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The Brainless Can Walk On, Nothing To See Here.

The Brainless Can Walk On, Nothing To See Here.

A while back, a man called Eric Dubay, made a video clip, which he presented on YouTube. The subject being his belief, that the earth was flat.

He was immediately ridiculed, by virtually the entirety of those, whom believe themselves to be ‘thinking’ or ‘educated’ people. When I spoke of the ideas of Dubay, to my friend, he refused to so much as consider the proposition, telling me that the whole idea was absurd.

Let me explain my own position in this ‘unspeakable’ subject, before you all exclaim ‘oh no not more of that flat earth rubbish’ and turn off.

Without any particular effort, I have become a modern-day heretic, simply through having the temerity, or indeed, simply enough curiosity, to check out Dubay’s claims, while, as have most people, having spent my life accepting a proposition, in which I had total ‘faith,’ telling me that I live on a ball.

What is generally referred to as a good education, has convinced me and I suppose most others, to ‘safely’ accept certain things, as being, in some way proven, in which we can place our trust, in a world where we are actually being driven by lies.

The classroom, in a State controlled system of education, is in fact, quite clearly, a dangerous environment, in which to place your gullible child, should you have no desire to have certain, unproven ideas, planted, firmly into their brains as fact.

One need only look at the example of a Religious Education, however illogical the subject may be, it is a proof positive of the power of suggestion. Children of equal intelligence, in different Faith schools, can be encouraged to hold strong beliefs, in their particular religion, all of them based on fantasy at best and sheer lies at worst, without question. I am one of them.

In a physics classroom, when the lesson was radio transmissions, we were shown how a ‘microphone,’ into which, should you speak a few words, could, when plugged into a device called a ‘transmitter’ project what you had said, towards another device called a “receiver”, which when attached to yet another device, called an amplifier, to which was attached a device called a speaker, recreate, whatever words you had spoken, after they had passed through thin air, re-assembling, from whatever form those words had been transformed, during transmission, into a mechanical reconstruction, which perfectly imitated the original sound of your words.

Despite having been shown various gauges and meters and other devices to measure this and that, I can honestly state here and now, that I have no idea how this actually works, all I know is that should I have various bits and pieces available, transistors and resistors and condensers and a soldering iron, I could imitate one these things, which I have done, while young, however having done so, all I know of the phenomena, is simply, that should you attach certain objects, in a particular manner, you can reproduce the same effect. The reality of the inner workings, of the operation itself, is still a mystery, it is in fact magic.

We had a good physics lecturer, who was interested in his speciality and like most of those whom taught in colleges, he had previously benefitted from years in Industry, involved in the creation of electronic systems and yet, when asked to explain, exactly how a voice from another room, was able to pass, through walls and thin air, over our heads into the receiver, the only answer was that it had been discovered that such things work.

I never spent too much time worrying about the ins and outs of such devices, until the whole world was quite suddenly linked into a huge circuit of more sophisticated transmitters and receptors, waves, which were now ‘liberated’ into thin air, without the insulation of wiring, which had, in earlier times, had been necessary for radio, television and telephone reception, we were now part of a totally artificial grid, which to all intents and purposes serves no real need, other than the possibility of endless chatter or tweets.

It turns out that the idea of a Globe Earth, was originally the unsupported idea of various well-known characters from the distant past. Galileo and Copernicus and others, whom had no means whatsoever, of verifying their theories. No more than did Isaac Newton, whose theory of Gravity is to this day, taught as fact. As is Evolution and many other things.

Having no wish to be bamboozled into accepting the idea of a Flat Earth, to settle the argument, I looked for the evidence of the globe. I was quite surprised to find that the aforementioned speculations of Galileo and Copernicus, are to this day being presented as the truth of the matter.

This is of course a nonsense in view of the giant steps which have been made in space exploration and with thirty-six thousand satellites spinning around the planet and the International Space Station hovering over the earth and all that stuff, so let us check the evidence from space.

Sadly there is none. There is a lot of unconvincing evidence, which you could choose to use as an excuse to slump back into your stupor, but, and it is a big but, there are no ‘real’ images of the Globe Earth taken from space.

I am quite prepared to be deluged with links, with which I have been on dozens of occasions, to various photos, all of which are composites of one sort or another.

I checked out the moon landings, surely the men whom landed on the moon, would leap out of the moon lander, with their Nikon in their hands and take dozens of photos of the home planet.

