A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Water Wars Are Upon Us.


             The Water Wars Are Upon Us.

The continued use, by Sky News, of a deliberately edited clip of Donald Trump, when he was speaking about terrorists coming into the United States, hidden in the middle of so-called Muslim refugees, at a time when spokespeople, all across Europe were warning of the same thing, making it sound as if Trump was calling for a ‘racist’ type ban on all Muslims, simply because they were Muslims, should have been reported to the group, which had the News of the World, newspaper, which was part of News International, which also owns Sky News, closed down and the same thing should be done to Sky News. Their false report and others like it, have been used to stoke up hate in the streets against Trump.

This blatant ‘lie’ about Trump which was mimicked by all of the Television News outlets in the UK, and used by the likes of the fishy character in Scotland, Sturgeon, to call for a Scottish, ban on Trump, because of his unacceptable racism, and cries of criticism from all the major, murderers of Muslims, from all Political Parties in the United Kingdom, which has caused a build-up of hate against Trump, which was used by David Cameron amongst others, in an attempt to influence the USA election.

Unabashed, Sky News is today reporting the Syrian war, which they helped to kick off, with their lies about what Assad was supposed to be ‘doing to his own people,’ they love that phrase. Sam Kiley was reporting from Israel, letting us know that Russia was not actually fighting Daech at all, the Allies were doing all that, while the Russians and Syrians were fighting the Al Qaeda Rebels.  Daech had kindly moved out of Aleppo to make a clear target of themselves, for the Allies, so that they could be killed without putting civilians at risk. Allies. Lovely word that, is it not? Allies. How Woody?

The tone of all of these venomous attacks against Trump, were based on the proposition that he was a worse possibility, than the group, which includes Cameron, by which he was preceded, all of whom are War Criminals, their hands dripping with the blood of the innocent, or is that what people want perhaps? Hillary Clinton was eager to give them more of the same, she would be another killer in the White House.

Are people simply incapable of seeing what is staring them in the face? Obama is a Traitor and a War Criminal as is Cameron. They hanged men and girls for far less at Nuremberg.

Some of the British appear to be willing to remain in the European Soviet Union, dramatically illustrating the old adage, “There are none so enslaved as those whom believe themselves to be free.” Or indeed the Fabian Society’s aim of conditioning us into a state of mind, where we will, ‘come to love our servitude.’ I think we are already so far down the road, that most people, will not be capable of understanding the meaning of the above.

The fight-back has yet to begin, Trump cannot do it alone. Perhaps it has become clear, that any group can slag off White people, while just a trace of response from those same White people provokes a storm of criticism.

Whites are expected to ignore the reality, that their countries are a magnet for economic migrants, from across the world, because they are the only people on the planet, who offer free housing, education, health services and many other benefits, which encourages trained nurses to leave Pakistan, for example, to take on the same work in Europe. Why would they do that, having trained in their own country?

Why are there images of Blacks, ‘legally’ howling for Black Power, all over the internet, which are not considered to be inflammatory, while the whole world, appears to be in a state of panic at the first indication of a little resistance from the Whites whom are after all, still paying for all these power seekers?

Trump himself is of no further importance, he has done a magnificent job. The ‘Bad Boys’ in the much maligned “Alternative Right” whom are not Racist or prejudiced, and whom are eager to pose difficult questions, for example, should one million Europeans choose to emigrate to Pakistan, would they be guaranteed the same benefits, which Europe pays to Pakistani immigrants to Europe? I think we all know the answer.

Why did the Muslim immigrants into Scandinavia, where life has been turned on is head, by an epidemic of rape and other crimes, not choose Egypt as their preferred option, which was far closer to their homeland?

We are told that these immigrants are a net benefit to Europe, which common sense tells you is a falsehood. Even as immigrants are pouring into Europe, with no work contract, we are constantly being told that without them the Health would collapse, when in truth, the Health Service has collapsed, because of them, they are bringing all sorts of ancient diseases with them, all of which cost a fortune to treat.

The prisons are already full of them and like the Health Service the Prison Service is on the point of collapse.

There are millions of immigrant children being educated in Europe, which will apparently be unable to produce children with the necessary qualifications,  to do difficult work, which is why their parents were, apparently, needed in the first place, which would suggest that yet more immigrants will be needed to do the difficult work in the future. This is quite obviously either a stupidity or a program.

The population of Europe, most particularly the United Kingdom, is already at an unsustainable level. No country can survive for long, when they cannot feed their own population. During World War Two, with a population half of its present size, rationing was a necessity in the United Kingdom.

Criminal politicians, have allowed the control of food, energy and water, to pass into the hands of greedy selfish criminal Corporations.

The depth of the guilt of these ‘politicians’ is demonstrated by their vow to carry on with programs, which will sound the death knell for Europe. This includes all of the provoked, illegal wars in the Middle East and a rock solid refusal, of European politicians, to stand up to the Jews in Israel and to defy the organisations which work in Jew interests across the world.

There are no Scientists and Technicians, from the ruins which Europe has created in the Middle East, looking for safety in Europe, they are simple folk whom have lost everything and whom will most probably never find gainful work in Europe. How many immigrants can Europe absorb before the inevitable hostilities break out?

Meanwhile Corporations are already turning the sale of European water reserves, into yet another Jew boondoggle, worth billions of dollars. Even in drought stricken California,  Nestlé are still allowed to pump billions of litres of precious water,  to bottle and sell. Politicians are truly vile people.



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