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Establishment Scorn Against Trump Kicks Off


Establishment Scorn Against Trump Kicks Off

The brigades of media propagandists against Trump, were all lined up waiting for their turn to complain about the latest Democratically elected choice of the Voters in the United States.

While already insinuating that Trump will turn out to be no more than a bag of wind, nobody, has so far mentioned, the failures of Bob the Builder Obama and his ‘Can we do it? Yes we can.’ nonsense, while preferring to forget his ‘Change we can believe in.’ all of which came to nothing. War Criminal Obama, is being applauded for being one of the greatest Presidents in US history.

I heard a man on the radio, whom interrupted a caller to apologise to his audience,  about the man having made mention of a well-known allegation that Hillary Clinton is involved with Luciferianism. This would be the same mouthy host whom described Nigel Farage as a ‘Fish Faced Liar.’

The same presenter is also opposed to ‘Brexit’ and he agreed with a caller whom suggested that the British should never have been allowed to vote for such a serious issue as they are too stupid to understand the ramifications of such decisions.

Just as they did with ‘Brexit’ the British Press is starting the, ‘What does make America great again mean? As if Trump has said nothing about his policies, when he has in fact offered a whole load of solutions. Not solutions to the taste of Globalists and Free Traders of course.

A British idiot has even reported, from Washington, that Trump was given a free ride by the Press. This is sheer nonsense, on one day alone, six hit pieces againstTrump were published in the New York Times. Even the Alternative Media was slagging him off. I have personally been writing in defence of silly claims made against Trump for the last eighteen months.

People in general appear to have a problem with Democracy. The leader of the Liberal Party in the UK is actually calling for the ‘Brexit’ decision to be reversed. While in Scotland, the Scottish Nationalist Party is refusing to accept either the ‘Brexit’ or the referendum on Independence decisions, both at the same time. Presumably, like the Irish, French, Dutch and Danish governments, she would like to simply over-rule the decision of the Scottish People. These same  British know-alls are now attempting to build up resistance to the choice of the Americans.

The same ‘chat show’ host, is suggesting that those whom stand against mass immigration, are racist. He, of course is in favour of it, because ‘nice’ people are in favour of all of those things like Gay Marriage and all the other Gay Right things, and abortion, of course, and all that stuff, while the rest of us are merchants of hate, should we be cool about ideas.

On top of that, he suggested that immigration is such a tiny problem as to be non-existent. We simply imagine that it is a problem, because we are looking for something to blame for our anger and so we have dreamt up the idea of immigration, to blame as being the cause.

Abortion is a woman’s choice, he tells us and that it was her body after all, the host quite sternly responded to a caller, whom suggested to him that it was not a woman’s body, that it was the body of another living human being, by interrupting, the commenter,  claiming he had a piece of breaking news to report, which was in fact an item he had previously delivered.

Whether you like it or not, abortion is murder. So why not call it legalised murderer and be done with? What is the point of tarting it up to make it sound more cosy?

Gay, is a reference to adults of the same sex, whom choose to fiddle with each other. What is ‘Gay’ about that? Transgender treatment is an attempt to change males into females, or vice versa, when it would seem more intelligent to treat a boy with a ‘willy’ who thought he was a girl, with testosterone to make him more manly, rather than with estrogen, to make him girly, when his claim was based on a childish idea that he should really be a girl? How would he know what it feels like to be a girl? Five and six-year-old children are being encouraged to claim themselves to be transgenders’.

Am I not entitled to hold weird views such as those above, without being called hate filled names like Fascist or Racist? Would I be a half-wit should I suggest that all of the above are ideas which came from the Tavistock Society, with the aim of destroying social cohesion?

When statistics demonstrate that London and Paris are now sixty-per-cent immigrant, is immigration no more than a ‘perceived’ problem which does not exist? Despite the admission of George Soros, a Jew financier, that he has spent several billion Dollars, bringing Blacks from Africa into Europe? Who are the Germans calling for to be sent back to Africa, if these people are simply a figment of our collective imagination and not really there? Should the estimated thirty million, non-existent illegal Mexican immigrants in the USA, be allowed to stay?

Real figures suggest there to be ninety-five-million unemployed in the USA and most of those ‘illegals’ will be claiming health care and all that stuff, all of which has to be paid for in some way or other, so is Trump wrong to suggest that they should go back to Mexico and apply for entry into the USA in the proper manner? I don’t think so.

I am delighted to see the Establishment go into melt-down over Trumps election. The BBC was even worse than LBC, they are convinced that Trump is too uncouth to deal with posh politicians like Theresa May or François Hollande because they are professional politicians. Even Jeremy Corbyn had a sneer at Trump, despite his own problems when his election as leader displeased his own Party’s Shadow Cabinet who virtually all resigned, forcing him to seek reelection, yet another example of folks refusing to accept whatever does not please them.

So why is Europe bankrupt. Why do these bright boys never get things sorted out? The Remainers claim that the EU was good for them, well in what way good for them?, everybody is broke, there are no jobs, even before the last crash has been dealt with the next one is already upon us. Is that the result of electing professionals?

These democrats are now plotting how they will in future avoid allowing the people to express their choice, making sure that every aspect of democracy is kept out of the hands of those for whom they work. I think that there should be a general election called over Brexit, giving the voter the opportunity to deal with many of egotistical Members of Parliament, who would find themselves kicked out of office by those whose choice they are attempting to undermine. Just for once, we have them running scared. Trump has shown us that it can be done.


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