A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Undercover Corbyn.


Jeremy Corbyn, in a speech which laid out future Labour Party policies, remarked that the Conservative Party was a party funded by the rich and worked in favour of the rich.

Such is the control, under which the British people live out their lives, they would be unable to believe, the simple fact, that the Labour Party was constructed and funded by the very same people, in the City of London, who Corbyn claims fund the Tories.

Corbyn is a farce and cannot be trusted. On top of which, the Fabian Society, which was also funded by the City of London, will use whatever means necessary, to ensure that its own project, that of a European Union, will not be de-railed by the simple decision of a majority of UK voters to get the hell out of it.

The idea of a United States of Europe originated in liberal (i.e., left-wing) capitalist circles, notably those around Richard Cobden (1804-1865). Cobden was a textile manufacturer who held substantial railway interests in America, as well as a leader of the so-called “Manchester School,” a Liberal movement advocating “free trade” and “international peace.”


The United States of Europe, unsurprisingly, soon became official policy of the Independent Labour Party (ILP), a front organisation of the Fabian Society, and was actively promoted by leading Fabians during and after World War I (see The Fabian Society: the masters of subversion unmasked).


Operating in parallel with the Fabian Society was the Milner Group, an association of left-wing bankers, financiers and political leaders revolving around Rhodes-Rothschild interests and represented by public figures like Lord Alfred Milner, an employee of the Rothschilds.


The Milner Group was in turn allied with associated interests on America’s East Coast, known as the Eastern Establishment and revolving around Wall Street interests like J P Morgan and the Rockefellers. This Milner-Eastern Establishment combine is what historians like Carroll Quigley have called the “Anglo-American Establishment” (Quigley, 1981).

 This quote was gratefully copied from FREE BRITAIN NOW.

The European Union was always destined to align itself with a proposed American Union. That idea is now coming to fruition. The usual covert means are being used to hoodwink the lazy minded White man, into accepting, for future generations, a life of servitude and quite possibly sudden death.

There are, at this moment, at least three ‘Treaties’ doing the rounds, TTIP, TPP and CETA, please note, at this moment in the United Kingdom, three Judges have just put a brake on the Peoples decision to leave the European Union, informing the Government that the terms of leaving must be voted on by Parliament. Sounds good I suppose.

So in view of that decision, ask yourself, why Jeremy Corbyn, whom is already screeching at Theresa May to disclose the terms of ‘Brexit’ to Parliament, not insisting, that Theresa May, should also allow the British Parliament access to the terms, hidden in the TTIP document, which is even now under discussion in Europe?

CETA has been partly accepted, and Corbyn must be aware of that fact, just as he must be fully cognisant of the possible deleterious effects on the freedom of British Sovereignty, posed by all of these Treaties. For example, the imposition of Corporation run Court-Houses, which will have the Legal Right to impose fines on the British Government. Do not be fooled by Corbyn or any of the other usual suspects. They are all controlled.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzE


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