A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The House Of “Commons?” Sets About Denying The Will Of The People.


The House Of “Commons?” Sets About Denying The Will Of The People.

In the Act of Parliament, which gave the British People the right to hold a referendum, to either remain in the European Union or to leave, there was no reference whatsoever to it being an “advisory” vote. It involved a simple, straightforward in/out decision. Anything other than that is nothing more than the efforts of those in Parliament, most of whom wish to remain in the EU, to force their will on to those whom have voted to leave.

There is nothing to discuss about ‘Brexit,’ the UK imports more from the EU than it exports to them. That being so, is it not obvious that the UK holds all of the Aces in the debate? There need be no debate whatsoever, the UK leaves, it pays no more to the EU and trade just carries to the benefit of both sides. Anything other than that is a sign of time-wasting.

When Hillary Benn announced his pleasure at the undermining of the ‘easy to understand’ decision of the British voter, to leave the EU, he was signalling the demise of the Fabian Society, of which both he and his father were members. I hope. Benn and his cohorts, claim that the Judges declared there to be no law allowing the Prime Minister alone to make the decision to leave the EU; Where is the Law which disallows her to do so? Of even greater importance to which Constitution do these folk refer? There is no British Constitution, it is simply made up to suit any occasion.

The Fabian Society is a group which does to this day, along with its cousins in the Tavistock Institute, controls the Labour Party, which is obliged to remain in the EU, which is itself a construct of the Fabian Society, which has had an enormous detrimental effect on British society, through the use of mass immigration, which was kicked off in the 1950’s by the Fabian Socialists, as a weapon against the White British people.

The European Union has continued the Fabian ploy of ‘death through immigration’ all across Europe. Those hundreds of thousands of immigrants, have been paid to come to Europe. They are not refugees, it was a well planned and implemented, direct attack against Europe and there can be no doubt it was organised by the same hand which created two World Wars, pitting White Christian against White Christian, they are now standing by while their hate speech against White Christians is being propagated world-wide, without any form of response from Christian Politicians.

Should the British still harbor any form of loyalty for the Socialists, they need to wake up, the Labour Party has been out to get you from day one. Should there be an election in the near future, the Labour Party should be wiped out of existence.

Never forget, when it suited the aims of the Fabian Society, in strode the War Criminal Tony Blair to kick off the carnage in the Middle East, against the Muslims, whom the Jew controlled media are now telling us pose a threat.

All of the problems in the Middle East are the fault of the City of London, which ordered the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and then proceeded to carve up the region into vulnerable slices, which they have now started to Ethnically Cleanse.

There is more at stake in ‘Brexit’ than simply wanting to control your own country’s affairs, there is a mass destruction taking place, with sniggering liars like Jeremy Corbyn urging on the aims of the Fabian Society, without a care for the well-being of the indigenous British.

The very fact that the British are White, is evidence enough that any past immigration was by similar folk, whom quickly blended on arrival. What is now being encouraged has never before happened in the UK, they have throughout the ages, absorbed White incomers. Those whom are now arriving, are actually a weapon to rape and breed the indigenous Whites out of existence.

This aim has been graphically explained by more Jews than you could shake a stick at, so you do not have to take my word for it. Take a look at this. Anyone, who having watched the following clip, who does not feel a slight pang of fear is living in dreamland. Your future has been carefully laid out for you. Open your eyes, do think these folk are joking?




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