A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Lies And Deceit Of The Mainstream Media



Below we have a photo of the Musical ‘Hamilton’, which was used as a podium to deliver a tirade against the Donald Trump team to be,  in the White House, it was aimed specifically at the Vice President to be,  Mike Pence, whom had the misfortune to be obliged to sit through a farce and at the end of which he was forced to accept insults from the cast, which I initially took to be Black people dressed up as White people.

I had no idea that so many Black people had the means of buying and sporting such luxurious clothing during and after the War of Independence, at a time when most Whites were wearing Buckskin and Coonskin hats, as was Davy Crockett during his time in Washington, when I believe he ‘Patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell.’

As for the rubbish which was presented on CNN, about the Alt Right meeting, which totally misrepresented the aims of such groups, which many millions of people across the European World now support,  and in view of the total disdain now being exhibited by viewers,  for the likes of CNN, one would have thought that they would change their ways, just a little.1280_hamilton_cast

All of the references and accusations, of what was actually said at the meeting, could have been played,  for the audience to see for themselves, CNN however preferred to infer that these remarks had been made without presenting them.

The accusation of anti-Semitism was a lie or the man simply did not know what he was talking about and as he had not allowed the panel to see to what he referred, he could not be corrected.

As far as I could see, he was claiming that the word ‘Gollum’ was a suggestion that Jews were not human, when I can find no trace of the word Jew on the full clip. The speaker used the word Gollum, to describe the way the Media followed he whom pays the piper, as it were.

The CNN man may have thought he had used the word Goyim, which is a Jew slur against anybody who is not a Jew,it means cattle.  In either case he was wrong and he should have done what he suggested Trump should do and admit that he had misled the CNN audience.

As for the hands raised in salute, it reminded me of all that Black Power stuff that appears to be oh so acceptable.




This is what was said, make of it what you will.

LBC Radio’s man O’Brien, who regularly refers to Trump as a racist and other things, now condemns the Alt-Right out of hand. He claims that Trump was endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, he refers to David Duke, whom when he was a teenager, was for a while,  a member of the Klan, he has since  on many occasions, explained that he no longer supports them and has not done so for the past forty years.

O’Brien goes on to say that the Klansman who supported Hillary Clinton, was a ‘good’ ex Klan member because he had apologised. He talks about Political Correctness as being Manners for Dummies, well he himself sounds pretty dumb to me?

He whined on and on about Trump interfering in British politics by suggesting that Nigel Farage should be selected as the British Ambassador to the USA, forgetting I suppose, that just a short time ago, Obama was threatening to put the UK at the back of the queue should the British vote Brexit.


LBC describes itself as the Independent Media and yet they continually present exactly the same point of view as does the BBC and Sky News.

The aims of the Alt-Right are not racist, they would simply like their own country. Should there be immigrants amongst them, that has always been acceptable, however Whites are fast becoming a small minority,  amongst immigrants.  Only Whites now have nowhere else to go. While across the White World the street are already aflame and things will only get worse. That is what the struggle is all about.

While on the subject of Media lies, what about this:


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