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Will The Yanks Elect Yet Another Odd-Ball?


Will The Yanks Elect Yet Another Odd-Ball?

Even as the outrage continues in the United States Congress, against the decision of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s, inexplicable decision, not to charge Hillary Clinton, for the illegal use of a private Email account, for the transmission of classified documents, the reality of her behaviour is daily coming to light, demonstrating that Clinton’s Email account, has not only been ‘hacked’ but hacked by all and everybody, which is why ‘intent’ is not necessary, the result of her action, is all that counts.

Worse still, having been handed a subpoena to deliver those Emails which remained on her server, to the investigators, Clinton deliberately ‘wiped’ her Emails, in order to avoid the disclosure of the true depth of her behaviour. That too is an offence.

Under extreme pressure from Congress, the FBI has been obliged to reopen the inquiry into Clinton’s eMails, when the paedophile husband of Hillary Clintons long time lover, who is renowned for texting images of his penis to his ‘young friends,’ had his computer taken into custody, while other ‘matters’ were being investigated,  further evidence, implicating Hillary Clinton,  was found, suggesting that the original dismissing of Clinton’s crimes, could no longer be justified.

Sky News presented this revelation, as being of no more than a silly distraction for Clinton, demonstrating their total support for the election of a career criminal, into the White House.

There is a long history in the United States of career criminals, being caught through committing trivial mistakes, but never the really Big Boys.

The United States has, for generations, been in the hands of criminals. Back in the day, the ‘real’ Congress was peopled by the likes of Al Capone, Buggsy Siegel, Mayer Lansky, Lucky Luciano and many other well-known criminals , whom were the front men for the Kings of the World. Murder Inc. was the Police Force, today it is called Mossad.

At the time we were all lead to believe, these characters to be of Italian origin. That could be claimed quite freely, however these men were also Jews, which has been deliberately concealed. The man whom funds the murderous Likud Party in Israel, Sheldon Adelson, the same man whom now controls parts of the Mafia, is also a Jew. Capone, a Jew, was finally brought to book through the medium of Tax evasion, or did the top Mafia boys throw him under the bus? Who knows?

Behind the front men like Hillary Clinton, many of the same faces, which held sway in the distant past are, though very elderly still with us, in the background. Even the father of John Kennedy, was a mafia man and like most of the top brass, involved himself in politics. He was the US ambassador in London, during the build up of the Mafia war against Germany.

In reality, there is nothing worth saving in the American Political establishment. Most of the Members are there for life. Only the President himself has a limited term, and when it suited, even that could be manipulated, as it was by Roosevelt during World War Two.

In a recent post, I explained in a light-hearted manner, some of the disgusting behaviour of those whom have inhabited the White House in recent times. I could have added a few more examples to that list, George W Bush was himself a confirmed sexual deviant.

The reality of this state of affairs being, the vulnerability of these ‘front men’ to blackmail. Clinton is surrounded by allegations, which have never been properly investigated, even as the most insignificant faults of Trump are presented as earth shattering events. This can only be achieved through the control of the Press and more seriously the Supreme Court, which has at this time, incredibly, a Jew majority.

Make no mistake about it, the British Parliament, has managed to dismiss the allegations, laid against some of its Jew members, allowing them to quietly die, with allegations of paedophilia still dogging them to the grave. Even the man whom painted the Queen is in gaol for child molestation.

Some observers have even suggested that to get anywhere in the United Kingdom’s hierarchy, the possession of a touch of past criminality is a must. Gordon Brown has had allegations made about his behaviour for years, without response. His and Blair’s day may come.

Margaret Thatcher was a ‘friend’ of the grossly perverted, Jimmy Savile, as was , Wild Willy Hague, Ted Heath, Prince Charles and many more.Savile was a well-known ‘fixer.’

The ‘fixer’ in the United States is Jeffrey Epstein, a paedophile friend of Royalty and other perverts. Many folk, including Bill Clinton, must be coming to regret their frequent visits to the Pleasure Island, where Slick Willy, was allegedly filmed while having sex with a child. What has Willy been ‘obliged’ to do, in order to avoid exposure for this peccadillo?

As you can see in the above clip, Prince Andrew was implicated by association, his brother Prince Charles, the Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales, who had shadowy connections to the death of Princess Diana, was never investigated for his connection to Jimmy Savile, whom was the most predatory paedophile of his generation.

At the beginning of the debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I was surprised when Clinton, from her first words, kicked off the ad hominem attacks against Trump. At that time it was his Tax Returns, a claim which was quickly presented by the Media as an earth shattering crime.

Trump was taken off guard, and had prepared very little in response to this attack, which had nothing, whatever to do with policy.

Having learned his lesson, in the second debate, Trump shocked the world, with revelations about Hillary and her husband, Slick Willy. However he only scratched the surface. Any journalist worthy of the name, must have been aware of the behaviour of the Clinton’s and could have quite easily filled in the gaps, so why has it all been swept under the carpet?

Any fool can tell you, that relevant information is only a search term away and should you be unable to think of a search term, the word ‘Clinton’ should prove efficacious enough for YouTube. I have just verified this claim. It works.

These so-called journalists are nothing more than foot soldiers for the Mafia. That claim is not an exaggeration, they are helping to destroy Europe and The United States. They lie about all and everything.

Through the lies of the Media, Europe has been swamped, not with refugees, but with thugs, whom have been financed by Non-Governmental Organisations, the likes of the International Crisis Group, which is financed by George Soros, with the express intention of destroying European Culture.

That is the simple truth. The preferred invaders were the people of Libya, Iraq and Syria, most of whom stubbornly preferred to stay close to their homelands, to which they could return, when the NATO Mafia called off their Dogs of War. Which is why NATO is kicking off more destructive attacks, while claiming to be fighting their own men, Daech.

This clearance of Africa, obligated the setting up of a group of pseudo people smugglers, whom organised the emigrants, providing them with everything they would need on arrival in Europe, including the ships which would take them, safely from Libya to their destination in Italy. This was when the short trip from Turkey to Greece, proved to be of little use because of the shortage of Syrians, whom were prepared to leave their family and friends in Syria.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been clandestinely flying hundreds of immigrants into the USA and installing them in small towns, all across the States.

They have not been doing this out of love for the immigrants, they are deliberately attempting to provoke Civil unrest, some say in an attempt to call off the Presidential Election, when the Civil War kicks off, by imposing Martial Law, which would allow Obama to remain in place for a further term.

Should Clinton be charged with allowing State Secrets to be exposed on an insecure private eMail server, which the very fact that her mail was indeed ‘hacked’ and that whatever

information was stored therein is now in the hands of many people, is evidence enough of her guilt, which does not demand ‘intention’ on her part but merely the simple fact that she did it.

Wiping her hard-drive and the evidence that her team had smashed several of her devices, is also against the law, it is considered to be the destruction of incriminating evidence. Clinton has already been declared guilty by the US Congress,whom are demanding an explication from the FBI as to why she has not already been indicted.


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