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Is The United Kingdom Planning To Sign TTIP?

Is The United Kingdom Planning To Sign TTIP?

The current Belgian opposition to a Trade Deal with Canada, is being presented as one of the best reasons for the UK to leave the European Union, giving them the right to sign Free Trade deals with whomsoever they choose.

A Conservative Party spokesman, particularly mentioned a Free Trade deal with the USA, from where the secret proposals of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, (TTIP) treaty originated.

Hidden within the pages of this document are plans to strip away the rights of Sovereign countries into the hands of Corporations and their private Courts, which will allow the prosecution and Fining of Sovereign States which disobey their rules.

It has recently been exposed that hidden in the pages of the Tran-Pacific Partnership, (TPP) a similar document for the Pacific region including Canada, New Zealand, and China and others, are regulations allowing member Nations to set up Zones in other member States, which will be considered as their Sovereign territory, into which they will be allowed to bring as many of their own countrymen as they choose. This will allow the Chinese, for example to construct factories, in their zone, which will be reserved for Chinese workers, while the American White people will be denied any such right on China. Which on the face it would seem slightly odd.

These deals, because of the secrecy surrounding them, are open to all sorts of claims, which Sovereign governments are loath to make clear to their electorate. This truly is Dictatorship. The British people are in the main totally unaware of the existence of TTIP, such is the level of deception of the Government.

Europe has found such opposition to TTIP, that they have more or less given up on getting it passed. So perhaps Brexit was more about getting this deal into place in the UK, which will, in effect put the UK back in prison after a few days of liberty.


The very idea of Free Trade, is a false promise, it sounds good but it is deceptive. The result, of Free Trade agreements, has been to destroy European Industry, turning Europe into an unsustainable Service Economy.

Donald Trump has stood up to this destruction of the United States through the use of Free Trade deals and has promised to do something about it. This has not gone down too well with the Corporations who can see their use of Slave Labour in Third World countries coming under threat.

The only people whom have benefitted from Free Trade are the rich because Free Trade makes the importation of slave made products into the USA and Europe,a tax-free simple business, allowing products which are cheap and virtually no remaining competition in the West, from where there is nothing to export in return to help the slaves.

Over there, it is the same problem, the lackeys of the rich are gaining the most. China now has a sickening number of billionaires, swanking around in their Ferrari’s, while the Chinese workers are killing themselves in droves, while the usual folk are stealing their land and forcing the peasants into an intolerable life in City blocks.

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