A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Britain: The Wife Of The World, She’s Always Right.


Britain: The Wife Of The World, She’s Always Right.


The British Government, which in keeping with all of the other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members, is carrying out a genocide across the Muslim World. This genocide has been ongoing since 1948. Since when millions of Arabs and Muslims have been murdered in cold blood.

Despite this ongoing campaign, we in the West, have been conditioned to believe that we are now the victims of Muslim terrorism, an idea which has been slipped into European minds, to create an excuse to conclude this genocide through the continuation of the violent clearance of Palestine and after that the reduction of the population, of all of the other Middle Eastern States and the installation of controlled puppet governments, like the one back home in Blighty.

Russia has imposed itself into the midst of this enormous pool of blood, which is flowing throughout the region, and for their trouble, despite the millions of Muslims who have already been put to the sword by the City of London, long before Russia decided to stop the rot in Syria, they, the Russians have already been selected as the War Criminals in the region, a claim allowing all of those ‘it’s nothing to do with us English’ it’s old Johnny foreigner whose to blame,’ types, to go back to the ‘Bake-Off. How many millions need to die before the British accept that the non-stop slaughters might just have something to do with them?


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