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The World-Wide Fix Is Going In.


              The World-Wide Fix Is Going In.


Should the British choose the “Hard Brexit” route out of the European Union, it has been well documented that the EU would be harder hit than would the UK, if trade restriction were introduced.

For example, trade restrictions on the motor trade, of which the EU has an enormous difference in value and profit, in its favour, as very few British cars are exported to Europe, so any obstacle placed upon the manufacturers of Mercedes, BMW’s or VW’s, would be of significant detriment to their companies, so would that not encourage one or the other of them, to manufacture their vehicles in the United Kingdom?

Britain has a huge imbalance of trade with the European Union, so to call for a “Hard Brexit” could be of greater interest to the UK than would be a “Soft Brexit.” Perhaps a ‘Remainer’ could let us know how much it would cost to retain access to this open door of the Single Market, in terms not only of open borders, but in sheer cost. It could well be in the UK’s interest to insist on tariffs.

I find it hard to understand, how the United Kingdom, which has a Trade deficit and is obliged to pay more in ‘charges’ into the Black Hole of Europe, than it receives in benefits, plus the fact that it is, against all odds, going to continue to trade with the EU, whether the Politburo likes it or not, can argue for any real advantage to being in the EU, at all.

Scotland has yet to let its people know, how much it will cost to remain in the EU without the assistance of subsidies from the British, even before calculations about the overall difference between advantages and deficits can be calculated. Ever since the 1970’s the economies of the United Kingdom have been on a downward spiral and during this time all of the ‘Family Jewels’ have been ‘Privatised’ including the Gold Reserves, so when the next crash comes, and they are inevitable in a system of Fractional Reserve Banking, which needs to be spoon-fed debt on a daily basis, which will finally achieve a position where the debt is of greater importance than the value of everything on the planet, there will be nothing left to sell.

To arrive at this point, is evidence of wholesale criminality and yet, Idiots in Parliament, will allow those whom have carried out this grand larceny, whom should be in gaol, to introduce yet another monetary system of control, which will further rob the people, by whom they were elected.

This is the measure of the lack of concern for the welfare of the people, shown by politicians. The people most probably, do not understand, that there are far better

Monetary systems available, which could be swiftly introduced, so why are we sticking with a model which is designed to fail, every few years? Why is the Media not asking this question of politicians.

Even as I write, I can hear the voice of Kay Burley in the background. She is putting the ohh! at the end of every few words, because that makes an older woman sound younger. She it was, whom a few months ago, was willingly presenting a misleading clip of Donald Trump, voicing his opinion about Muslims entering the USA without any vetting.

She is now presenting a program leading up to the Great Debate tonight, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. She has already introduced a long line of women, whom will not be voting for the evil Donald, preferring to vote for Killery and Slick Willy.

She, along with the rest of the media is presenting the coming debate as if it is all a foregone conclusion, suggesting a dozen times or more that Hillary is miles out in front of Donald, which does not actually correspond with dozens of less controlled Polls, which have been, consistently showing a 70%-30% in favour of Trump.

They were pushing exactly the same prophecy over the recent Brexit referendum, which they got wildly wrong, because even that referendum, despite massive trickery involving postal votes, failed to deliver the desired result.

They are even now intent on fooling the American people into believing, that it is a close run thing, when in reality, Clinton is nowhere, while there is overwhelming support for Trump, who can smell a rat, the TV cameras will not even allow the American people to see the huge support which he has been attracting to his rallies. The fixing of next months vote, has already started. The dead are already casting their votes.

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