A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Mainstream Liars Are All Of The Same Breed.


The Mainstream Liars Are All Of The Same Breed.

Greg Dyke, the man whom had the courage to stand up to the bullying of the BBC, which was itself under orders to make sure that not one word of the lies, used by the British Government, as an excuse to unleash an illegal and brutal war, against the almost helpless country of Iraq, should be made public.

After having sacked a reporter, whom had reported the existence of a dossier, The ‘Dodgy’ Dossier, which he claimed to have been ‘sexed up,’ and had been composed from bits of online blogs, which was to be presented as the excuse to attack Iraq, was early one morning, interviewed, on air, by a BBC newsreader, and was relating a tale which was evidence enough to arrest the entire Blairite government for treason, and which was later accepted as being true, stood by the side of the sacked reporter and he himself, Greg Dyke, left the BBC rather than accept a BBC decision which was quite obviously a political one. That is the British Free Press.

Such strength of character is rare in the shabby world of journalism on the street of shame.

Real Journalism is now in the hands of those like myself, who tap away when they should be doing more important things, like earning their living. The working hacks are either stupid, with no real interest in what is going on in the world, or they are gagged or complicit. Whatever the reason, even deep in the woods I appear to have a better grasp of world events than do those working in the beating heart of London.

Happily those whom once laughed at me, forever asking the same old question, “What is the point of what you do?” to which I reply “One day you will come to understand my motives, because you will soon find yourself in the pooh.”

That day has come, those same people are now listening intently to things they once found tedious and faintly boring. Many now quietly, support Marine Le Pen. Paris is like a city after a catastrophe in a Third World country, where strong Black males of fighting age are camped out all over the once beautiful boulevards and avenues of the French Capital and young girls are being gang raped beneath the Eiffel Tower.

The Police are doing nothing to solve the problem, it is now clear that they are under orders to ‘stand down’ and not to get involved in any of the current non-stop street violence and the torching of police vehicles, apart that is from those pesky White people whom are on streets trying to change the new labour laws, their heads can be broken without fear of reprimand.

The spokes-people for the New Right, are now gaining the acceptance which they deserve, which is arriving almost after the horse has bolted.

I posted a clip of Marine Le Pen on that dreadful ‘Hard Talk’ nonsense on the BBC, in which the man from the BeeB had an enormous list of liberal cliché to spit out at Marine, in the customary bullying manner of the program. Her responses will all strike a chord with the newly awakened folk in France. She will soon lose her notoriety and should the coming election be more fair than was the last, she could come out on top.

I have been called every name in the book, the polite ones being Racist or Fascist that sort of thing, there are many people who refuse to speak to me any more, while many others conceded that I had been closer to reality than they had thought, having seen the tidal wave of Blacks arriving from Africa. At which point they started to get the message, that this was not happening by accident, there was a program being played out.

Suddenly people are even finding the courage to express their dislike for the idea of Gay Marriage, because France is a Catholic country and the Church is against homosexuality, why should you be afraid to express your feelings on the subject

On the other hand they do not want homosexuals sorted out in the manner of the French Grand-Mother, whom having surprised an immigrant raping her Grand-Daughter, cut his dick off, with a machete, and gave him a few other cuts and bruises for good measure, but it was a relief for them to voice their feelings.

Folk are just beginning to notice, that they have been beaten down by the ideas of those whom would like to swamp France with immigrants, for their own reasons. They were too frightened to voice their opinion because they were perceived as Racist and therefore lower than animals.

Not wanting your country to be swamped by those whom refuse to integrate and live in Ghettos into which a White French person rarely seeks entry, is not racism, it is common sense.

The reality being, the million or so Muslim youths, whom live in blocks of flats in grubby areas around Paris and whom have never and probably will never work, would be better off back in the Maghreb, with a pension paid by France, where they could live a life with their own laws and kinsmen, and practice their religion to their heart’s content, would they not?

As far as I can see, there will be no work for immigrants in France in the near future, so the four-hundred-thousand or so, whom annually arrive in France are nothing more than a burden on all of the services.

Just about everybody I know has need of State aid of one sort or another and there are fewer and fewer people who are themselves earning enough to have any left over to pay the tax necessary to pay the unemployed, which means the French debt is growing at an unsustainable rate.

On Sunday I was in the company of a group of friends, whom I had not spoken to for some time. They were from the only town in the region, which had refused to allow themselves to be forced under the control of the local branch of Développement Durable,(Sustainable Development) which had been accepted by the Mayor of the largest town in the region, who had then, with the support of the National Government and with the complicity of all of the local mayors, closed down dozens of small Town Halls and grouped them into a ‘Grand’ area.

You can stop anybody at random in the streets and ask them if they had agreed to this move and they will have no idea what you are talking about. Local democracy in France is now a thing of the past and the Agenda 21 Comité, which controls the Département de Développement Durable is superior to the Mayor and of course unlike the Mayor, they are unelected.

I did one day, in my role of the protector of the people, grill a couple of local Mayors and they both assured me that they had no intention of linking to the local grouping. One of them told me that the only thing he was prepared to accept was the banning of paraffin fueled central heating in the town, which must now be fired with granules of wood and there was a small business in the town making the granules.

Within months, on arriving near one of these towns, I was greeted by signs, at the side of the road, welcoming me to the new ‘Grand’ town, the other liar has since taken the same step, with neither of them mentioning it to the people.

That is the destruction of a form of local government, which has served well since the days of the Revolution. It also puts everybody at risk, because they are, at the same time, being introduced to the International Property Maintenance Code which is a system of control which will soon be world-wide, by which you will be obliged to repair anything on your own property which does not conform to the regulations, failure to take care of the repairs, could cost you dearly and ultimately your home.

All of the above are part of the scheme to force us all into a new system of total control. They do not want you to own a private home, so they are bumping up local rates and taxes, with new taxes being introduced daily, which should you be unable to pay, will give them an excuse to seize your home. There will be no nice mayor in the Town Hall, who has known you since he was a child, to save you, it will be a faceless bureaucrat working for the man, who knocks on your door.

They want us all to live in a Communist system based on the Soviet Union, telling us that we the people own everything and therefore it must all be shared equally amongst us, apart that is from the Bolsheviks whom will be in control, and whom as did the Politburo in the Soviet Union, have access to all of the little luxuries of life.

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