Sadly, the only photo available, shows an image of the earth over the shoulder of men on the moon and it is exactly the same photo which we were told was taken by Apollo 17, on its way to the moon, the one they call the ‘Blue Marble,’ which it turns out, according to the artist, is a painting.

None of this matters, you can make your own minds up about the earth, whatever it may be, flat or globe makes no difference, it is what it is. But it simply illustrates, along with other revisionist ideas, how little we actually know for sure.

Nothing is as it seems, simply because there has been a form of ‘book burning’ which has destroyed the records of our past and how we once managed our lives, leaving us defenseless against a Central Government, which controls our education system, which has become a tool to inculcate an inability to question our reality.

Our thoughts are being misguided by a system of education, which is now, it would appear, incapable of educating European children. Skills in the UK have dropped to a level in which boys can no longer cope with the difficulty of high-tech skilled work. While at the same time Third World Countries like India, using another system of education, which has been sourced from London, can produce them by the thousand.

It does not take too much thought, to arrive at a point where one realises that we are being forced to accept the tenets of others, which are quite evidently in favor of those whom propose these idea and not for the benefit of the rest of mankind.

Life has become a series of ‘Whatever you do don’t mention the war.’ restrictions. For some, we are considered Racist should we talk of a Black man, we are now no longer allowed to spot the difference between Black and White.

I am watching a daily dose of Sky News, in which I can find a blast of total lies, which are being presented as truth, even though those lies demonstrate the total hypocrisy of Sky News itself. The British are virtually brain-dead.

In Wednesdays Prime Ministers Question Time, Theresa May was asked the question, ‘Can you be sure that British made Fighter Bombers armed with British made bombs and bullets, which are being used by Saudi Arabia, to bomb Yemen, are not killing and injuring civilians?’ The response was, ‘We are asking Saudi Arabia to look into the matter.’

The same question when it concerned Russia in Syria, claimed that, without going to the trouble of asking the Russians to look into the matter, Russia and Assad were condemned out of hand as War Criminals, for fighting the terrorists in Eastern Aleppo.

Meanwhile in Iraq, where the coming ‘surprise’ attack on Mosul, was announced some time ago, the terrorist appear to have left the town, so we have Brigadier Stuart Ramsay, and Colonel Sam Kiley reporting that the taking of Mosul is going along at a surprising pace. I am convinced that Ramsay and Kiley are reporting a phony war against Mosul, the IS/Al Qaeda boys have already left. We have yet to see any sign of ‘real’ opposition to the advance.

Even as, back in the USA, Hillary Clinton, is already announcing that the terrorists will all leave Mosul and head for Raqqa, which is in Syria and is still the Headquarters of IS, so when the missing IS have been ‘defeated’ in Mosul the special forces of good, Mossad, CIA, SAS and MI6 with various stooges, will follow them to Raqqa, in Syria, to destroy them and those parts of Syria still standing.

When asked if she would be prepared to condone the shooting down of Russian aircraft, Hillary Clinton avoided the question. These folk are laying the world to waste, with the full support of the privately owned media, which will not allow questions from me, but they are accepted as the final word on any subject.

On the other hand, when Donald Trump refused to answer, a question about whether he would accept the result of the coming election, whatever it may be, he said he would be announcing that in due course.

Sky News and the rest of the Media, pounced on this, ‘dodging of the question,’ by Trump, and it was presented as being of greater importance than Clinton’s dodging of the issue of the possibility that her action could kick off World War 3.

So in the middle of all this strange brew, why is the belief in a Flat Earth, any different from a belief in a Globe Earth, when it would appear, that all and everything to do with reality, is being used by various groups to confuse us. Whom amongst us, has the courage to claim, that they are the guardians of truth?

The crazy notion of the Earth being flat, is now being condemned as no more than an Illuminati distraction, that may well se so, but on the other hand it has also managed to bring into focus a long list of other lies, with which we have been deceived.

Whatever else is happening in this world, I am now convinced that Hillary Clinton is a dying stooge, and she is allowing herself or one of her doubles, to be elected, making way for a Vice President to replace her. A remark by a commentator, suggested that the Botox treatment of Clinton had managed to make an old hag look like a young woman, do you see from where I am coming?I am a conspiracy theorist to the bone. The Mafia Rules OK!

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