A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Where Are All The Real Muslims Hiding Out?

Where Are All The Real Muslims Hiding Out?

Why has it been left to Vladimir Putin and Russia, to hold out a helping hand, to the last ‘real’ leader left standing in the Middle East?

What sort of Muslim is prepared to fight alongside the Allies of Israel, now called Daech or Al Nusra or Al Qaeda or Al whatever else suits at any given moment, in a Saudi Arabian inspired and financed ‘Religious War’ against their own people?

Are the Muslims prepared to surrender their traditional homelands, into the hands of Israel,  without a whimper or even a feeble form of resistance? Are they one and all ready to accept the Shekel from George Soros to escape to Europe, leaving the few courageous heroes to fight on alone, have they no shame?

Do they not take inspiration from the powerful resistance to the ever encroaching State of Israel, made by the courageous and desperate people of Palestine?

Can you not understand that you are a target for destruction and that to wherever you may flee, you will find those paid agents, already in place, fouling your new nest?

Just as Catholics have reluctantly accepted that their religion has been undermined and controlled by those forces, intent on controlling all and everything, Islam must now sadly accept that they too are also being used,  by the traitorous Royal Rulers of Islam, whom are paying for the total destruction of Arabia, making it available for Greater Israel.

Are all of you Muslims incapable of understanding, that what is being done, right now, in Syria, which the West constantly refers to as a ‘Civil War,’ in order to add credence to their huge crime, is no such thing, it is a country fighting for its very existence, against an aggressive invasion by paid mercenaries.

Can you not see what has already been done, all across the Muslim World, from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Iraq and now Syria, do you stand in support of these War Crimes against your people?

Did you not notice your Religious leaders whom were recently in Jerusalem, where they were, along with the Pope and other Clerics, Christian and Jew, plotting the end of Islam?

What will it take to wake you up to reality? You are allowing your children, whom you have brought to foreign lands, to be used as a means of inciting, what will be called a ‘Civil War’ across the world. From the Arctic Circle all the way to America, the seeds of your destruction are being sown.

You have in recent years, witnessed the murder of an estimated ten million Muslims, in response to a pack of lies,now called 911,  propagated by a controlled Western media, as justification for this mass murder and your apparent response was to send your young men to fight in the ranks of the men behind masks, many of whom are wearing a tattoo of the Yankee military, to kill ever more, innocent Muslims? What the F**K is going on?


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