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The British Need To Stand Up And Shout Out Before They Lose What’s Left Of Their Democracy.


The British Need To Stand Up And Shout Out, Before They Lose What’s Left Of Their Democracy.

Europe and the United States of America are being run by mass murderers. They have no soul and they care not a toss about how many people they murder. They watched the cream of British youth walk into a hail of gunfire, during a British war in 1914-18, without batting an eyelid. They calmly bombed the German people killing millions of them in a second British inspired war.

Yesterday, in the British Parliament, the hypocrites, who have destroyed the Middle East, murdering millions of people and driving millions more out of their homes, were pointing fingers at Russia and Vladimir Putin, whom has brought their trail of destruction to a full stop in Syria, calling him a War Criminal.

While still presenting themselves as ‘liberators’ with the ‘good’ intention of saving the Syrian people, not from the real enemies of Syria, the British and NATO, but from the man the British refuse to allow to be present in any Syrian election, their beloved President Bashar al Assad, because the British know, just as they knew with Muammar Gadaffi in Libya, he would win a landslide victory in any free election.

There were the usual cries of Heyar! Heyar! from the Tory Toffs, as the lying allegations were being leveled at the Russians for their alleged ‘War Crimes,’ committed during their attacks against the British armed and trained terrorists in Aleppo and a massive support for more British interventions.

I was struck by the similarity of the claims being made by the murderous British, against Russia, with those made by Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump, who had been caught, on film, talking ‘dirty’ about women.

Trump put Clinton down in an instant, by comparing of what he was being accused, with the diabolical behaviour of her rapist, drug dealing, husband, Slick Willy, who robbed even the suffering people of Haiti of public donations, after their country had been destroyed by an earthquake.



Trumps response to Clinton’s continued attacks about his Tax affairs and remarks he had made about a fat women and allegations about his past business dealings, introduced the American public, to the reality of what has been controlling them and the White House for generations, during which time the USA has been nothing more that the killing machine for the City of London and the White House was no more than a Bordello for sexual deviants.




The British have never been given such a dose of truth about their own leaders. Where is Jeremy Corbyn? Well where do you expect? Continuing the same dreary agenda as the rest of them. Corbyn knows full well that he should be supporting the choice of the People, who voted in huge numbers for ‘Brexit’ he is instead keeping his mouth shut because he is ‘himself,’ not in favour of ‘Brexit.’

However, as will all of the rest of the Criminals in Parliament, should he win his place in Parliament with a smaller share of the vote, than the combined vote of the other candidates, in an election, he will eagerly claim his right to the Seat. That is the measure of the sincerity of those whom are now claiming the ‘Brexit’ majority to have been not significant enough.

In the previous referendum in 1975 there was a 65% turn-out of folk whom voted to join the EU, which was fine. Now however a 75% turn-out, in the recent referendum, is not good enough and is not really representative of the true feelings of the British, 16 year olds and those foreigners living in the UK should have been allowed to vote. Such is the difference between doing what you are told and not what you want to do.

The gutter news on European rolling news channels, has chosen to completely ignore the ‘outing’ of Slick Willy’ as a rapist, even with four of his victims, on television, explaining what he had done to them. They also chose to enforce a clampdown on the truth of Hillary Clinton, who laughed about her success in getting a child rapist, a three month sentence, through the use of a technicality, while one and all news outlets are still claiming her to be the best candidate for the Presidency.

That is the measure of the efficacy of controlled media lies. Full in the face of the condemnation of Blair and his team of murderers, by the Chilcot Inquiry, Cameron and Sarkozy, did to Libya exactly what had been done to Iraq, installed a ‘No Fly Zone’ which to the average Joe in the street, means you do not allow aeroplanes to fly, it does not mean, completely destroy the infrastructure of a country. So why no media criticism?

Yesterday in Parliament, the spokesman for the War Ministry, was proposing a similar murderous, imposition of a ‘No Fly Zone’ in Syria, where the Russians were fighting to save the civilians, trapped in East Aleppo, from British armed and trained terrorists, whom are as savage as the Cheka and under the control of Commissars.

The British claim there to be at least three distinct groups of terrorists, all mixed up, operating in the area, so the Russian are bound to be killing some of the ‘good ones’ so they must stop fighting allowing the ‘good terrorists’ to carry on the bombardment of west Aleppo. Have you ever heard such a load of crap in your life? Where is the Free Press?

All of the above is sadly, good enough for the British. They are so stupid that they have yet to spot the connection between all of their Governments illegal wars in the Middle East and the current immigration problem in Europe.

This would be the same British, who are even now arming ‘Freedom Fighters’ in Syria’, while worrying about an upsurge of ‘Freedom Fighting’ in Ireland, which is called terrorism. Such is the depth of British hypocrisy.

Right now, the British have told their Government that they want to leave the European Union. ALL that needs to be done is to say ‘we are out’ end of story. Britain will then be in the same position as are hundreds of other countries who buy and sell with Europe. Where is the problem?

Are the British people going to have illegal tariffs placed against their exports to Europe? Of course not, all this talk of how to retain the right to sell to the EU is nothing more than time-wasting, while they scratch around looking for an excuse to get their own way.

The same International controlled Media, which is feeding the world pap and hypocrisy about Trump in the USA is controlling the debate about War and Brexit in Europe.







There is graphic evidence, that Africans are being paid to migrate to Europe and that they are being ‘picked up’ by boats waiting off the coast of Libya, while Sky News tells us they are poor refugees, who just like that, all decided to come to Europe, paying the trip with more than a thousand dollars, which they had apparently, put aside for a rainy day. Give me a break.

For this thousand dollars all they get is a short four kilometre trip in a rubber boat to the waiting, rescue ship, off the coast of Libya. Ho! Ho! Ho!

The Media feeds you a diet of lies and deception. The same folk own all of the World’s major Newspapers, Film Studios, Advertising Agencies and Television News, which is why we are presented with a united front of propaganda and lies. Don’t worry,  Russia Today is no better. They all have things to cover up.

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