A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

My Conversion To Absolute Bigotry.

     My Conversion To Absolute Bigotry.

                              (It’s the only way to be.)

My cynicism, is easily justifiable, particularly when dealing with frauds and liars like Jeremy Corbyn, whose own brother Piers, must despair of the attitudes of Big Bruv, who constantly voices his belief that Carbon Dioxide is bad for the planet and cringe at Jeremy’s support for the Politburo in Brussels, showing utter contempt for the opinion of millions of British voters whom voted for Brexit.

I was a fan of Piers Corbyn long before Jeremy was pushed forward from the gloom of the Back-Benches, to run for the leadership of the Labour Party and I was staggered when it was revealed the Jeremy, showed utter contempt, not only for British voters but for the scholarship of his brother Piers, by preferring to support the discredited rubbish, coming from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

It has been a bad, bad, day for the darker side of my nature. The old News Hen on Sky News was back from her mission to America, where she continued to present her usual one-sided reports of the Presidential campaign, reveling in the various allegations against Trump, while lying, by omission, about Clinton’s incredible list of massive criminality, in which she and Slick Willy stooped so low as to steal millions of dollars donated to help the people of Haiti.

On her return to London, she found herself in a new studio and she was delighted, she was so delighted she held a little discussion, based on a report, that you should never tell little lies, because they had a habit of turning into bigger lies and eventually nobody would believe a word you said.

The News Hen admitted to telling one little lie. She explained that she had three Red Setter dogs and somebody had asked if she had a favourite. She had said no, but now confessed that had been a fib and the Jeffrey was her favourite. Well I was extremely happy she managed to get that one-off her chest. That must have cleared her conscience.

In reality, this creature continued to lie about Trump even after her lie had been pointed out to her. It is silly to beat about the bush, this woman, along with the entire team on Sky News is feeding lies, on a daily basis, to the people of the UK. They misrepresent events in Syria, they lied through their teeth about Libya, they covered up for the deceit of Blair and his team of liars as they kicked off the destruction of the Middle East. They actually played a part in the generation of the excuse to destroy Syria.

So having attempted to clear my soul, I forgot the racist remark I was going to use, so I am now not too sure whether I am a qualified bigot, a cynic or a simple heretic or maybe all three. Whatever, there is little truth in mainstream media and the liars justify their lies with a need to pay their mortgage. That is no justification for the hypocrisy of getting involved in a debate about telling ‘little’ lies, which will necessitate the telling of big ones from the word go.


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