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The House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down.


The House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down.

The wholly controlled International Media, in all of its forms, is ignoring the truth concerning Hillary Clinton. A truth, which Donald Trump is daily pumping out, to the joy of those with ears to hear but to the chagrin of the criminal cabal, which has, for generations, been allowed to literally get away with murder, in the wholly rigged system, which passes for Democracy, in the United States of America, where even the Supreme Court itself has been contaminated.

The “Alternative Media” has also been forced to join the tirade against Trump, suggesting him to be a wholly controlled Mafia asset, having been telling us for years that all of the Presidents and all of the President’s men, have been under the same control. Begging the question, ‘ Should that be so, what difference will Trumps election, make this time around, SNAFU wot?’

Amusingly, a well-known site on-line, Veterans Today, which is being run by a bunch of patriots, fully funded from their own pockets, has been spinning all sorts yarns about Trump, during the past twelve months, to the annoyance of myself and many others, whom have all posted comments, questioning their attitude to Trump, whom apart from anything else, has been wonderful to watch.

Despite all of the uproar, Clinton is guilty. Not simply for putting secret documents at risk, but for Grand Larceny and criminal fraud in the affairs of the Clinton Foundation and on top of that, her decision not to send aid to assist the besieged US Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi, simply because he was about to speak out about his belief in Clinton’s arms deals with terrorists.

The Brow-Ha-Ha at the moment is about Comey, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s decision to take another look at the Clinton eMail saga. Clinton’s election team is whimpering that this is out-of-order. He had no right to do something like this, so close to an election as it might hurt Clintons’ chances. To wheel out a dozen women, to make allegations against Trump, just before the same election, was out of a call of duty I suppose.

There is evidence that the FBI staff were baffled by Comey’s decision not to indict Clinton for her original negligence, which itself justifies a term of years in prison. The fact that her eMails were indeed hacked and copies are available to one and all, is evidence enough of the seriousness of her offence, even before the real reason behind her deviousness has been exposed. She and Slick Willy do have ‘previous’ having ‘sold’ American secret Super Computers to China.

There are direct connections, on Clinton’s private eMail account, to Barack Obama, whom did, hiding behind a ‘funny name’ which demonstrates that he was aware of the existence of Clinton’s private server, which he has denied. The computer itself was the property of a paedophile, whom did, along with a Royal Prince and Slick Willy Clinton, spend time on ‘Treasure Island’ a paradise for paedophiles, where the same Slick Willy was allegedly filmed having sex with a thirteen year old child.

Hillary Clinton has suggested that she will be putting Slick Willy in control of the US economy, should she be elected. That would be the same Slick Willy, for whom she hounded those women whom had been raped by Willy, when she had managed to win a short sentence for a child rapist, whom she had defended in Court.

Is this what the American voters are seeking? Perhaps they are voting for Hillary’s membership of a secret Witches Coven in California. Maybe they adore her for her belief in late-term abortion, Obama believes that as long as the umbilical cord has not been cut, the baby has yet to be born and thus, may still be treated as prey.

Or perhaps they admire the facility with which the Clinton Foundation laundered the fund for Haiti. Or maybe the smart way Clinton managed to trick hundreds of thousands of dollars out of those banking chappies in return for a five minute speech. Never mind, despite all of that nonsense, the boys from Veteran’s Today, are determined to get her elected.

I opened up their site yesterday, to checkout, whether the Editor in Chief, whom had suggested I read a post, which would explain why the ‘boys’ were against Trump, which I had dutifully done and which had left me unimpressed and I did then leave another comment. To my surprise, I did this morning, on opening Veterans Today, discover that the comments were closed, on all of the offending contributors postings.

The stench of fear is hanging over the Establishment and when even the pillars of the alternative media are lining up to bad mouth Trump, when they should in fact, simply sit back bored, as yet another puppet is put in place, as everything would appear to be under control. So what is the problem.

Trump, despite his alleged lack of ability, has, in his charming manner, starkly exposed the weakness of the Establishment and the facility with which it can be taken down. Thanks to Trump they are already on the run. Clinton has already off-shored her cash to Qatar, where there is no extradition arrangement with the USA.


2 responses

  1. Craig Elwell

    https://youtu.be/8ivXGs8GFQU Two sides of the same coin.


    November 1, 2016 at 11:36

    • Thanks for that Craig. I have never heard Ritchie so agitated. Why do you suppose he is bothering to say all this if we are going to get what Rothschild decides anyway? I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If Trump does nothing more than recind TTIP and TPP I’ll be very hapy.


      November 1, 2016 at 19:54

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