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Why Not Shoot The Messenger?

            Why Not Shoot The Messenger?

I was once stupid enough to believe the British Media to be ‘in denial,’ in the sense that they ‘believed’ themselves to be on the side of ‘truth,’ and that the ‘denial’ was a case of, ‘not knowing any better.’ I was in fact, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

That being said, having heard a Sky News Correspondent from the USA, assuring the people of Europe, that Donald Trump had been destroyed in the second debate with Hillary Clinton, and that he was scraping the bottom of the barrel, in search of support, I was quite honestly bemused by this claim. I was now being told that I could no longer trust the evidence of my own eyes and ears. Trump left Clinton speechless. She was frightened to open her mouth after Trump hit back when she had finished her attack about his telling of the simple truth about women, that they are natural parasites. Even women cannot argue against a natural trait.

Supporters have attended Trump rallies in massive numbers, with thousands obliged to remain outside listening on loud-speakers, while Clinton cannot draw enough support to fill an automatic toilet.

Sky went on to report from Iraq and the coalition’s undertaking to ‘gentlemanly’ further intensify the total destruction of that country, now including the city of Mosul. After which they held an interview with two journalists, both of whom, accepted without question of the almost obligatory need of the British to be doing what they are doing in Iraq, as if they are the Kings of the World. The only question being asked was the nonsense about,’have they learned nothing from the disasters in Libya and Afghanistan?’

I would have thought that it must be, by now, clear, that the British and their partners in crime, are not getting it wrong. This total destruction of the Middle East has been in the planning for decades. Any journalist, worth the name, would have unearthed this program, without difficulty, simply by checking out the words of General Wesley Clarke, whom actually named all of those countries which were on the hit list, many years ago.

What trust can be placed in Journalists whom apparently simply ‘parrot’ government handouts, without doing any of their own research into the subject in hand?

The Arab Spring, which was funded by George Soros, which was used as the excuse to kick off the barbaric destruction of Libya and quickly after that Syria, was overseen by the Soros funded International Crisis Group. The presence of which was kept secret by the mainstream, which also covered up the rape of female journalists in Tahrir Square.

They are now giving us blanket coverage of the Battle for Mosul, which will of course, quickly degenerate into a ‘force the IS boys into Syria,’ routine, allowing the coalition to follow along behind them. The cold-blooded British will settle for nothing less than the murder of Bashar al Assad.

Are we really expected to believe that the Coalition is in the act of fighting the very people whom they have armed and trained to spread terror across the entire Middle Eastern region? Wake up.

The British Government, having already shut down Press TV, in search of the universal right of freedom of speech, have now made use of the Nationalised Royal Bank of Scotland to close the account of Russia Today, without offering any reason for this inexplicable act, which Russia Today simply cannot question. I have never heard of such an occurrence in my life.

Sky News gave airtime to a spokesperson, who did suggest that Russia Today presented biased and false News. This was in relation to a gas attack in Syria, which Russia Today had hinted to have been staged by the BBC.

This would be the gas attack, which Carla Ponti, a spokesperson from the United Nations, whom just happened to be on the spot when the event took place, said outright that the attack had been carried out by the terrorists. This statement was of course ignored by the BBC and Sky News, so one is left to ask the question, as to why it was suggested in the first place by the BBC and Sky News that it had been carried out by Assad.

In much the same way as they now continue to do,; over the attack on the food convoy, in Eastern Aleppo, which both the BBC and Sky News claimed to have been bombed by the Russian’s, when there is not a trace of any of the lorries having been hit by a bomb, but ample evidence that they had been torched.

After all that it was back to Trump and his wild claims – which Sky New dutifully informed us to be without any basis – that American elections were rigged. There is no such thing as a fair and democratic election in the USA. It matters not a toss for whom you may vote, the result is decided by a group of self selected delegates, whom have the final word.

In many recent elections there has been overwhelming evidence of rigging. Remember all those ‘hanging chads’ and all that rubbish, where even the delegates could not decide, so the victor, George W Bush was elected by a group of Judges who were put in place to do as they were told.

In many other election the loser had actually gained more votes than the eventual winner, only to be cheated out of victory by the delegates. This is USA democracy. These days it is even more corrupt after the introduction of computer voting, in which the winning candidates can be programmed into the software. Great isn’t it?

Later in the day, I listened to a program on RT, in which a University Professor, whom taught media studies, was asked the question, ‘Why was so much time being spent on Donald Trumps, locker-room chat and so little time on Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities and the disclosures in the Wikileaks Emails?’

The response was simple, ‘because to go into the intricacies of the deleted Emails and the others little peccadilloes like her attitude to the women whom had been raped by her husband, was too complicated to report in simple language so it was best to stick to Trump, who was getting publicity out of it anyway.’

Do you get the picture? Real News is too difficult for you folk, whether on Sky News or the BBC, where the same subjects have been completely ignored. Clinton is being presented as a wonderful choice as President. There is not a trace of balance in any of the reporting, you are being forcefully told to vote for Hillary.


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