A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Barack Obama Dives Into The Gutter.


                                       This Ones For Donald

Barack Obama Dives Into The Gutter.

I have just listened to a speech, in support of Hillary Clinton, made by Barack Obama, which was shameful. It was a non-stop ferocious attack against Donald Trump. He even included all of the lies which have been used to smear Trump from day one.

This from the side which claimed that it was Trump whom had initiated the personal attacks in the current campaign, which was untrue. Clinton, in the first debate suggested that Trump had evaded his tax obligations, which was wrong, he admitted that he had used the system in exactly the same way as Clinton and many other tax payers.

Obama, himself a closet homosexual and a user of illegal drugs, claims Trump to be of unsound mind and not capable of taking control of that much vaunted ‘red button’ and he should in no way be considered as fit to be President.

This, the considered opinion of a War Criminal, who once upon a time, promised, amongst other things, to close down Guantanamo Bay.

Listening to Obama, this afternoon, was like listening to a raving idiot, he was coarse and vicious and any half-way normal voter would never vote for anyone whom had need of such bile in order to win an election. Clinton is a criminal. The fact that she has not yet been charged, is even now, as she continues her campaign, under review and it is being suggested that should she be elected, she will pardon herself.

Sky News referred to Obama’s diatribe as ‘Powerful’ with no holds barred, which is actually code for, even they were shocked by the spectacle of the current President of the United States, stooping to such depths. He was truly dredging the gutter, in support of a life long criminal, who should be already under arrest. He knows the truth.


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