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The Kid’s Are Not Alright.


Trump On Unprecedented Mass Media Deceit & Corruption


                The Kid’s Are Not Alright.




It would be fair to say that Hillary Clinton has had 100% support from the mainstream media, during this election campaign.

Any notion that ‘We the People’ are being presented with fair and unbiased news is quite patently a joke. Barack Obama, a man whom was himself, put in place through vote rigging, recently stood in front of TV cameras and impressed, quite forcibly, on to the ‘Press’ and TV viewers, that Trump was virtually guilty of treason for daring to suggest that there was even the remotest possibility of vote rigging in the USA, A claim which is an outright lie. There is a mountain of evidence of trickery in the USA. The most blatant trick is that of the Delegates whom always have the last word in an election, whatever the people decide.

Clinton’s supportive media, is blocking the evidence of wholesale theft, of funds collected for Haiti, and other cash which was ‘laundered’ through the Clinton Foundation. This deliberate suppression of evidence, does in fact, make the Media a partner in the crimes of the Clintons’ and make a mockery of her claims about Trumps Tax Returns.

The same media is in lock-step, with Clinton’s aim of installing a ‘No Fly Zone’ in Syria, having propagated wholesale lies about the origins and funding of groups like Daech or ISIS, which are now across the Middle East, and are deliberately attempting to smear the Russian and Syrian struggle to defeat them.

These efforts by the Syrian Forces are being called War Crimes, while at the same time, the same media, are praising the Iraqi government, whom along with their British friends, whom are now facing exactly the same problems as are the Russian’s and Assad in Syria, in Mosul. This is so blatant, I am speechless, it is quite simply disgusting and mind-boggling.


When the BBC was caught out spreading these lies, which were intended to put pressure on the British Parliament to bomb the people of Syria into submission, there was no inquiry into just who had ordered this deception, and the trustworthiness of the reporters involved.

This was a straightforward attempt to influence politicians, by an organisation which was heavily involved in the deception, leading to the attack on Iraq.

In the above clip, which quite clearly shows that there are vessels, waiting off the coast of Libya, for ‘paid’ migrants to be transported on Zodiacs, by the hundred, to pickup points, from where, these ‘African’ people, will be illegally transported to Italy. They should be taken straight back to Libya.

Part of the film, was rigged in order to use the fact that one or two folk had fallen or had deliberately entered, into the water, to present the operation as being highly dangerous, with screams added, which quite obviously were not being made by those whom were calmly climbing aboard the waiting ship. The Zodiac, had not capsised, it was, even as we were being told it had capsised, in front of our eyes packed with people.

Throughout the illegal war against Gadaffi in Libya, Sky News reporters presented a totally biased view of Gadaffi and his family. They deliberately suggested that Gadaffi was hated by his people, and throughout the campaign, they never once presented a witness who stood up in support of Gadaffi and indeed made no reference whatsoever to the many benefits which the Libyan people enjoyed as a result of Gadaffi’s use of the countries oil wealth for the benefit of his people.

George Galloway, the people’s friend, who was at the time working for,  and being well paid by Press TV, did, when a caller to his Comment show on the same Press TV, suggest that Gadaffi had treated his people well with the wealth of Libya, dismiss this claim, by shouting in his usual manner, that it was the wealth of the Libyan people, and that no one was going to tell him, Gorgeous George, that Gadaffi was any sort of Socialist.

This was in line with the policy of Press TV, which had two teams of British reporters on the ground in Libya, presenting the Wests views of Gadaffi.

They also presented fictional evidence intended to justify the destruction of Libya. They filmed men in flip-flops, shooting guns over the top of walls, without a sign of what they were shooting at, as evidence of the support of the Libyan people for the destruction of their homeland.

The media is an instrument of control. They have now been given the control of the minds of our children, to whom they are introducing to whatever will contaminate them, through the medium of ‘smartphones’ which should never have been made available to children. We discourage children from smoking etc and we should do the same with propaganda and ‘smartphones.’

I can well remember the struggle to keep some sort of control over the viewing habits of my own children and I cannot imagine the difficulties of those parents who are faced with the Internet and other devices of control.

Children with a ‘Facebook’ site is an abomination. To hear young girls complaining about ‘cyber bullying’ on Facebook is crazy and to have nine and ten-year olds sending naked photos of themselves, is beyond belief.

I found it completely impossible to present Muammar Gadaffi as a good man. because the propaganda of the controlled media, was so powerful, as it had been against Saddam Hussein and even now against Assad, that folk, even Arabs, laughed at the idea. I once risked saying that Hitler had been given the same treatment and I was lucky to avoid a broken nose, for my trouble.

Those same ‘adults’ have been convinced that the world is full of Muslim Terrorists, even as in the USA, the FBI is forced to manufacture, false Muslim Terrorism, using mostly mentally handicapped youngsters, because there is no genuine Muslim terrorism available.

I cannot even create a spark of support for the Syrian regime amongst Arabs. whom are themselves being brainwashed into believing that Arabs are fighting alongside Daech. The Press is evil.

So beware, if that is the received version of World events, which are currently held by adults, imagine what is being done to your children. The media and now computer programming, are taking almost total control of the behaviour of children, through, Kindergartens, Infant school, Primary school, Secondary school and even more and more in Universities.

Parents provide little more than bed and breakfast for their kids these days, the rest is in the hands of the Tavistock Institute and other similar dark programmers. Sadly, most people have never heard of the Tavistock Institute.



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