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From Where Did This Clip Come?



              From Where Did This Clip Come?

A while back, having watched this short clip from West Wing on youtube, I was puzzled as to why there should be any doubt about the placement and size of the various Continents on the globe.

I was prompted to take a look on YouTube for a clip of the real thing, which I assumed would represent reality, rather than relying the old Mercator layout and which would display the truth of the idea that the map should be displayed upside down.

I was quite surprised to find that professional cartographers were in any doubt about the actual earthly layout, assuming that with the aid of the thousands of satellites which are circling the Earth and all of the voyages to the moon they would be making use of the latest technology in map making, however nothing could be further from the truth, they are still in the Stone Age. Why?

I soon found out why, because like me they have most probably found it impossible to find any sign of a real photograph of the Earth from space. None was taken from the Moon and the only available images are artists impressions, which show constantly changing sizes of the continents.

The above photograph is typical of those available. I cannot make head nor tail of it. I assume Europe to be in there somewhere, however I am having trouble finding Germany anywhere, in order to check out where it actually is situated.






This is one good reason as to why there is now so much doubt about the claims of voyages to the moon. Which was the second source of information in which I searched for evidence. There were no actual photographs of the Earth taken from the Moon. There are a few images which include the above photo or others with similar cloud cover, which have been placed into photos. You can check the outline of the clouds which are clearly visible on photos which, it is claimed, were taken from Apollo space craft on their way to the moon. Or faked.


I have since ploughed through thousands of photos in search of a few decent and clear views of the Continents, taken from space and believe me,  there are none.

So take another look at the West Wing clip and wonder why they too appear to have the same problem. Was this a deliberate attempt to kick off the Flat Earth boom I wonder?


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