A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Black Lives Matter Little To Blacks

                        Black Lives Matter Little To Blacks

There is a wall of silence surrounding the truth of Black violence. It is not by accident, as Blacks would have you believe, that there are more Blacks in prison, simply because they are more likely to be targeted by White policemen, they are imprisoned, having been found guilty of their crimes.

In Palestine, the Jews used the weapon of mass immigration, despite the alleged scarcity of Jews after World War Two, to carry out a genocide in Palestine, which the same Western powers, whom had just handed Eastern Europe into the hands of the Bolshevik Jews, stood by, watching the genocide unfold, in front of the eyes of the world and did nothing to stop it.

In South Africa the Bolshevik Jew Joe Slovo, did along with the 33 degree Mason, Bolshevik Communist, Nelson Mandela, use exactly the same ploy of the immigration, of Blacks from all over Africa, to initiate the ongoing White genocide in South Africa, as the World Leaders, once more, ignored the behaviour of these cynical Jews, who have done nothing to benefit Blacks in South Africa, where Blacks themselves now ironically, live in fear of Black violence.

Those same Jews are right now, using immigration to destroy White Europe, while European politicians facilitate this aim of White genocide, knowing full well that it is inspired by Jews and are doing nothing whatever about it.

While paying Africans to come to Europe, Jew financiers are also paying Black Lives Matter, to demonstrate violently in the Street of the USA, against Whitey, despite the fact that all of the evidence demonstrates, quite clearly and unambiguously that it is White people who need protection from these savage Blacks.

Anybody with the courage to stand up to this disgusting behaviour, should, in reality, be granted a hearing, even though official figures should be evidence enough. Instead the name of Hitler is dragged up as the reference point, for what is actually current Jew behaviour, which is ridiculous,  Trotsky or Lenin or indeed the Jews in Israel would be a far more apt description of current events. That would of course be anti-semitic, even though the Jews in Israel are not Semitic and never have been.

It has now become impossible to explain to those Europeans, whom gleefully celebrated the destruction of the Boers in South Africa, believing them to be xenophobic and intolerant and of brutally denying the Black their rights, when in reality, they owed nothing to the Blacks.

It is automatically assumed, that because the Boers were White, that they had no right to be in Africa. The fact that they arrived in an empty land, as in ‘no people in the area,’ and no sign of civilisation, is ignored and the position of Black is right, has been adopted to suit those whom have now seized control South African resources, while the Blacks continue their self-destruction.

The Boers were simple farmers and they took nobody’s land, the Blacks currently in South Africa are not indigenous to the region, they are immigrants, coming from other regions, where they could have used the experience gained from contact with the Boers, to build a decent civilisation of their own but no, they preferred to hang around the Boer townships like parasites.


Now that those lovable Black people are faced with their own Multiculturalism, in Black Africa, their immediate instinct is to cry foul and start the killing of Black immigrants. Such is the hypocrisy of those whom claim to be racially targeted in other places.


Check out the figures in the above clip, the Blacks in South Africa, since the African National Congress came to power, have managed to murder, more people than have died in all the African Wars since the nineteenth century.

Left to their own devices, with guns in their hands, the Black Africans would wipe themselves out in no time. In Rwanda, with nothing more than machetes they managed a million murders. They cannot simply blame Whitey all the time, somewhere along the line they will have to face up to their own instinctive violence.

Sadly, Blacks are their own worst enemy and they fail to spot their friends. Saint Nelson Mandela died a millionaire, how did that happen? His death was hidden from the public while the wrangling went on about how his fortune was to be divided. Mandela worked for the City of London, from where Cecil Rhodes and De Beers arrived to steal the Ivory, Gold and Diamonds and their descendents are now back in control and are continuing the theft of resources, while Zuma lines his pockets, while chanting kill the Whites.

The Boers were not driven out for the Blacks, the Blacks drove them out for the Jews. That would be the same Jews whom are attempting to stir up trouble in the United States, where they are funding Black Lives Matter, when in fact the only lives the Jews care about are their own.


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