A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Current State Of Europe Is As A Direct Result Of The Lies Of Blair, Cameron, Bush, Obama, Sarkozy, And Hollande.


The Current State Of Europe Is As A Direct Result Of The Lies Of Blair, Cameron, Bush, Obama, Sarkozy, And Hollande.

All of the above, are War Criminals and they should be put on trial, without delay.

However, things should not stop there, behind all of these puppets, there are rich bankers, whom are paying the puppets to do their bidding, which makes them as guilty as are the politicians.

There are several ‘alternative’ News sites on-line, which have become extremely concerned about the possibility of a Trump victory in the coming US Presidential election. So concerned are they, that they have joined the chorus of hate, which has been generated, by the mainstream againstTrump from day one, in his campaign.

I understood, from a headline on one of these sites, that Sheldon Adelson, a Jew Mafia boss, had given twenty-five million dollars, to the Trump campaign, to make sure he beat Clinton. Sadly, on reading the tale, it transpired that it was no more than an allegation. I found this deception to be unworthy of an a major ‘alternative’ site and I wanted to question why they had been reduced to mere allegations as a means of smearing Trump. Unhappily, the comments were closed, as were the comments to others posts, on the same site, which were written by members who were plainly, purveyors of ‘hate speech’ against Trump, all of whom had previously come under attack in the comments section.

A chappie on the David Icke Radio platform, was clearly pissing his pants, in his eagerness to convince his listeners, that Trump was Rothschild’s Bitch. At one point he was screeching, that we should not believe a word, of the amazing things, it was being claimed, that Trump would do, should he be elected. In the next breath he was complaining that there was no discussion of ‘policy’ or indeed any mention of how Trump would create any change at all.

This character, while interviewing the ‘Lie of Global Warming’ champion, Lord Christopher Monckton, wasted the entirety of the discussion attacking Monckton, whom had the audacity to express scorn for David Icke’s claim that the Queen of England was a lizard and that behind the curtains of Buckingham Palace she was forever slithering around in search of a sunny spot for the warmth.

When it was suggested to Monckton, that Icke had the right to his own beliefs, Monckton replied with a withering, ‘he can believe what he likes, but anybody who believes such guff is quite clearly clinically insane’ the host blew a fuse.

And so dear friends, what the hell is going on?

In the midst of this nonsense, the ‘mainstream’ Jew controlled Sky News, is producing the usual dose of rubbish about the continuing war in Iraq and more specifically the ‘attack’ on Mosul. This morning Sky presented a report by Alex Rossi, as the coalition entered Mosul. There was an air of tranquility all around as the locals watched these men march down the street, proudly holding their flag aloft.



Rossi spotted some sniper fire, from somewhere, nobody was struck by a bullet. Occasionally one of the team, fired off a few rounds in the air, in the direction of an alleged mortar explosion but no effort was made to check out the problem. It was in fact the most amateurish attempt at propaganda, since Ramsay interviewed the ‘gun runners’ a reportfor which Sky News was reported as having falsified the News.

Daech has already evacuated Mosul, having been warned, well in advance, that the ‘liberation’ was in the pipeline. They have been ordered to go to Raqqa in Syria, to fabricate an excuse for NATO to illegally enter Syria in pursuit.

In order to maintain the bad-mouthing of Russia,  Sky News is presenting the rubbish about Russia being responsible for hacking Clinton’s eMails,  as if it were true. Every morning, the Newspaper Reviewers, religiously express their scorn for Trump and their support for Clinton, because she is a woman and anyway, Trump supports Putin.

They suggest that Clinton should not be condemned for the crimes of her husband, while failing to mention the allegations against Hillary herself. Allegations are daily being made against Trump, the most recent being by an unknown woman, who made allegations of being raped by Trump, in the same ‘Pleasure Island’ mansion, much-loved by Slick Willy and Weiner, the husband of Hillary’s lesbian lover and where both Slick Willy and Weiner, were filmed by Mossad raping thirteen year old children.




The supportive Press, dutifully registered the claims against Trump, to the point of reporting that the mystery woman had been threatened with her life, so she would be taking no further action. Such disclosures should not be made public,  until charges are laid against the alleged perpetrator.

Should such claims against Trump be published, all allegations should receive the same publicity, however it is only on ‘voice in the wilderness’ sites where the reality is to be found these days. It is now becoming clear that even the ‘blogosphere’ has been undermined and is under attack. I am personally being informed, by friends, that it is almost impossible to connect to my site. So I must be getting some attention from somewhere.

All of these claims are being reiterated against Russia, in order to justify the final destruction of Syria, rendering it to the same state as are all of the other razed States in the Region and against Trump to justify the rigging of the coming election in the USA, where it s quite clear that Trump has  massive public support. The mainstream media is now as good as dead in the water.

Those whom support the continuing, brutal, murderous attacks by NATO, would fall into the category, described by Lord Monckton, suggesting that anyone whom stands in support of such slaughter, is quite clearly, clinically insane. Added to that, those whom are oblivious to the invasion and destruction of Europe, by those whom are being deliberately ‘shipped in’ by rich folk like George Soros, who works for Israel, emphasises their total madness.

It is not racist to suggest that there are already more than enough, immigrants in Europe. France is over-loaded with Black and Maghrebian immigrants and sadly there is not a trace of benefit from their inclusion into French society.

Any day of the week, in any French town, you will find hundreds of Muslims, chatting together in groups or sitting drinking coffee in Bars both young and old alike, which means they have no work. There are millions of immigrants in France, living on the Dole. So what is the point of bringing in more and more of them, if it is not to destroy the French culture?

In the UK the same situation exists. Lack of integration has handed over control of most of the large cities into the hands of immigrants, whom breed three or four more children than do the real British. Projections suggest that there will be seventy-five-million people in the UK in just a couple of decades.

Any government which does not immediately impose a total clampdown on immigration, apart from those whom have a particular skill and whom have already found employment, are involved in a scheme to create an off-brown Race, by forcing White people to mate with those of a Black or brown tint. This is an on-going Genocide of White people.

Finally, when Blair and Bush kicked off the illegal destruction of Iraq, the object of the exercise, was exactly that, to destroy, Iraq. They have viciously continued this disgusting, horrific, persecution of the innocent people of Iraq.

The continuation Governments in both the United States and the United Kingdom, cold-bloodedly exacted the same treatment in Libya and Syria, all the time lying to their gullible Peoples that they were saving the Syrians’ and the Iraqis’ and the Libyans’ from very ‘bad men.’

The people of Europe can apparently look at the destruction and blood-shed in the Middle East and still congratulate themselves for being humanitarian?

This is most surely mass hypnotism or mass stupidity and whatever it is, it has proven powerful enough,  to at the same time, allow the complete destruction of Europe, with hardly a whimper, even as ‘Our Boys’ were dutifully creating even more of the refugees who are streaming into Europe by the Day.


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