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Britain Be Warned. Ramsay Is On The Job.



Britain Be Warned. Ramsay Is On The Job.

Well what do you know? The British, along with their coalition of filth, are at this very moment, with bombs falling from the sky and guns blazing, going into Mosul, in Iraq, to ‘humanely’ drive out the terrorists called IS, even as not too far away, the Russians along with the Syrian Arab Army, while “apparently” doing exactly the same thing, are being called War Criminals, for attempting to drive the terrorists, also called IS, out of Aleppo.

The embedded liars from the BBC and Sky News, are unashamedly reporting the brave mission of the coalition of filth, in Iraq, while still reporting the atrocities of the Russians in Aleppo, having admitted that there is a serious possibility of a large number of civilian casualties in Mosul.

This is such blatant propaganda on the part of the media, which presents an irrefutable example of their misleading of the British, about the validity of the claims, which were made, with such an evident naked hatred of Russia and Assad, by the Turkish Jew Boris Johnson, amongst others, as to render their continued existence, as the sole source of freely available information, without allowing a forcible response, is itself a Crime Against Humanity and an incitement and justification for mass murder.

They are now claiming all of the problems which they chose to ignore in Aleppo, with which Assad was faced, such as the use of civilians as human shields, as being a part of their problem in Mosul. I find it hard to listen to these people or have any sympathy for those whom accept this rubbish as truth.

NOTE:  In the above clip there is not a trace of Russia or Assad, just the stench of hypocrisy and lies.


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  1. Jamie Wade

    Check out the BBC website.

    British Bank Bank if Scotland have froze RT news accounts and staff and will not use them as customers!

    Reason being biased reporting, as opposed to the unbiased and honest BBC and SKY news with have here!

    RT was available on free view TV in UK. But having recently had to buy 2 new TV’s including bedroom one this has also been removed from the built in free view channels! So RT certainly being stopped other here in England!!

    Other than the BS propaganda of WW2 I enjoy RT news.





    October 17, 2016 at 13:05

    • I’ll hold my nose and take a quick look at the BBC site. How they can claim that RT presents biased news is way beyond hypocritical.o

      I have have grave misgivings about Russia, despite the better than the British news coverage on RT. I saw a photograph of the BRICS leaders together and they are one and all controlled by Jews. Russia has a dozen Jew oligarchs, including a Rothschild bastard.

      South Africa is wholly controlled and is carrying out a White Genocide, without criticism from any quarter. A Chinaman recently told me that China is also wholly controlled, and India which was handed over to the Fabian Society of which Ghandi, the paedophile, was a member. I’m sure Brazil is not the odd one out after the recent coup.

      Even Donald Trump is saying some annoying things, we can only hope it is out of simple ignorance and not out of strong belief.


      October 17, 2016 at 14:07

    • I see what you mean Jamie. You can understand why, when I wrote that short piece this morning, I was flabbergasted at the total apparent lack of comprehension, between what they have been reporting for days about Aleppo, and that crazy character Kerry, with all the blood on his hands, talking about Russian and Syrian War Crimes. It beggars belief. How far away from Fallujah are they, a town that was doused with White Phosphorous, Cluster Bombs and Depleted Uranium? And they want to elect Clinton.


      October 17, 2016 at 14:20

    • Tell me Jamie, did you hit my site from the UK? I ask because I have been told that there is a problem accessing my blog I had two contacts today apparently from the UK but neither of them registered on the location map.


      October 17, 2016 at 17:04

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