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Sky News Hypocrites, At It Again.

          Sky News Hypocrites, At It Again.

In recent days, in the land of the paedophiles, the United Kingdom. Cliff Richard a one time super star, who was accused of inappropriate  sexual behaviour, with young boys and had his luxury home raided by Napper of the Yard, while it was all being filmed by the BBC, having been found not guilty, explained how he had suffered two years of hell, waiting for charges to be dropped.

Cliff, has since been calling for the tactic of releasing the name, of those alleged to have been involved in such behaviour, not to be released, until the alleged crime had been proven in Court. He gained a lot of media support, as he is, after all, a National Treasure.

Despite this support for Richard, Sky News did today, give full-scale publicity, to such a crass case of alleged sexual assault, as to make the eyes water in shame.

The female solicitor who was organising the claim, had quite obviously paid a script writer to turn a stupidity into a drama and finally admitted that she was a Clinton supporter and had worked in Clinton’s organisation.

She is also organising the campaign against Bill Cosby and has suggested that Cosby should put ten million dollars aside to cover her costs and payment to his alleged victims.

The solicitor, when asked if she intended to place charges against Trump said she was not. Which means Trump’s image has been given yet another full frontal broadside, without any evidence in support of the claims, to which his only defence is to claim his innocence. I wonder who will be paying the solicitor for this present to Clinton?

Worse still, there is massive evidence of poll rigging in the US. When all other means fail the riggers, they can call on the delegates and after that the Supreme Court all of them designed to deny the decision of the people.

To suggest that a loser, having won the majority vote, only to have his victory denied by a panel of delegates, is not only undemocratic but tyrannical and the loser should have every right to complain. Otherwise what is the point of an election.

So why is it headline news that Trump inferred that he may not accept the result, when it is already perfectly clear that there is rigging taking place right now?

I have posted several clips showing the steps that are being taken against Trump, including paid thugs being sent to his rallies to incite violence. The old woman on the plane whom claimed that Trump molested her was also connected to Clinton’s campaign. They are criminals and they are being given cover by the British Press. Is that the function of the Media?

When Trump suggests that Clinton is not fit to run for President, her position should not be judged against whatever is brought up against Trump. He is not responsible for her past behaviour.

Why is Sky News, having huddled all year over the leaked documents from IS, which were handed to Ramsay in Turkey or somewhere, listing the names and addresses of all of the British members of the IS gang, completely ignoring the incriminating evidence, against Clinton, which has been released in the Wikileaks Email dump? This is totally unacceptable behaviour from one of the controllers of information in the UK, as the British Government having already shut down Press TV and are now attempting to shut down RT.

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