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Sex, Drugs And Wet-Works For Breakfast



Sex, Drugs And Wet-Works For Breakfast

A Homosexual sexual, whom had made a tryst with a Police Officer, for an evening of Sado-Masochistic horse-play, on finding that his partner has died during the course of the entertainment, the queer then apparently made super-human attempts to eat the dead policeman, before finally putting him into a bath of acid, hoping to dissolve him and send him into the sewers.

This event follows on the heels of the case of the homosexual, who accidentally killed an unknown number of partners, having plied them with a drug of some sort in their drinks, and the Politician who was caught out, having used drugs during a group sex act with a couple of ‘Rent-Boys.’

This is only the tip of a perverted iceberg.  In the United States, hidden amongst the Weiner eMails – which were found on his Tablette, scattered amongst the Top Secret documents, of Hillary Clinton’s, in a file marked ‘Life Insurance’ –  which contained references to ‘wet-works’ which refers to the use of all bodily fluids, all of which are swallowed, during sexually explicit rituals, which adherents believe will give them increased power over perceived rivals. Hillary and Slick Willy, it would appear, were regular visitors at such ritualistic practices.

Is there any difference between the ‘normal’ queers, eating their dead, after getting things wrong in their use of drugs and the elite and their quasi-magical rituals, which involve all sorts of degenerate acts, including the sacrifice of children and the use of aborted babies, in cannibalistic banquets?

At what point does a social drinker become an alcoholic and a sexual game become murder? Perversions by any other name or murder by any other name are the same thing.

It is one thing to tolerate something like homosexuality, despite the fact that many of us have been targeted, when young by rampant queers, but when we are expected to call it normal, to the point of teaching very young children in junior school, how to carry out a homosexual act, that is something far more sinister. How long will it be before they are teaching our children how to choose the best bits of a human body to eat?

Trump, as a Christian, would of course be against homosexuality and Gay Marriage, just as he is against Abortion, while those whom support Abortion, would automatically feel inclined to support the ‘rights’ of all of the other groups, to do whatever they like. We are no longer allowed to hold on to personal instincts, we must all conform.

The guns of opposition are already blazing after Trumps election. The majority of the alternative media, I suppose that would include me, are prepared to give him the benefit of some doubts, while waiting to see what he will actually do, instead of spreading unsubstantiated rumors about what he might do, after his inauguration.

Two things stand out, as far as Trumps association with certain characters are concerned. While Israel appears to be in a state of panic, having seen the names of those whom have been selected to work in Trumps administration, provoked this response,

Steve Bannon’s Appointment Is a Moment of Truth for U.S. Jews, according to Haaretz.

After tapping campaign CEO Stephen Bannon as chief strategist, no one can say there is any ambiguity as to who Trump is and what kind of president he plans to be……….

Why would Israel be bothered by a man, Steve Bannon, whose crime would appear to be that he did not want his children to be educated in a Jew school?

Are Jews not in favour of the coming amalgamation of all religions, which was discussed recently in Israel, attended by the Pope and many Muslim leaders, the Dalai Llama, along with the Jew Mikhail Gorbachev, the man tasked with the job of setting up this Gaia religion? Or are Jews in fact as suspicious as are many others about the whole concept of forcing us all to accept this dictate?

Where, one might ask, does Trump stand on this issue? Veterans Today, is warning us that Netanyahu rigged the Presidential Election and he has been walking around with a beaming smile on his face ever since the result was announced. VT would have us believe that Trump is a Demolition Man, and in the words of that famous Jew, Al Jolson, ‘you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.’

Trump does indeed know some Jews. The Editor of Veterans Today is himself a Jew and we all know that when it becomes necessary to smear someone, you associate them with Jews, as they do with Hitler, whom we are constantly reminded, was funded by Wall Street, which quickly loses credibility, should you suggest that to mean that the Holocaust was an ‘inside job.’

Once you start going down this trail, you inevitably run into the Jesuits and the Black Pope, along with all of those Knights of Malta and the Freemasons, leaving you scratching your head about why it was necessary to fix the election in the first place, as we all know the Clinton’s have been in bed with the Jew controlled Neo-Cons forever.

The only thing of which we can be sure, is the inevitable arrival of the bursting of the Usury Bubble, which is slightly overdue. It could well be timed to coincide with Trumps inauguration. Whatever happens, there is so much debt floating around, that it will never be possible for it to be repaid.

Ask yourself the question, who could possibly have financed a debt, with the USA, of more than twenty-trillion dollars? It is quite obviously a fraud, which was generated with ‘printed’ money, the value of which has been increased, through the use of Compound Interest, into a sum which will necessitate a war, behind which it can all be written off.

This is a measure of the criminality and greed of the Banking Community and the sucking dry of workers, all across the world, workers who create all of the real wealth, which those who earn their money by stealth, snatches out of their hands, with the complicity of compliant politicians, who are now in fear of what Trump might do next.


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