A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

We Are The Champions Of The World.

       We Are The Champions Of The World.

I was amused this morning, when Sky News presented the opinion of a mere man, who suggested that the cries of hate, coming from the man-hating feminists, whom have actually destroyed the once celebrated, honourable, position of women in a society, of which they were once the back-bone, by transforming them into the present day buckets of vomit, whom having listened too and believed all of the lurid Feminist descriptions of those evil men,whom  they now struggle to emulate, despite them being drunken uncaring creeps, which is how they have been trained to refer to those men, throughout their lives by Mummy.

The man on Sky, fearlessly, told the unacceptable truth, women are in fact greedy and selfish, that they have no care whatsoever for the well-being of their children, men are used as a cash machine, and women still avoid any conversation about any ‘really’ hard work, spending their time envying those above the famous “Glass Ceiling,” while the men design and build the status symbols of which women are so fond.

When it was suggested that in the modern world, it is women whom have all of the real advantages, such as when it suits their unquenchable greed, should their marriage break down, they are the “carers” so they must keep the home and children, that goes without saying. They are also in receipt of virtually all of the alimony which is handed over to an ex.

They can proclaim their right to any cushy job, simply because they are a female, which is why, the world is teetering on the edge of destruction, thanks to vicious women like Hillary Clinton, who was in favour of all of the current, ILLEGAL wars across the Middle East, and who is even now, suggesting the shooting down of Russian aircraft over Syria and by doing so possibly taking us into World War Three.

While over there in Germany, Angela Merkel, demonstrated her hatred of the German people and the country over which she looms, by virtually disinfecting the hand, into which a small German flag had been thrust, after she had thrown her country’s flag to the ground and spat on it.

Merkel then invited every thug and rapist, in sight, into Germany, where those rapists are already promising to change the law, allowing the rape of White German women to be declared legal, when in a few short years they have taken control of the government.

Theresa May, in the UK, has promised, that should it prove necessary, she will, without a care, press the Nuclear Red Button. She is also the most solid of Friends with the most vicious, murderous, apartheid, racist state in the world, that of Israel.

A state which itself was once under the control of an animal called Golda Meir, who cynically claimed there to be ‘no such thing as a Palestinian People, it is not as if we came and threw them out of their country, they didn’t exist.’ she claimed. Well said woman. Meir was a Russian by birth. Theresa May comes out of the same ‘caring’ mould.

Marie Stopes along with Margaret Sanger, were responsible for ‘Planned Parenthood,’ an atrocity which was quickly followed by Feminism, a creepy, whining bunch of opinionated females, carefully selected by the CIA, which has deliberately, produced the current desperate condition of Western Culture, which has fallen into the gutter, thanks to the virtual total control of children, which has been grabbed by women, as a cash cow, while leaving their kids vulnerable to the paedophiles whom have taken over child care, while ‘free’ women follow their careers.

What I found to be the most amusing thing about the Sky News report, was, that there were three women involved and only one man, who of course disagreed with the suggestion that the world is now slanted in favour of women, he of course, was Black, yet another segment of society which dares point the accusing finger, at the finest of humanity, whom are responsible for the best of Modern life, from which they all benefit, having themselves produced virtually no input at all, that was all, thanks to the ingenuity, of those much maligned White Heroes, White European Man, of whom they are all uncontrollably jealous.


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