claiming that Trump, was unfit to take on the role of President, simply for telling the truth about women, is so stupefyingly ridiculous as to demonstrate a complicity in a scheme to elect a controlled criminal into the White House.

I could dig out, without too much trouble, a dozen reports into the Clinton Crime Syndicate. The President of Haiti, recently claimed that ‘Dubya’ and ‘Slick Willy,’ had robbed the people of Haiti of the fund which they, had controlled after the earthquake, which amounted to more than a billion dollars, with which six small house had been built, the rest had simply disappeared, what a surprise, yet there has been no investigation into the theft. Haiti is now coping with another disaster, even as the Yankee military is still camped out, on top of the oil reserves, which have been reserved for the Bankers. The Media is a joke.


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