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Industrialised Antarctica.


                        Industrialised Antarctica.

I recently read an article, about a group of tourists whom had taken a trip to Antarctica. They were explaining the extraordinary list of rules, which they were obliged to observe, during the time they spent in the area below a certain latitude.

While on board the cruise ship, they could not eat on deck, in case a sea-bird whipped the food out of their hand. They forbidden to throw anything over-board and they were forbidden to take anything on deck which could possibly blow away in the wind.

That in fact is an extreme system, put in place, to maintain the last ‘pristine’ continent in that perfect, uncontaminated state, for benefit of all humanity. There are many regulations forbidding entry into the heart of Antarctica, which is mostly unexplored.

That being so, imagine my surprise, when I came across the above video clip, which presents an almost industrialised view of this protected natural area.

There is something going on, about which as usual, we are not being informed. Some of the machinery on view here would not be out-of-place in an open cast coal mine. This is just a little bit outside the regulations for visitors, to say the least.


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