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International Trumpism Is On Its Way.


     International Trumpism Is On Its Way.

The International ‘Establishment’ has been rocked back on its heels. In the United Kingdom, it soon became clear that the British people wanted ‘out’ of Europe and the real numbers voting in favour of Brexit in the referendum were watered down,to leave a faint hope of undoing the ‘Will’ of the people, while in Parliament the true nature of British Democracy has been exposed for what it has always been, ‘ Them Against Us’ and ‘them’ includes all Parties and all leaders, including the ‘Man of the People’ Jeremy Corbyn. whom are attempting to take control of the Brexiteers.

In Europe, the ‘Democrats’ are frantically searching for a means of denying the rest of the Peoples of Europe the right to the same choice of remaining in or leaving the European Union, as was ‘accidentally’ given to the British.

The unelected Bolsheviks, whom control the European Commission, are seeking ways of actually forbidding any choice at all to be given to the people of member States. In France the two main political Parties, are already in collusion to put a stop to the election of The Front National by agreeing to combine their votes in order to create an illegal majority in an attempt to thwart the majority of the people’s choice.

In the United States, where there have been an unprecedented volume of personal attacks made against Donald Trump, the true depth of the crimes of the Clinton’s have been left unmentioned.

Even as the FBI and the NYPD, have been preparing a case against both Hillary and Slick Willy, which involves, child rape and general paedophilia, in which a huge number of the Washington Elite are involved plus the evidence of money laundering through the Clinton Foundation ‘slush fund’, money which includes the several billion dollars of donations which Clinton, ‘took care of’ for the disaster struck people of Haïti but which simply vanished and some of which was no doubt used to pay for daughter Chelsea Clinton’s wedding feast, illegally of course. The mainstream media has maintained a blaring silence about all of this. Their silence condemns them.

Yet despite all of this media opposition Trump was elected. As usual we are being told that those whom voted for him had no idea for what they were voting. However the bad mouthing goes on unabated. Even to the extent that during an interview after the sad news of the death of Leonard Cohen, his biographer, linked his demise to the ‘darkness of the Trump election.’

In the United States, with the overwhelming assistance of the Mainstream Media, the people are being prepared to accept, High Treason, Money Laundering, Grand Larceny, War Criminality and the use of the White House as a handy knocking shop, as quite normal behaviour and apparently millions of them voted to put this sort of scum back into Office and they felt good about it and they are heartbroken that they did not succeed.

Just being forced to listen to the accolades about Obama, who must be the most hypocritical characters to have ever been elected in the United States, from his empty promise to get rid of ‘Lobbyists’ to his joke of stopping the wars, for which he received a Nobel Peace Prize, which he promptly pissed all over, is pure torture to hear.

During the recent election in the United States, I was fascinated by the showmanship of Donald Trump, which outshone the efforts of the manufactured first Black President Obama and his feeble ‘Can we do it and Change mantras’ by a mile. He pulled in tens of thousands of supporters everywhere he went and yet we are expected to believe that Clinton won the popular vote?

In the United Kingdom, Brexit had overwhelming support and yet the ‘fixers’ managed to create ‘flash points’ like immigration packed London, where the calls are already being made to set-up a City State.

Now that the trend of automatic in-acceptance of a majority vote has been set in stone, by the Media, will there ever be another election which will be accepted by the Public? Why not install a best of three system or five or any other number which springs to mind, to suit any eventuality? In the USA, there are efforts, still being made, to undermine the election of Trump.

While across Europe, the decisions of millions of voters, whom rejected proposals by their Governments, in referenda, the results of  which were ignored,  which allowed an increase of control to pass into the grip of the Bolshevik European Union, has lead to the swamping of Europe, through the deliberate policy of Open Borders.  



2 responses

  1. Trump about investigating and prosecuting Hillary Clinton……. ” There’s more important things to worry about like jobs,health,immigration and tax cuts” He’s already reneging on Promises made to the American people the bull shitter ! plus there ain’t going to be no wall built along the border with Mexico as long as i got a hole in my ass.


    November 13, 2016 at 16:14

    • I know nothing about Trump apart from what has come from the Mainstream Media. He has done nothing at all yet,that is a figment of your imagination. He will be inaugurated in January, so lets not try to second guess what he will do.You sound to me as if you shriek out of your ass. Why do you try to make it sound as if Trump is responsible for all the things that are already wrong in the States which should have been fixed long ago?


      November 13, 2016 at 16:31

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