A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Trump Frightens The Cattle.

         Trump Frightens The Cattle.

In Europe, the common, all garden, Prat in the street, knows absolutely nothing about Donald Trump. They rely on the word of the mainstream media, for their information.

In order to keep up with what is going on in the world, I listen to News outlets, as I work, most of the day and I can tell you that from the very first announcement, that Donald Trump was standing for election, there has been nothing but biased and misleading information, in the Press, Radio and Television News, disinformation which has been responsible for generating a climate of hate and aggression, not only in the United States but even in European Countries, where Trump is being demonised, even by the Mad Dogs of NATO, who fear he may stop some of their slaughter and destruction in the Middle East.

The same media is now pressing Trump about whether he retains his announced intention, of putting a special prosecutor in charge of the investigation, into the criminality of the Clinton’s, as if they are guilty of nothing more than parking offenses.

They are in fact, implicated in Treason and the death of the American Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, so why are their crimes being treated as mere naughtiness? As Trey Gowdy asked FBI Chief Comey, what would they have to do for you to consider indicting them?

The Clinton’s are career criminals, which is why they are preparing to make a run for it, so why should they be allowed to place themselves above the Law? Barack Obama, the man who will, if possible, pardon them, is himself implicated in the Clinton’s criminality. Why is the media silent about all this, having shown a willingness to present any allegation, however fantastical, against Trump?

This misrepresentation of Donald Trump, has lead to widespread riots in the United States and some support in Europe, in sympathy and even as they are doing the dirty on Trump, the UK media continue to stoke up opposition to ‘Brexit,’ against which there are ongoing demonstrations and threats that London wants to go it alone, with its vast population of foreigners, as if immigrants, now have the right to seize the British Capital City. It would be Racist to resist this threat I suppose. That is to where Political Correctness has taken the brain-dead British.

To have stood silently by, as indigenous British people, were being moved out of London, because the government claimed that the cost of housing them in London, was too expensive and chose instead to deport them to the Northeast of the UK, where they lose contact with their family and friends, so that immigrants can be housed in London, at taxpayers expense, tells us all we need to know about the intelligence of modern-day Liberals.

Trump has announced his intention to send three-million illegal Mexican immigrants back to Mexico, why do you imagine that creates a problem for Politicians? Why is it the responsibility of American taxpayers to pay the costs of illegal immigrants from Mexico, whom are entitled to all Social Service benefits on arrival, while working on the ‘Black?’ It can only be, because it is all part of an International attempt to create a diminished White population in the United States and Europe. There can be no other explanation. Those whom propose this mass immigration, are lovers of human life, they are cold-blooded murderers, who can order the terror bombing of innocent people without a qualm.

Even as hundreds of thousands of economic migrants have been paid to come to Europe, with the assistance of thousands of operatives, working for a not so well hidden hand, we are being warned that a catastrophic, economic collapse is on its way.

When that happens, what do the Electorate of Europe and their compliant politicians, imagine that all of those thousands of young thugs and rapists will be doing? It will be a nightmare and all of Europe, from top to bottom, has been seeded with its share of migrants.

Personally speaking, I am totally sick and tired of listening to Black and Jew Racists, warning me that I am being targeted for extinction, even as Israel is still holding out its begging bowl, and howling about an event which left no trace and Blacks are claiming that I owe them something, when they are already in possession of a lifestyle, way beyond that of the unfortunate Africans’ who missed out on the opportunities of Slavery and are stuck in poverty in Black Africa, to where all Blacks are welcome to return, but very few choose that option.

Those politicians choosing to work with Trump, are being accused of a form of ‘Appeasement’ by LBC, who never miss an opportunity to mention Hitler and while at the same time supporting governments, which have slaughtered at least eight million Muslims during the past fifteen years.

Trump is being castigated for suggesting, that at a time when Europe was warning that Daech terrorists were getting into Europe mixed with the thousands of migrants who were streaming in, should be stopped from entering America, until they were properly vetted. The LBC presenter is now doing exactly what Sky News has been doing forever, misquoting Trump to suit his own argument. The media need  to wake up, they are becoming no more than a bad joke.

The United Kingdom and France, are at this moment, gagging to finish off Syria, sheltering behind a pack of lies, which has lead to the total destruction of a perfectly adequate State. These, I suppose are the acceptable faces of Democracy. Kill! Kill! Kill! Trump is ‘threatening’ to stop the slaughter. What a criminal. Why is the media, who have been caught out setting up, situations, such as the ‘pretend’ chemical attack in Syria, which was called out as a fraud by Carla Ponti, the United Nations observer, not siding with Trumps efforts to stop the killing. Why does Assad have to go?

British Industry, which is all about weapons of death, these days, is arming Saudi Arabia, who are destroying one of the most poverty-stricken counties in the world, Yemen, and arming the Mercenaries in Syria, which for the dumb British public, they refer to as the Free Syrian Army, while still in the process of subduing Libya and Iraq, the British are in fact a plague on humanity.

LBC is now suggesting to me, as a listener, that the Ku Klux Klan has taken over the White House, without any reference to the fact that the Jews will have to move out to make room for them. They link David Duke to the Klan, which he was but only for a short period when he was no more than a teenager, since when he has become a respected speaker and supporter of White Culture.

The LBC man, presumably believes that should it be true, that the Klan will automatically be worse the Jews who are the most ferocious slaughterers in the history of mankind, or is that simply more naughtiness?

In the States there are adverts in Newspapers and magazines, offering fifteen dollars an hour for ‘demonstrators to spoil Trumps rallies and yet this is ignored by the mainstream, just as they choose to ignore Clinton’s own eMails calling for this violence to disrupt Trumps campaign.

It is amazing how lenient these folk appear to be when it is a member of the establishment, who is surrounded by strange deaths and disappearances. In recent weeks the youngster, whom allegedly released Clinton’s incriminating eMails to WikiLeaks was gunned down in the street. Nothing to do with Clinton of course.


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