A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

International Mens Day.

                International Mens Day.

First things first, I can announce to any man, who may have found himself slightly swamped by the demands of self-seeking women, who are determined to grab all of the easy jobs for themselves and are content to leave men with the hard work, which no woman would be seen dead doing, in case she broke her nails, that current research has proven beyond all doubt, that men are better off without women.

I have written many pieces about the behaviour of women, and for so doing I am considered to be a misogynist. Well I am no such thing, I am a speaker of truth, exposing certain things, which women would prefer had remained concealed.

It is not by accident, that the average woman in the street, would be well aware of the term ‘misogynist,’ which they translate to mean, ‘men who hate women’ but should you ask them to name the term for ‘women who hate men’ they would be at a loss.

What is clear is the fact that there has been an ongoing program, which mean-minded women have been conducting, since the 1970’s, suggesting that all women’s problems are as a result of mens’ misbehaviour. This is called Feminism, which is in fact a form of acceptable Racism, which has been allowed to run out of control, to the point where the ‘supremacy’ of White men, is not only responsible for those poor, poor women but by association, for the problems of all those poor, poor Blacks and all other so-called minorities.

Years ago, having listened to a report, which claimed there to be too few Blacks employed in certain situations and too few women, of any colour or caste in others, a list to which weirdos, of any description, were daily being added, I asked the question, ‘What is left for White boys?’ The short answer was bugger all.

Even as Europe is being deliberately swamped with rapists and men whom demand an intervention to mutilate the sex organs of women, men whom refuse to accept the advantages gained through ‘Feminism’ and prefer a Black Dalek alongside them in the street, preventing any other man from committing the sin of desire, by looking at what is most probably a grotesque, vicious creature beneath the Burqa, women are so stupid they cannot even perceive, what the grim, future holds in store for them, should they choose to accept that possibility.

Many years ago, a short list of complaints was compiled, for women seeking a ‘quickie divorce.’ The list was short and to the point; All men are drunks, violent, they keep all the money for themselves and they are out shagging anything that shows a spark of life, all the time.

The very idea that women can create an atmosphere in the home, which is so stressful, that many men can find it difficult to walk into their own home, after a hard days work, is anathema to these women, they are totally convinced of their own victim-hood and their own inner holiness, when in reality they are little more than an Albatross on the shoulders of the men, whom they blame for all of life’s woes.

When women stop bleating about men, we are then expected to put up with this sort of shit.

Take a look at this guy, what does he want? Other Blacks are still streaming in from Africa, where racist Blacks are just as likely to murder them as to house and feed them, should they seek refuge amongst other Blacks in Africa.

When we have finished listening to that garbage, we are presented with the Jew mouth-piece for White genocide, note how he claims that White people are not a genetic Race, while attempting to insinuate that Jews are a Race, when in fact they may have common traits because they are inbred to destruction. Thousands of Jew women are sterile and they will very soon be bred out of existence by the Palestinians but Jews are in fact Caucasian




While trying to recover from that load of bull-shit, we come across this little gem.

We, as White European men, are obliged to make allowances for all of the above no hopers. We gave them everything they have. Left to their own devices, what have either Blacks or women done for the World. They all try to force their way into White Mans space, instead of creating their own.


We are obliged to make work for them, because they find it impossible to create jobs for themselves, we are obliged to employ them, even when they are not suitable for the job.

White men, with even a modicum of common sense, would avoid marriage to one of these parasitic creatures like the plague. To work hard and buy a home only to find yourself homeless and obliged to pay to keep , of a grasping ‘gold-digger’ in the comfort to which she has become accustomed, is now clearly in the minds of young men when faced with the prospect of trusting the word of a woman at the altar.


We White Men are too good to be true and when White women have eagerly destroyed their Race through a dislike of motherhood and making use of the murder necessary to allow them to retain their motherless state, all that can be said to them is, well done and God will forgive you because you know not what you do.

Far from being caring, sharing people, you have chosen the path of hedonism and a scorn for those whom seek to be true Mothers of Children as mere traitors to your feminist cause.

I must confess, I had the intention of telling the full truth about the depths to which women have sunk, transforming themselves into haggard slags, who are a disgrace to their womanhood, but in the end, I could not find the courage. However I am hugely proud of what we White men and Fathers have done in this world, despite the torrent of hate speech, which has been thrown at us.

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