A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Will Tomorrow Belong To Trump?

           Will Tomorrow Belong To Trump?

The British Media is choosing to ignore the reality of Donald Trump’s new political proposals which include the unmentionable scrapping of the Corporation Takeover Treaties like TTIP, CETA and TPP, all of which are to the benefit of the rich and to the detriment of the poor.

They are claiming White European Countries are now in decline. While Trump is saying, that may well be, however it is as a result of quite deliberately allowing companies to re-install in slave states and allowing the produce to be imported, without imposing a tax, into our countries, through the use of “Free Trade Agreements” all of which work in one direction, towards us.

Trump is being compared for suitability as President, with Slick Willy Clinton, who lead the charge against Serbia and his old Biddy, who destroyed Libya, George W Bush, the initiator of the ‘War on Terror’ and the destruction of Iraq, Poppy Bush, so-called because of his love of the fruit of the Poppy, who massacred the Iraqi army, in open desert, having vilified it with lies and deceit and finally the first bi-sexual, coke sniffing Black President, who has helped destroy Libya and who is continuing to illegally bomb Pakistan, and does still finance the various terrorist groups involved in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

Having suffered our way through that bunch of thugs, how anybody can profess anxiety about what Trump may do, during his term, is way beyond my comprehension. Trump is actually being compared with War Criminals and the Elite Corporations, and coming off second best, which is a sad reflection on the attitudes, towards the mass death of the innocent and the destruction of several counties, of the current younger generation. Is any and every atrocity acceptable to them or are they just plain stupid?

The Guardian and the rest of what is euphemistically called the Independent Press, while still peddling establishment rubbish, has been reduced to begging for donations to keep them afloat, while today for example, leading with a tale entitled,’The fate of a tolerant, democratic Europe lies in Trump’s hands.’ Going on to suggest that Trump is in favour of all of those things like torture and the indiscriminate killing of terrorists and their families, much loved by Obama and others, whom were wholly supported by the Independent Press, while either ignoring or have simply failed to notice the distinct shortage of Democracy in Europe, where the European Union pays scant regard to the Democratic decisions of the electorate. Ask the Irish, Danish, Dutch, French and even the English about the reception of the referendum results by these Democratic folk.

In Germany, after the end of the Great War, and the murder of nine hundred thousand through the imposition of sanctions by the Glorious Allies, and having been forced to fight against a Bolshevik inspired attack, and then subjected to hyper-inflation during the Weimar Republic, when Germany was reduced to a base level of filth and depravity, allowing Jews with Dollars to buy anything and everything of value in Germany, Adolf Hitler, arrived, with a mission, to Make Germany Great Again.

Hitler was only in power for six short years before the Hounds of Hell, from the gutters of Britain and the United States came after him, but what a glorious six years they were.

Just as they are now, the Germans were always a target for the Jews in London and Washington, and with or without Hitler they were destined for destruction.


Can Trump, despite already being smeared by the media, at any and every opportunity, deliver the same benefits to the demoralised people of the United States and this time around, will the rest of Europe stand up and proudly do what Hitler inspired in Germany, across the continent?


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