A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Clinton’s And Other Deviants.


           The Clinton’s And Other Deviants.

Having denied the Public, the hidden reality of the filth incarnate called the Clintons, the controlled Mail-online is now presenting a warts and all profile of Trump, while at the same time demanding the question, ‘Could Obama’s last act, as President, be to ‘Pardon’ Hillary, to protect her from Trumps threat to gaol her?’

Well the public have every right to be mystified by such a question, as the FBI have told us that they have found no proof of wrongdoing in Hillary’s eMail so what does the Daily Mail mean? Are there, I wonder, some hidden crimes, which have been kept secret?

Or are they suggesting that there might be some truth in the claims made against Hillary and Bill after all? Do they perhaps have knowledge of these wrongdoings and have chosen to hide it from the people, while at the same time smearing Donald Trump, whom they call a ‘wheeler dealer’? Does the Mail support the pardoning of a War Criminal?

On more than one occasion the British media has used the ‘Hitler’ smear against Trump, still clinging grimly to the belief that we all still religiously believe the lies which the likes of the Daily Mail have been feeding us about Hitler for decades.

These days, many people consider National Socialist Germany to have been the most courageous people since the “300” fought the Battle of Thermopylae. Talk about ‘against all odds.’ We should all be ashamed of what was done to Germany. To be compared to Adolf Hitler, for many is a badge of honour, as the allegations made against him have never been proven. Most people have been conditioned to believe that the allegations against Hitler ‘must’ be true because the Media tells us so.

Right now the media, the same media which adored Barack Obama for being the first Black War Criminal in American history, and have recently fêted Hillary Clinton, who is herself already a War Criminal, squirming around in fear of being indicted for her crimes.

LBC Radio, are at this moment, interviewing a Jew in the United States, who is in charge of Muslim immigrant affairs in America, expressing his fears of havingTrump as President, and what it may mean for Muslims. This interview would not be out of place in a sketch from Monty Python.

All without one piercing question, as to why a Jew is encouraging Muslims to come to America and claiming to be concerned about what Trump may ‘do’ to them, while Jews in Israel are still driving Muslims out of Palestine. That is a good example of the disingenuous nature of Media reporting. The Jew did not have an American accent, nudge, nudge, the reporter was called Ferrero, I believe.

I have been paying attention, for the past couple of weeks, to LBC and BBC Talk Sport and other phone in programs, to check out the attitude of the various outlets,,when confronted with an alternative point of view.

I have yet to hear a progressive sounding question on Talk Sport, while on LBC just a hint of a ‘difficult’ question is immediately jeered at, the hosts use the tactic of talking over the caller and then finding an excuse to cut them off. This has been particularly evident in the treatment of Donald Trump supporters. He is of course a man, which is justification enough to hang him high.

Hillary is a woman, and a role model for all of those greedy self-seeking bitches, trying hard to break through this imaginary Glass Ceiling, whom will no doubt, when their turn to throw an Ambassador into the claws of a bunch of terrorists, as did the vestal virgin Hillary Clinton, who whipped him, tortured him with cattle prods, sodomised him with steel rods and finally slow roasted him to death, I am quite sure that having absorbed all of the best, though unknown, qualities of their role model, they will eagerly do the same.

These delightful caring women can also rest assured that the Mainstream Media, will cover up for them as they did and continue to do for Hillary. The same media which having besmirched Trump from day one and claiming him to have said things which he did not say, are now attempting to inspire Civil unrest, using his election as the excuse. The Media is disgusting. There is no excuse for the bile which has been spewed against Trump. Nothing of any seriousness has been laid against him, it amounts to nothing more than trivialities, which have been blown-up out of all proportion..

Even as Donald Trump, the President elect of the United States, is in the White House discussing the handover of power, with Barack Ombama, the Gutter Press are apparently unwilling to give their hate speech a rest. Sky News is still showing the edited version of what Trump said about Muslims, it is now clear they are attempting to stir up shit.

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